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Prisca's Home

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PLEASE NOTICE This journal is only a mirror of my Dreamwidth Journal and mostly friend locked.


And now a tiny bit of promotion for a landcomm at Dreamwidth I am a member of.

About two years ago, I already was a member of Lands of Magic - a landcomm which at the beginning was only open for magical and fantasy fandoms. In the meantime, the community expanded and is open for all fandoms now. And I decided to jump back into the fun.

There are two teams, the Winter-Court and the Summer-Court. I am a member of the Summer-Court; if you are interested in joining the comm, please mention my name, because I can earn some points for my team if you do so.

The newest round (7) has already started a few days ago (August 7), but you can still join. Just go here and fill out the survey. It would be great to meet the one or the other there.

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