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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Zeke's secret (1 / 2)

Hello F-List. It's weekend - a long one off for me this time. :) Time to write and (hopefully) to read, I'm so much behind, just not in the mood, sorry.

I promise, I will never ever write another story when I'm still working on a WIP. I guess I'm just not a multitasking writer - don't know how Honey is doing this. For me it is always the one or the other, but it's difficult to do both at the same time. So, today no Highspeed to love, sorry, but I will continue this soon, promise. This story (two parts) was my idea for aliensouldream 's Secret challenge, but ... yeah .. sorry for being that late!

Title: Zeke's secret (1 / 2)
Fandom: Faculty / Casey & Zeke
Rating: R
Disclaimer: of course, not mine
A/N: crossposted to fanfic50 and jacked_up

Casey was waiting in front of the library for almost one hour now. He knew, Zeke wouldn't come, nevertheless he decided to give him fifteen more minutes. It was really annoying to be Zeke's partner at a school project. Some weeks ago Mr. Furlong had created a project he called "We will work together".

Casey hated it from the very beginning. He had no real friends in class. And he preferred to work alone. That the partners were drawn by lot didn't make it easier for him. He didn't want to imagine what would have happened if he would have ended up together with Meat or Gabe. But it was only Zeke Tyler, the King of the class - of the whole school.

Zeke was none of the bullies, but Casey didn't know what to do, when he simply ignored him, as ever, and walked off to the parking lot after school. Casey hurried up to reach him before he could get into his car.

"Zeke, wait. What ... When ... I think we ..."

Zeke glared at him.
"Try a complete sentence. Geez!" he snarled.

Some other students around started to giggle. Casey swallowed.
"What's with the project," he finally dared to ask.

Zeke shrugged.
"I don't do this stupid shit. It's a waste of time."

Of course, Casey knew that Zeke didn't give a lot about school. Lately he was more interested in the dubious dealings he made every day in the boys room. And he didn't seemed to care that this was his last chance to graduate.

"And what's about me," protested Casey.
"We are supposed to do this as a team!"

"Do whatever you want," Zeke growled and shut the door of his car.
"I'm out!"

And Casey did his best, like he always did. He went to the library for the needed researches. He worked hard till late in the night for almost one week. Finally he input the essay into his father's PC and printed it out. When Mr. Furlong collected it he didn't dare to tell him that this was his work alone and that he had barely changed more then three sentences with Zeke since they were 'partner'. Partner ... pfft ...

The result was a B plus ... for both of them. Zeke only shrugged when Mr. Furlong called this a 'surprising but great result for him'. Casey felt a bit annoyed, but again, he kept quiet. It was out and over now ...


At least he had hoped so. Till yesterday. Until Mr. Furlong announced a new project. This time everyone was allowed to work with a friend. No one asked Casey if he wanted to work with him. Almost every girl asked Zeke. But again Mr. Furlong had played at fate.

"Zeke, would you mind to work together with Casey once again? You two seems to make a good team."

Casey had groaned secretly and all the girls had glared at him as if this would be his fault. But he was firmly resolved that it would not happen again. He wanted to give Zeke one last chance, just one, but then he would tell Mr. Furlong that he had to do all the work - again - alone. And he wouldn't care about the consequences for Zeke ...

Casey threw a look at his watch and sighed. Twenty minutes and still no Zeke. Though he had promised him to come.

"Zeke, we need to talk," Casey had stopped him today after school. Determined he was standing in front of his car to make sure that he couldn't just get in and disappear into nowhere again.

Zeke grinned wide.
"What do you need? Something to relax? Porn? Maybe condoms? I've gotten some with strawberry flavor yesterday. I bet you love strawberries."

"Shut up," hissed Casey and he knew that he had a deep red face.
"You know what I mean. The new project. I'm not gonna make it alone again!"

Zeke was obviously not impressed very much.
"And what are you gonna do?"

"I'm ... I'm telling Mr. Furlong that you don't want to work with me."
Casey bit his lower lip.
"It's just not fair, Zeke! This is supposed to be a teamwork. Come with me to the library today."

"I've better to do than to sit in a sticky library," Zeke said.

"But it's just for an hour, or two. We will do some researches together ... and I'm gonna make the rest alone. Okay? It will be at least a 'B' again. You know I can do this. And I guess you can need a few good notes if you finally want to graduate!"

"To Casey's surprise a slight smile sneaked onto Zeke's face, only for a sec, but Casey had noticed it anyway.
"Why do you care," he asked.

Casey shrugged. To be honest, he didn't know. He had nothing in common with Zeke. They had barely talked before. But in a way he had always liked him. He was different than the others.
"I just want to get over with it!"



Zeke nodded.
"Okay. Four o'clock. At the library's parking lot. I'm gonna be there. For two hours, Casey, not more! After this you're gonna leave me the fuck alone. Get it?"


In the meantime it was almost five o'clock. The library would close in two hours. And still no Zeke around. Casey was angry - about Zeke but even more about himself. Why the heck he had believed him was beyond him. Instead of looking for information for his homework alone he had wasted his time with waiting of Zeke. Now he was not in the mood for researches any longer.

He needed something sweet. Even if his mom would get suspicious when he came home for lunch without his usual appetite. A milk shake and a donut were exactly what he needed right now to cheer him up again.

Jonecie's was not exactly a place teenager liked to visit for a date. It was more a family place with a playground in the back, with a lot of younger children around, full of laughter and crying. This was the reason why Casey liked to come here. Here he didn't run the risk of meeting someone from school.

He had just taken the first bite of his donut ...hmmmm ... vanilla cream ... these were the best ... and grabbed for his milk shake when he saw him. He almost spilled his shake, coughed surprised and finally risked a second look. But he had not seen wrong. In a booth at the other side of the milk bar, near the playground, was sitting ... the long missed Zeke Tyler.

Casey gasped for air. What was he doing here? He should be at the library, waiting for Casey. Or in a pub. Or at the new skating ring everyone seemed to be so crazy about this summer. Everywhere, but not here. This was Casey's place!

But he was sitting at one of the small tables, a soda ... a soda ??? ... in front of him. The place opposite him was empty but a second glass - a chocolate milk shake - told Casey that Zeke was obviously not alone. This was too much! Firmly resolved he put his glass back onto the counter, beside the half eaten donut, and got up. Zeke didn't notice him before he was standing beside his table.

"What the heck are you thinking," Casey snapped.

Zeke jerked round and stared at him stunned.
"What are you doing here," he asked back.

"How can you dare it? We had a date, remember?"

Zeke grinned and Casey felt some other people looking over with interest. Shit! He really acted like a geek. Like a stupid girl who had been dumped by her boyfriend.

"This is not fun, Zeke," he hissed, trying hard to calm down a bit.
"I mean it! I was waiting for you at the library for hours. Where have you been?"

"Shit is happened!"
Zeke acted as cool as ever.
"I've told you before, Casey, to do this stuff alone. I don't ... "

"Zeke?! I need to go to the bathroom."

Casey's head jerked around and he stared at the little boy who was standing beside the booth, steping nervously from one foot to the other.

"'kay! C'mon!"

Ignoring Casey Zeke grabbed for his hand. Ähm ...What was ... this? It was only a few moments later when the two came back from the bathroom. Casey was still standing at the same place, feeling thunderstruck. Zeke Tyler was playing baby sitter for a possibly four year-old boy? No one at school would believe him. Not that he would talk about it, but...

"Okay, Jay, wait here. I'm gonna pay. Then we will split!"

"But ... Zeke!"
The boy looked disappointed.
"We can't go home yet. Surely Mom's still sleeping. She is so sick again!"

Mom? Casey blinked. This boy was Zeke's brother? He had a little brother? He hadn't known about this. But on the other hand, what did he actually know about Zeke?

"Tell you what," said Zeke.
"We can still go into the park for one hour, okay?"

The boy was already laughing again. Yes, this was Zeke's laughter. Why hadn't he noticed it at once?
"Can we feed the ducks?"

"Sure, why not! Just be nice and wait a sec, okay?"

Zeke went to the counter to pay for the soda and the milk shake and Casey was left alone with the boy. He looked at him curious.
"Who are you?"

Casey smiled.
"Name's Casey. Yours?"

"Jason. Zeke's my brother. Are you his friend?"

"We're both going to Herrington High," explained Casey.
"Share a few classes."

"Cool. I'm gonna go to school after summer too. Zeke says, it's important to go to school and to learn as much as you can. You know, I will go to the firefighters when I'm grown up. Zeke says ... "

Now this was ridiculous. It was hard not to laugh out loud. The Zeke Tyler he knew gave nothing about school nor about other people. At least not any more. Still one year ago Zeke had been a quite good student. He could have been one of the best in class if he would have shown a bit more interest into the lessons. But he preferred to flirt with the girls, to tinker with his car and to play football. Even Casey, who was just visiting the games because he was the photographer from the schools magazine, had to admit that he was an amazing quarterback. The teachers were all to ready to bend the rules for him and to overlook his behavior.
Until last year everything had changed. From one day to the next Zeke had quit the football team. He was mostly late for school, did no homework, even when Mr. Furlong told him that he would not be able to graduate with his notes he just shrugged and told him, that he wouldn't care. One day, it was almost four weeks ago now, a police-officer had shown up at school because of Zeke's dubious dealings. There were rumors about drugs and alcohol - but at the end the police had to leave with empty hands. Zeke had just grinned, tough as ever ...

Casey watched him thoughtfully when he carefully helped his little brother in his jacket. He really loved him, Casey could say that much. And this didn't fit at all to the wild, uncaring rebel he knew from school.

"So, c'mon now," said Zeke and grabbed Jason's hand.

But as much as Zeke tried to overlook Casey, Jason didn't. He smiled at him.
"Will you come with us?"


Zeke glared at Casey with narrowed eyes, but his voice was gentle when he talked to Jason.
"I guess, he has better to do. Here, I've asked for a few old biscuits for the ducks."

Jason smiled wide and took the bag Zeke held out to him.

This seemed to be one of his favorite words. Casey chuckled.
"Have fun," he said while Zeke pushed his little brother to the door.

They had already left the milk bar when Casey run after them. No, he wouldn't just let him go like this. There was still something to clear.
"Zeke ... wait. Just a sec. What's with our presentation? Can we meet tomorrow afternoon? Maybe ..."

Zeke rolled his eyes.
"You don't give up, do you?"

Casey hesitated.
"You should think about graduation, Zeke," he said.
"Jason ... he is proud of you, you know? You should be his guide. Where is your mom anyway? She should take care of Jason when you do your school ..."

He flinched back when Zeke jerked around and grabbed for his arm.
"Shut up," he yelled, not caring about anyone around.
"Shut the fuck up. You have no fucking clue ..."

When he noticed Jason who was looking at him with great eyes he let Casey go and tried to calm down.
"Okay, let's go to the park now!"

The little boy followed him hesitating.
"Why are you so mad at Casey," he asked with a small, shaky voice.

Part 2
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