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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Day-Care (3 / 3)

Hello F-List!

I know, some of you have missed part 2 of this, so maybe you should go back and catch up first.

Last part of this little story. Written for: mews1945

Hope you will like! It was so much fun to write.

Title: Day-care (3 / 3)
Fandom: wee Casey and some new friends
Rating: R
Disclaimer: of course, not mine
Author's notes: totally AU

Part one / Part two

Casey was playing cards with Stokely and a boy named Stan but he couldn't stop looking to the bench in front of the window where Zeke was sitting again, alone with his book, like before. Though he hadn't been very nice, Casey felt sorry for him. In a way he seemed to be even more alone than he was. Stokely had told him that he came here every day after school already since some months and that most of the time he preferred to sit alone with a book or that he just stared into the air.

Despite of being distracted Casey did win the game, but when Stokely asked for a revenge he shook his head. Wildly resolved he got up and went over to Zeke.

"Hey," he murmured and dropped down onto the bench beside him.

Zeke didn't even look up from his book.

"So your mom is a photographer," Casey asked.

"Photo reporter. She works for a great fashion magazine."

Casey smiled, almost surprised that it had been that easy.
"That's so cool. My mom is working in the K-mart nearby. She is really nice. But to have a mom with such a great job ...”

Finally Zeke looked up.
"What do you want, huh?"

"I bet, you are proud of her.”

Zeke narrowed his eyes.
"Why should I? She is just doing her job!”

“But doesn't she like it to take photos of you?”

“No, of course not! She's jetting around the world to interview celebrities and to take pictures of them. Last week she was in Hollywood. Tomorrow she's going to Paris. How can you think there is enough time to take pictures of me?"

Casey swallowed, he hard a hard time to let this info sink in. His Mom had always stayed at home, only when his Dad died last year she needed to look for a job. But every evening she came home and they spend some time together, they talked about their day, played a game or she read to him. On Sundays, her day off, they always did something special, went to a movie or visited the zoo. Who did all this with Zeke when his Mom was so far away?

"What's with your dad," he finally asked.

Zeke snorted.
"Never had one. He's left my mom before I was born!"

Casey stared at him, feeling outright shocked now. No Mom and no Dad who did take care for him? He did spent a lot time at school and in the day-care … but where did he go to in the evening? Was he alone even over night?

"Shut up," Zeke suddenly snapped at him.
"You are such a curious shit!"

Casey flinched and looked around. Luckily Mrs. Miller was sitting together with three girls at the other side of the room. He bit his lower lip.
"You shouldn't use this words. Or you will get into trouble," he murmured.

Zeke pulled the face.
"Why do you care?”

"I don't!”

Looking bored Zeke turned away and reached for his book again.

"I just wonder ..."
Casey hesitated.
"I just wonder ... who's taking care for you when your Mom is not at home?"

"I have a Nanny. And an Au pair! Is this all you want to know?"

Casey nodded quickly. But there was still one more question bothering him.
"And what are you doing here? When you have a Nanny you don't need to go to a day-care."

"Tell me about it! My shrink is of another opinion."

Casey frowned.
"What is this ... a shrink?"

"A doctor, stupid! He's told my mom that I need a few friends. So she decided to send me to a day-care. As if anyone here would care about me."

Casey swallowed. This was so sad. But on the other hand...
"Well, if you would try to be a bit more nice, I'm sure, the others would like you better.”

Zeke stared at him dumbfounded. Casey blushed, turned around and run away. Why he had said this, even if it was the truth, was beyond him.



Casey ran towards his mother when she came to pick him up. He was glad to see her. There was so much to tell.

"Hey, one step at a time," she laughed when he threw his arms around her.
"So, how was your day?"

"It was okay," he said and smiled wide.
"We have had spaghetti for lunch. And jell-o. I got a red one.

And Mrs. Miller allowed me to tell the others about my pics. That was great. Stokely says your old lid looks like an UFO.”

His mom smiled, feeling relieved that he was fine. To lose his father and the move to Ohio had been hard for him, he had his difficulties with making new friends at school.

"She's really nice, you know," he told her.
"We played cards with Stan ... and I won. Two times! Stan likes football. One day he wants to play for the ... for the ... I can't remember the name of the Team, something with green ... And ..."

"Zeke, hurry up. We need to go now!"

The voice of a young girl silenced Casey. He looked over to Zeke and a displeased looking Au pair. Zeke ignored her and dug around in his backpack as if it would be the most important thing of the world. Finally he straightened up, a pencil in his hands.
“Oh, there it is,” he said … and put it into a small box on the table beside him.
“I guess, I'm ready now.”
The young girl only huffed and turned to the door, Zeke followed her with a grin on his face.

When he passed Casey he stopped for a moment.
"Hey, Snoopy, see you tomorrow," he said.

Some others stared at him surprised, but Casey giggled slightly.

“Who was that,” his mother asked.
“A new friend?”

“That's Zeke,” Casey answered. He wondered if he should bring his camera tomorrow. Maybe he could take some pics of him.

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