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Birthday fun - Fan Fiction - Casey / Zeke - Day-Care (1 / 3) myspace graphic comments

Dear Mews, I know I'm a bit late. But I hope you have had the most wonderful birthday ever because you really deserve one.

I've tried to write something for you. Don't expect too much, it's just the first part of a two - three - part - story, but I hope you like. I guess the fandom will be not a big surprise - but maybe the rest of it. :)

Title: Day-care (1 / 3)
Fandom: wee Casey and some friends
Rating: R
Disclaimer: of course, not mine
Author's notes: totally AU

"Mom, you sure I need to go?"

Mrs. Connor sighed and threw a look at her almost six year old son. Today he seemed so small and vulnerable and she hated the thought to bring him to the day-care. But there was no other way.

"Honey, I'm sorry. You know, I need to go to work. And Mrs. June can't take care of you over summer because she's in the hospital.

Casey was fighting with tears.
"I'm a big boy," he murmured.
"I'm going to this new school for some month now."

Mrs. Connor smiled slightly. Yes, he did and she knew how hard it had been for him to leave Idaho and his old friends. To deal with this new school in Herrington. She had planned to give him a really good time over summer. Mrs. June, a nice, elderly lady from the neighborhood had promised to take care of him when she was at work. But then she fall of a ladder and ended at the hospital with an open fracture of her left leg. It would last month until she would come home again. And of course Casey wasn't old enough to stay alone all day long. The day-care was the only option.

“Yes, you are,” she finally said.
"You are old enough to understand that we have to go now, right? We are running late, I don't want to be late at work.

C'mon honey, I'm sure you will have a lot fun in the day-care. All the other children you can play with ..."

Finally Casey got up and slipped into his jacket and shoes. He didn't want to bring his mom into trouble. But the thought of the other children in the day-care still bothered him, he preferred it to be alone.


Mrs. Miller was nice. She had welcomed him friendly.

"So, you are Casey, right? Nice to have you here."

While he hung up his jacket his Mom was still standing there, looking somehow uneasy. Mrs. Miller smiled at her reassuring and took Casey's hand.

"So, c'mon in. What do you like to do? We have crayons and play-doh. Or maybe you want to do a puzzle?"

Some time later he was sitting at a round table, an almost finished puzzle in front of him. Now and then someone glanced over, but until now no one has talked to him. But he didn't mind. What should they have talked about anyway?

There was this girl with the long hair and the glasses. She looked annoyed and rolled her eyes while she snatched a doll out of the hands of another girl.

"You did this wrong, Stokely!"
Her voice sounded huffy and Casey didn't like this in the slightest.
"This is a girl-doll. She needs to wear a nice dress and you must comb her hair. She wants to look pretty!"

Stokely glared back.
"No, she doesn't! She's an astronaut. She will fly to Mars soon and fight against aliens."

The other girl sighed deeply.
"There are no aliens, says my Mom. People who believe in it, are silly."

Casey's looked over to the two boys who where sitting at the other side of the room. They were big and strong. He was sure that it was better to stay out of their way.

"My Dad takes me to a Football game this weekend," told one of them.
"I like the Giants. You?"

"The Green Bay Packers. One day I will play for them."

"Pfft, the Packers. They did so poorly in their last game."

"Sure, because Brett was sick. He's the best Quarterback ever."

Casey pulled a face. Pretty dolls. And Football. He was not interested in all this. Well, maybe the Mars. It remembered him of his Dad. Every evening when he came home from work he had told him stories about the sun and the stars, far, far away.

Casey had listened to him with great eyes.
"I would love to go there," he had said.

And his dad had smiled.
"You would need hundreds of years to get there. But who knows, Casey, maybe one day we will be able to visit them."

Suddenly he felt tears pricking in his eyes. Everything had changed last year. His Dad got sick, an ambulance had taken him to the hospital ... and he never came back. Casey sniffed a few times. But he wouldn't cry. He did this only secretly when he was alone in his bed. Finally he finished the puzzle and reached into his backpack. The album he pulled out was thick and heavy.


"Hello, Casey!"
Mrs. Miller smiled, standing beside his table.
"What are you doing?"

Casey looked up.
"Oh, this is my photo album," he explained.
"My Mom said, I can take it with my. But if this is not allowed, I can put it away."

"No, no!"
Mrs. Miller took place on one of the small chairs beside him.
"It's totally okay. So, you like photography?"

Casey nodded.
"My grandpa gave me his old camera. And when I'm grown up, I will go to New York and become a famous photographer."

"Oh, I can see this. Your pictures are really interesting!"
Mrs. Miller got up again and extended her hand.
"Tell you what. It's lunch time now. But after lunch we usually sit in a circle. It would be nice to hear a bit more about your hobby."

Casey hesitated for a moment.
“Maybe”, he finally said.

"That's okay. C'mon now. You can sit beside Stokely."

revised March 2015

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