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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Zeke's secret (2 / 2)

It's about time for the second (and last) pat of this little story - though I'm thinking about a sequel which would took place a few years later. ;) I'm hopeless, I know.

Title: Zeke's secret (2 / 2)
Fandom: Faculty / Casey & Zeke
Rating: R
Disclaimer: of course, not mine
A/N: crossposted to fanfic50 and jacked_up

You can find part one here

While Casey went home on his bike - he needed to hurry up, because time was running late - he couldn't stop thinking about Zeke. He was still a bit angry about him. Why hadn't he talked to him before? They would have found another date for doing their homework. It was nice how much Zeke cared for his little brother. Casey wondered how often he had to look after him instead of doing his schoolwork. Maybe this was an explanation for his behavior at school lately. Casey concentrated his annoyance on Mrs. Tyler now. What kind of mother was she that she let this happen? Didn't she know that Zeke was on the best way to leave school without graduation?

He had reached Wellington-Street when it hit him out of the blue. It was so obvious. He hadn't paid close enough attention, otherwise he would have noticed it sooner.

What did Jason say back in the milk-bar? "We can't go home yet. Surely Mom's still sleeping. She's so sick again!"

Sleeping. Sick. Again. Sick again! His Mom was sick?! And the way it looked it already lasted for longer. Probably it was something serious. Suddenly Casey felt bad. He had bothered Zeke again and again with this stupid homework. Though he was fraught with other problems. More important ones. A little brother, a sick mom ...


Two days later at school. Biology with Mr. Furlong. The lesson was almost over when the teacher reminded the class of the dead-line for the team-project.

"Two teams will report their work next week in class," he said.
"Samantha and Brian. You think, you're ready for it?"

Both of them nodded unison. Mr. Furlong smiled.

"Fine," he said.
"And Casey, what's with you? I hope you and Zeke are making good progress too?"

Casey glanced at Zeke, who was looking rather bored and continued to scribble something in his notebook as if all this had nothing to do with him. What should he do? It felt as if the teacher should know about Zeke's situation, but he had no right to tell him.

"Casey? Everything okay with you two? If there are any problems you can always come and talk to me. You know this, don't you?"

He shook the head.
"No, it's all right," he assured the teacher.
"We went to the library lately for a few researches. And today we will meet again to talk things through. We will be ready next week!"

It was then that Zeke lifted his head and stared at him with narrowed eyes. But at least he kept quiet. Casey was glad that the school bell announced the end of the lesson.

He was on his way to the bleachers where he liked to stay during lunch - it was so much better than the crowded cafeteria. But when Zeke joined him he almost wished that he would not be alone with him. He seemed to be angry.

"What the hell was this?"

"Don't worry, I'm not gonna bother you any longer," Casey quickly reassured him.
"I'm gonna do this essay over the weekend. But maybe ... I will print it out for you, so you can read it over on monday. Just in case that Mr. Furlong asks you something about it."

Zeke huffed.
"What's wrong with you, Casey, huh? What about the word 'no' you can't understand? I give a shit about Furlong and his stupid projects and the whole fucking school. You don't need to lie for me."

Casey swallowed.
"Why are you like this, Zeke? It's not your fault. I'm sure your friends ... or the teachers ... they would like to help you, but you need to tell someone."

"Huh? What are you talking about," Zeke asked.

"You could talk ... to Mrs. Burke. She's always nice to you, no matter ..."

"Casey," Zeke interrupted him.
"You get this totally wrong. Mrs. Burke would kiss my ass just to get a good fuck. That's all!"

He grinned when Casey turned deep red.
"What, you are shocked? But that's the truth, Casey! I've no friends. No one really cares about me ... and I like it this way. Makes it so much easier."

Finally Casey dared to look up again.
"That's not true," he whispered.

Zeke frowned.

"What's with Jason? Your brother lo ..."

Well, the reaction was not a big surprise.
"Don't do this, Casey, okay," Zeke hissed.
"Never again! Stay the fuck out of my life! You don't know nothing at all. You're living at home with a happy fam ..."

"Casey took a deep breath.
"I know your Mom is sick!"

Zeke stared at him surprised.
"Who says?"

"Jason. Remember, Jonecie's. He said, that you can't go home because your Mom needs to sleep ... because she's sick. How bad is it?"

"Oh God!"
Zeke rolled with his eyes and ... smirked. He smirked? That was weird.
"Jason is still a child. He doesn't understand better. He was three when his fucking dad left her." 

Casey blinked and tried to make reason of this. Zeke grabbed for a cigarette and sighed. They kept quiet for a moment until to Casey's surprise Zeke suddenly started to talk.

"It's so stupid. He was a fucking prick, only used her, cheated on her from the beginning. But when he left her, she's locked herself up into the bedroom for almost a week and she cried. Cried all the time! I just wanted to get into my car and to leave all this shit behind ... But someone needed to take care for Jason, right?

Since then she's depressive. When she feels down she drinks ... and she drinks too much. But it's easier to endure as if she cries, because you know, when she has had enough, she will fall asleep. When she wakes up everything is better ... at least for a while. Until she feels down again ..."

Zeke leaned back and closed his eyes. Suddenly he looked so exhausted. Casey's mouth felt dry. He didn't know what to say. This was not what he had expected.

"I'm ... I'm sorry," he finally stuttered.

Zeke opened his eyes again.
"She's not the worst mom, you know. Never hits us or ...

She was seventeen when I was born. Her dad kicked her out of the house. All I know about my father is his name: Evsan Kucera. A guy, living in the same street, who just wanted a bit fun. But she's never thought about it to give me away. Somehow she made it ... till ...

Jason's dad ... she wanted to believe that he really loves her. Love ... shit! It is a total waste of time. And you know what? She still hopes that one day he will come back ... so stupid ..."

He smirked when he noticed Casey's stony face.
"Why the heck do I tell you all this? You can't get it anyway. Good for you!"

Casey swallowed.
"But there must be help for her, Zeke."

"What help, huh?  She went to a social worker once. He said, she should do a rehab for a few weeks, maybe for months. Jason ... he wanted to send him to a protectory. Said, it would be best for him ... The best to separate him from his family? What shitty help is this, Casey?"

Casey looked at Zeke as if he had never seen him before. Where was the Zeke from school, the guy who was only interested in girls and cars, always a cool smile on his face? It was just a shell. Zeke was much more vulnerable than expected ... but hell-bent to do everything to protect his little brother. Even if this meant to give up his own future, the chance to graduate, a good job, maybe even college.

"This is not fair," Casey murmured.

Zeke shrugged.
"So what. Life is a bitch!"

Casey's mind was racing. But there must be a way to help them all. Zeke, Jason, their mother. Zeke couldn't simply resign. He was a born fighter. Suddenly an idea crossed his mind. Sure! Why hadn't he thought of it before?

"I'm gonna talk with my Mom," he blurted out.
"She sometimes volunteers at the welfare service. She will know what .... aaoohh ..."

He yelled loud when the back of his head hit the pole behind him. Zeke had grabbed his shirt and shoved him against it, so that he couldn't move anymore. Casey had seen him angry before, but never that furious, unpredictable.

"Zeke, what..."

"One word ... to your mom... or whomever else," hissed Zeke.
"And you are dead fucking meat. Get it? I don't want you in my life. We don't need your fucking help. We are fine. Fine!"

Casey struggled in his grip.
"Zeke," he gasped.
"Zeke, it hurts!"

With a last push he let him go. Casey was fighting to keep his balance. He felt tears pricking in his eyes. But he wouldn't cry, not in front of Zeke.

"Keep it in your mind!"
Zeke's eyes were dark and sparkled wildly.
"This ... is just the beginning from what I can do to you!"

Casey was still trembling. He felt shocked and angry at the same time.
"You are ... you are such a stupid prick," he said.
"You actually don't deserve it that someone cares for you!"

Zeke stared at him, breathing hard.
"Fuck you!"


When Casey woke up next morning, his first thought was: Zeke. He still couldn't believe what had happened. How much Zeke had trusted him. He had told him things no one knew about. But then ...

He had yelled at him.

"You actually don't deserve it that someone cares for you!"

He knew, he had hurt Zeke. He had seen it in his eyes when he stormed away and he hadn't cared. He wanted to hurt him. To give it back what Zeke had done to him. All he had wanted was to help him. With the homework. With Jason. With his problems. Zeke was much too alone. He needed help. He deserved help. He needed a friend who was listening to him, supported him. But he trusted no one. He had pushed Casey away. Had even threatened him.

"Casey? What's wrong with you today?"

He looked up. His mother put her mug back onto the counter and eyed him carefully.

"You haven't said more than three words today. What's happened?"

He forced a slight smile onto his face, when he assured her that everything was okay. Just a stupid essay he needed to do over the weekend. At least this was just half a lie. He would have loved to tell her everything. She was smart, she always knew what to do. But he didn't want to image what Zeke would do to him when suddenly a social center called. It was better to let things rest. To forget what he knew about Zeke.

Casey sighed. At least today was Saturday. No school. No Zeke.


"Casey, can you come down, please," his mother called.

"A sec, mom," he answered and put his schoolbook aside.

She wanted to go to the mall, like she did every Saturday. Casey had asked her if he could come with. He still had a bit fun-money from his birthday and today seemed to be the perfect day to spoil himself with a new book or CD. He really needed something to distract himself.

He grabbed for his jacket and rushed downstairs. But he stopped dead when he noticed the open door and who was standing in front of it.

"What are you doing here," he snapped, sounding more annoyed than he was.

Zeke looked unusually nervous.
"Here," he murmured.

Casey stared at the papers in his hand.
"What is this?"

"Just ... a few information about Iceland and stuff. I did a few researches last night. Thought we ... you could use it for the essay."

"But you said, you're not gonna do this shit. You didn't want to work together with me!"

Zeke shrugged.
"Alright, I get it. But I guess you can use it anyway. "

"O... kay!"
Casey reached for the papers, then looked to the GTO. Jason was leaning out of the window, waved when he noticed him.

"Hey ... Ca ... sey. Zeke and me are going to the park for an icecream."

Casey chuckled.
"Icecream is always good," he called back.
Then he turned to Zeke again who was still standing at the same place.
"He is great!"
"Yeah, I guess!"

"So, Icecream, huh?"

"Yeah, strawberry. He always wants strawberry."

"Strawberry is the best," Casey said.
And inwardly he shook his head. How weird was this? Was he actually talking with Zeke about icecream and strawberries?
"So ... thanks for the papers. What else, Zeke? Jason is waiting for you!"

"Yeah, I guess."
Zeke nodded hesitating.
"Just ... it's just ...

I'm sorry, Casey, okay? I've never meant to hurt you. It was just ... too much. I'm not used to talk about it. It's just ... I'm sorry!"

Casey almost whispered. This was rare, he knew it. Zeke was not the one who used to say sorry. 
"Then we should forget it. I'm gonna write the essay today and give it to you on monday! I guess, we can call it a teamwork now."

Zeke smirked.
"Yeah ... I should go now. Before Jason starts to take apart the GTO. He is crazy about this car."

He turned round without any goodbye, but halfway he stopped again.
"Hey, Casey, do you like icecream?"

"Ähm ... what?"

Zeke smiled, barely visible, but it was a smile.
"Icecream. Do you want to come with us? My treat!"

 Wow! This was unexpected. Casey needed a moment to let it sink in. Finally he turned back to the kitchen.
"Mom? Would you mind if I go to the park with Zeke?"

His mother looked around the corner.
"And what's about the mall? You wanted to come with me!"

"Oh. But I could do this next week, right? Please?"

She smiled.
"Sure, go wild. But don't be back too late, okay? You know, your dad will be at home this afternoon. He wants to do some gardening with you."

Oh no! Casey rolled his eyes. As much as he liked to help his dad, he hated gardening.
"Thank you, mom, for reminding me. I will be back in time, promised."

Jason grinned when he noticed Casey behind Zeke.
"Are you coming with us?"

Casey nodded.
"If you don't mind!"

"Of course not. I ..."

"Jay," Zeke interrupted him.
"Get into the back. Let Casey have the seat."

"But ..."
Jason's mouth dropped into a frown.

"Tell you what," Casey said and winked at him.
"We can both sit in the back. Then we can share a few secrets."

"Cool," the little boy giggled and glanced at Zeke triumphantly.
"So ... you are not fighting any longer?"

Casey shook his head.
"No, we are fine now!"

"That's good. You know, Zeke was so sad because of your fight. I've told him he needs to say sorry to you, because ..."

Zeke gave him a piercing glance.
"Will you shut the fuck up?"

Jason looked concerned, but only for a millisecond.
"Why are you allowed to use these words ... and I'm not?"

Casey giggled. He knew, today would be a great day - gardening or not.

The end
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