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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Highspeed to love (25/ ???)

LJ is driving me crazy again - In wonder if I will be able to post this or not. But whatever: I hope, all of you will be able to enjoy a wonderful weekend. Have fun - with or without the next chapter ' High-Speed to love'

Title: Highspeed to love (25/ ???)
Fandom:  Zeke & Casey
Rating: R
Disclaimer: of course, not mine
Author's notes: AU without Marybeth and Herrington High - Zeke is 23 years old in this story, living in
Youngstown, Ohio - Casey, is 18 years old and loves ... cooking. Or what do you think ?  ;)

Previous parts: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve / thirteen / fourteen / fifteen / sixteen / seventeen / eighteen / nineteen / twenty / twenty-one / twenty-two / twenty-three / twenty-four / tbc

When he woke up it was still dark outside and the garage was much too quiet. Usually the radio would already play and Zeke would be there to go over his daily working plan. Casey would set up the coffeemaker first - Zeke was a coffein-junkie and he loved it to come into the office now and then for a fresh coffee. Only then he would go upstairs to make breakfast for both of them.

Today Casey was not in the mood to get up. He wondered how Zeke was doing now. Did the surgery go well? Was he already awake? And did he remember what had happened? Was he still angry because Casey had called the ambulance?

As much as he wanted answers, the clock just showed a few minutes after five. Much too early to call the hospital. Casey sighed. He needed to busy himself with something for the next few hours or he would go nuts. His eyes fell on the newest cookbook by Mr. Pépin. It wasn't even released for the public but every seminar participant had gotten a copy.

He grabbed for the book and run over the pages. So many interesting recipes. He had been so eager to try them out. But now ... whom should he cook for as long as Zeke was not around? He shut the book again and put it aside, feeling moody. Then he noticed Zeke's usual chaos on the old desk.

"What? Am I mechanic or a book-keeper," Zeke had said when he had once asked him about it.
"Ben used to look over the books from time to time. He's much better with this shit than I will ever be!"

Casey had to admit that he didn't know much about book-keeping too but maybe he could give it a try. At least it would keep him busy for a while. He switched the coffeemaker on and sat down at the desk.

Even to sort out important papers from useless, old notes was hard work. Zeke never seemed to throw away anything. He was almost done with it when he discovered the slightly scrunched up envelope. His eyes fell on the sender - a law office in Columbus - and the words: registered letter.

The date showed the 22. June, one week ago. And it was already opened. But on the other hand ... what did the medic told him yesterday? 'It must have had hurt badly already for longer.' What, if Zeke had forgotten the letter because of this? What, if he missed a deadline? A registered letter by a lawyer sounded important.

Nervously Casey bit his lower lip. Should he risk a look? Just one short look, just to make sure that everything was going the right way. Nevertheless, it felt as if he would do something forbidden when he grabbed for the letter. Five minutes later he almost wished that he hadn't done it. And he didn't want to imagine what this letter had done to Zeke. 

... sorry to inform you that Mr. Pete Miller passed away last month ...

... after an initial review of his documents in behalf of the heirs ...

... a still outstanding payment of 4569 dollars ...

... expect your payment until 15. July or we feel compelled to take other legal measures ...

... terminate the contract and request that you vacate the premises within one month ...

Casey felt dizzy. Almost 5000 dollars. Five-fucking-thousand! And the 15. was ... in two weeks. Holy shit!

Suddenly everything made much more sense. Zeke's bad mood during their last phone call. He must have gotten this letter just the day before. His desperate try to ignore almost unbearable pains. He needed to go on with his work. He needed the money ... more than ever before.

But ... he couldn't! He was in the hospital now. After this surgery he surely needed some time to recover. It would last a while before he could go back to work. But then it would be too late!

Casey swallowed hard. It was his fault. He had called the ambulance. Zeke would lose his garage. No! No, no, no! Casey wanted to curl up and cry. Even if he knew it was stupid to feel like this. Zeke had had a ruptured appendix and Casey didn't want to imagine what could have happened without the surgery. He had only done what needed to be done. But he was sure, Zeke would see this different. He would never forgive him.


Casey hesitated for a moment before he entered the room. The nurse had assured him that a short visit would be okay. Zeke was still exhausted from the surgery, but everything had gone well. He had had a good night and now he was awake. Probably he would be glad to see a familiar face.

Casey was not so sure about it. Zeke looked pale and somehow strange in his white, big hospital gown. Under other circumstances Casey would have laughed now and teased him a bit. But in the moment he was not in the mood. His courage fell even more when Zeke just glared at him with narrowed eyes and finally turned away his head.

"Hey," Casey said tentatively.
"How are you doing?"

No answer. He could hear Zeke breathing in and out deeply. Then:

"What are you doing here? Haven't you got anything better to do?"

Casey swallowed hard. Zeke's voice sounded weak, but clear. He knew exactly what he was talking about.

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