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PLEASE NOTICE This journal contains FanFiction up to NC17, so, if you're not 18+ please stay away. Thanks!


I'm from Germany, but this Journal will be in English (my English is not the best, just school-English and this is aaaages ago. So please be patient with me).

I am what I am - and what I am needs no excuse


Land of Magic is an interactive challenge community (landcomm) based on all types of fantasy, sci-fi, and supernatural fandoms, including superhero and horror genres. It ran on LiveJournal for over four years and is now making a new start on Dreamwidth.

There are two teams, The Summer Court and The Winter Court. To meet everyone's interest, there will be a mixture of challenges: writing, graphics, games, and some, where you can do miscellaneous things like fan mixes or crafts.

Come and join us today!

I'm assigned to the Summer Court. If you join the comm, please mention that you are doing so because of me and I will win extra points for my team.

Hope to meet you there.

Challenges, Banner and more

Get-your-words-out Bingo 2016

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Mini WriMo 2016


round 11 = 2 Bingos


Feel free to friend me if you want - you don´t need to ask before.

Any question? You can contact me via PN or prisca1960 at googlemail.com

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