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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Day-Care (2 / 3)

Hello everyone. I hope all of you can enjoy a wonderful relaxing weekend.

I'm in a writing mood. I know I've told you this story would be a short two-part-ficlet. But sometimes the muse just wants more ;) So, it will be a three-part-story - no, not more, promised. I think, you don't mind. And don't worry: the next part Wild and Untamed is almost ready too. I just need to write this one first. Writing wee Casey is so much fun.

Title: Day-care (2 / 3)
Fandom: wee Casey and some friends
Rating: R
Disclaimer: of course, not mine
Author's notes: totally AU

This story is written for: mews1945

Part one

He noticed the boy when they reached the large table. He was sitting on a wooden bench near the window, knees pulled up, reading in a book. And he didn't even look up while all the others were taking their seats for lunch. Mrs. Miller followed his eyes and sighed softly.

"Oh. I guess I should have a talk with him. Stokes? This is Casey. He is new. Will you have a look at him, please?”

The girl turned to him and smiled.

Casey smiled back. His eyes followed Mrs. Miller. She was talking now with the boy at the window, but obviously he was not willing to listen. He just shook his head and stared in his book.

"Who is that," Casey asked.

Stokely followed his gaze.
"Oh, this is Zeke. Don't worry about him."

"But he looks so alone."

Stokely shrugged.
"He's always like that. He doesn't like talking much."

Casey's curiosity was woken up. When the boy finally got up and trotted over to the table, he followed him with his eyes. There was only one free chair left, near to Casey. And before he could turn his eyes away the boy had taken notice of him. He frowned.

"What," he hissed.
“Anything wrong with my nose?"

"Zeke, be nice," Mrs. Miller warned him and Casey turned his attention to the plate in front of him.


It was as bad to have lunch together with the others as Casey had expected. He didn't talk much, but Stokely was nice to him. And the spaghetti were almost as good as his moms, not to mention the jelly-o. Casey loved jelly-o. After dinner it was time for the circle. All of them were sitting down on old mattresses. It looked really comfortable.

"Yesterday my mom took me to the mall," the girl with the long hair and the glasses started at once.
"There was this pretty dress ..."

"I'm sure, this dress was great, Delilah," Mrs. Miller interrupted her softly.
"But Casey just joined us today, I think, we will give him the chance to tell us about his hobby. He likes to take pictures and he has brought us his album."

Delilah looked slightly annoyed. Some of the boys turned away and started to chatter about the last baseball game. Zeke was looking out of the window, obviously bored about everything around him. And Casey suddenly felt nervous. He didn't enjoy it to stand in the center. But then it ran better than expected. Some of the other children were really interested in his pictures and Casey relaxed more and more. Even Delilah finally gave in and joined them.

"Tomorrow is Friday," she said.
"On Fridays we are allowed to bring a toy from home. Will you bring your camera?"

“Ähm ...”
Casey didn't want to affront her but inwardly he cringed. His camera was not a toy. He didn't want the other children to play around with it.
"Sorry, I can't. My Grandpa always tells me, to select the motives carefully, only ten pics a week. To make them special, you know.”

"But you can make pics of me," Delilah suggested.
"My Mom says, I'm very photogenic."


He actually never did pics from other people, well, at least beside of his mom and his grandpa. It was Stokely who him saved. At least for the moment.

"Del thinks, the whole world turns around her and her dresses and hairstyles," she whispered and chuckled slightly.
Then she pointed at one picture in his photo album.
"What's this? It almost looks like an UFO!"

Some of the others giggled, some groaned. Casey smiled.
"No, of course not. It's a lid of an old pan from my mom. I've experimented a bit with light effects and different angles ..."

"Oh shit!"

Casey didn't bother to look up. He knew exactly who was talking. Luckily there was Mrs. Miller, her voice a bit stricter than usual.
"E - ze - kiel! We've already talked about the use of these words last week, didn't we?"

"Yes, we did!"
Zeke shrugged.
"But I'm right, or not? How silly is this, to make a pic of a lid?"

Casey felt slightly embarrassed and blushed. Mrs. Miller frowned.
"Well, Zeke, I'm sure Casey has had a good reason for it. He tries hard to learn more about photography. Maybe you should talk with your Mom about it. She can tell you how difficult it is to become a good photographer."

"My mom ... never did pics of a lid," Zeke said.
"May I get up? I need to go for a pee!"

Mrs. Miller nodded.
"Fine, go ahead. Our circle-time is almost over anyway!"

revised March 2015

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