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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Highspeed to love (21/ ???)

Title: Highspeed to love (21/ ???)
Fandom:  Zeke & Casey
Rating: R
Disclaimer: of course, not mine
Author's notes: AU without Marybeth and Herrington High - Zeke is 23 years old in this story, living in Youngstown, Ohio - Casey, is 18 years old and loves ... cooking. Or what do you think ?  ;)

Previous parts: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve / thirteen / fourteen / fifteen / sixteen / seventeen / eighteen / nineteen / twenty / tbc

When Casey woke up in the morning he was alone. He stretched and then snuggled back into the cushions. It was nice to be here in Zeke's bed and to think about the last night. He had been not sure what to expect from Zeke's invitation to spend the night with him. But he was hell-bend to make the most out of it.

He chuckled slightly. Well, it did run different than expected. Zeke had put an arm around him and held him tight. It had felt so good ... and before he was able to enjoy it he had fallen asleep. It was weird. He could sleep everywhere and every time, no matter what happened around him.

"Hey, sleepy head!"
Zeke's voice tore him out of his thoughts.
"Time to get up! It's almost six o'clock."

Casey's mood turned. He didn't want to get up yet. He wanted a few more minutes together with Zeke, wanted to hold and kiss him, wanted to feel that this morning didn't turn back the clock. But Zeke had already left him alone again. Casey could hear him readying the coffeemaker, taking mugs out of the cupboard. He sighed and dragged himself out of the bed.

"What do you want for breakfast today," he asked.

"Time is running late," Zeke called back.
"Just take a shower and put your stuff together. We can stop on the way at a Drive Inn. It's on me!"

Casey swallowed. There was nothing he could say against it. He needed to be an Akron in two hours.

But it was hard to stop thinking. He wanted to know where they would go from here on. Could they still be friends, or was there even more? The summer together with Stephen had been fun but it was just a game of time. Casey had always known that one day he wanted more, a serious relationship. Zeke could be the one for him. It just felt right.

But he couldn't figure out what Zeke was thinking. He had always seen him as a straight guy but obviously he had been wrong. Zeke had liked it too much. Though this didn't mean that he was ready for it. It was a serious step to admit that you were gay, Casey knew this all too well. Some guys refused to accept it for their whole life.

He would have liked to talk about it. Like his grandma had talked to him. It had helped a lot to make things clearer. But Zeke was not one for talking much. He preferred to work out things for himself and it was not clever to put him under pressure.

Casey took a deep breath. This was stupid. He knew, he should feel happy and excited in this moment. He was going to Akron. To join a seminar by Jacques Pépin, his great idol. One of his biggest dream was becoming true. He really should look forward to this. When he came back again, there would be plenty of time to think about his relationship with Zeke. 

Nevertheless, he wished Zeke would not be such a fast driver. The ride to Akron ended much too soon - they had had a short break at a McDonalds but nevertheless Zeke made the almost 50 miles in less than one hour. The hotel where the seminar would take place was on the edge of town. When Zeke shut off the motor Casey felt a lump in his throat. He wanted to beg him:

"I don't want to go! Bring me back home!"

They hadn't talked much during their drive, but now Zeke turned his head and smiled slightly. Casey wanted to kill him for this smile. It would have been so much easier if he had grinned and teased him like he would have done it only two days ago.

"Tell you what," Zeke said, still smiling.
You're gonna have the best time of your life. Enjoy it! This is what you always wanted, Casey! This is your chance. So, go on and grab it. And don't worry too much about me. I'm gonna be okay!"

Before he could answer someone was knocking against the side window. He looked up. Mr. Pépin was standing beside the GTO.

"Hello, Casey," he greeted him with a friendly smile when he opened the door.
"It's great that you could make it!"
Then he turned to Zeke.
"Good morning, Mr. Tyler. I know you're are quite busy, so it was nice to gave Casey a ride. Would you like to come in and have a coffee?"

"No, thank you."
Zeke shook the head.
"If sleepy head here finally is ready, I would like to go back to Youngstown. The job is calling."

Casey swallowed. Of course Zeke was right. It was about time ... for both of them.

"Sorry," he murmured and reached for his backpack. There was not much he could say with Mr. Pépin around. Just a short:
"Thank you, Zeke. I guess, I'm gonna see you again in two weeks!"

"I will be here," grinned Zeke.

With that he started the engine, waved and was gone. Casey took a deep breath and for a moment he felt queasy. But Mr. Pépin tore him out of his moody thoughts soon.

"So, come on in. Most of the others have already arrived yesterday. They are having breakfast right now. Are you hungry?"

"No, thank you. We had a short break at McD."
Oh no! Casey cringed inwardly. How could he talk to Mr. Pépin about Fast food? That was so stupid. But the cook chuckled amused.

"Oh yes? Well, the chicken-burger there are great."

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