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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Highspeed to love (14 / ???)

Hello F-list. Hope everyone around can enjoy an great weekend.

Today the next part of 'Highspeed to love' - the point of view changes with this part from Zeke to Casey. I hope you will like it.

Title: Highspeed to love (14/ ???)
Fandom:  Zeke & Casey
Rating: R
Disclaimer: of course, not mine
Author's notes: AU without Marybeth and Herrington High - Zeke is 23 years old in this story, living in Youngstown, Ohio - Casey, is 18 years old and loves ... cooking. Or what do you think ?  ;)

Previous parts: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve / thirteen / tbc

"Zeke? What's wrong?"

Zeke preferred to busy himself with his breakfast-wraps, though he was not hungry. But everything was better than to look into Casey's eyes. The memories were all too fresh. What would happen if he would rush over and kiss him? Would it be like his dream? Or was the reality another one? What would he feel? What would Casey do?

"You look tired. Do you feel bad about it?"

"Ähm ... what?"
Zeke blinked confused. How could Casey know what he was feeling? And what did he know about his secret dream?

"Ben! No matter what he did, it was harsh to just kick him out!"

For a short moment he felt better. Until realization hit him with full force ... Ben ... He hadn't thought about him and their fight the whole night long. Only Casey ... Casey ... Casey had been there in his mind.

And he had kicked Ben out. Because he had said the truth. Zeke swallowed. Yes, at least last night he had wanted Casey more than anyone else before. If this alone made him gay he couldn't say. He could not image himself being together with another guy. But with Casey? The thought alone made him trembling. Even now.

He almost jumped up from his chair. No, he didn't want to think about it now. Not about Ben. Not about Casey. Not about his life which had turned into a complete mess. He could only hope that it would be an unusual busy monday today. The work would hopefully help him to get a level head again.


Two weeks later.

Casey did the dishes while Zeke rushed down into his garage. Today was one of these days where Zeke was moody and untalkative. Casey sighed. They got along well together, but sometimes he could feel a tension rising up in Zeke. He could only guess that it was because of Ben. Zeke was worried about him but he refused to talk about it.

"Zeke, please, go and talk to him," Casey had suggested once.
"I'm sure he didn't mean to fight with you. He was angry and confused."

But Zeke was stubborn.
"Nope! He was acting like a prick. I'm not running after him. When he is grown up and ready to apologize, he might be able to come back. He knows where to find me."

Casey felt bad about it. He didn't want to be the reason for Zeke's and Ben's stupid break up. Sure, it had never been easy to deal with Ben - even before things got out of control. The boy was so jealous. Afraid to lose Zeke's friendship. Though there never had been a reason for it. It was only a matter of time. Only a few weeks, then he was eighteen and legal and he didn't need to stay here any longer. He could go back to Herrington and go on with his life. Though he had started to think about staying around, in Youngstown. Not with Zeke - of course not. He could not live forever in his garage. But if he could find a real job - in a restaurant or one of the bigger motels - he would earn enough money for an own small apartment. His chances in a town like Youngstown were much better than in good old Herrington. Maybe he could take evening classes and graduate or he could do some cooking seminars. Something he always had wanted to do ...

But Casey knew, the main reason that he wanted to stay was another one. Zeke had become a really good friend - and good friends were rare in his life. Though he had to admit: that was not all. He definitely wouldn't say 'no' to him if there would be a chance for more. But he needed to stay realistic or he would fuck up their friendship. Zeke was obviously straight. Apart from the fact that Casey wanted more than just a short affair and Zeke was a workaholic and nearly 'married' with his garage.

It meant all to him. Ben had been a part of this life. Zeke had surely more in common with him than with Casey. But when it mattered he had taken his side and kicked Ben out. Though Casey was sure that he sometimes regretted it.


A little later he set off for shopping. Zeke had laughed first when he had told him that he would go to the nearby farmers market a few days ago.
"We can go to the mall later," he had said.
"There you will find whatever you want."

Casey had rolled with his eyes.
"Yeah, delicious food like frozen pizza and tinned spaghetti. No, thanks. I'm thinking of fresh vegetable and some fruits."

"Oh, the healthy stuff," Zeke had teased him and Casey had still giggled when he had left the garage. It felt good to be able to cook again - for someone who knew to appreciate his cooking skills. And Zeke did, not matter what he said.

Casey always enjoyed coming to the market. It was only a small one which took place every wednesday and saturday. A market like this was a rarity in a town like Youngstown. And he had been so happy to find it a few days after he had come here. It was not only because of the fresh vegetable, the eggs and milk from a nearby farm or the homemade sausages. He liked the atmosphere. Not so crowded and hasty like the mall where all was just about: get your stuff together, pay and leave. Here was always time for a bit small talk with the sellers. It felt like going back in time, back to Herrington, where his grandma had had a small stall on the market to sell her homemade stuff.

When he had done all his shopping he usually stopped at his favorite stall. Mr. Burdon, who sold various fruits from his own garden, was a really nice man, always laughing and chattering about this and that. Today they were discussing the best recipe of pumpkin soup.

"Really, give it a try! Add a little bit ginger," Mr. Burdon said.
"You will be surprised how delicious it tastes."

Casey frowned.
"But ginger is so spicy. My grandmother always told me to be careful with ..."

He was interrupted by loud yelling and laughing. The elderly salesman looked up too and sighed.
"Oh no, these boys again!"

Casey could see a group of boys who passed the market stalls, ruthlessly pushing the other shoppers aside. Two of them were smoking, one had a beer in his hand, not caring to hide it, though they couldn't be much older than Casey himself. When one of them bumped into a young woman with a little baby in her arms, she startled back. The boy only grinned and puffed out the smoke of his cigarette right into her face. She turned round and left the market without hesitation. The other guys of the group laughed loud when one of the salesman became angry.

"Oh, cool! Go ahead and call the cops," one of the boys bawled, loud enough that even Casey could understand.
"We love them!"

They were nearer now. Another boy, the smallest of them, snagged an orange in passing, of course, without paying, and started to juggle with it. Casey stared at him, feeling numb.

"Oh shit," he murmured.

Their eyes met. For an instant the boy seemed to be taken aback but then he smirked.

"What's up, fag boy," he snarled at him.

The others giggled when they passed him. All Casey could do was to stare after them, until Mr. Burdon's voice tore him out of his numbness.

"Do you know them?"

He slowly shook the head.
"," he lied.

"You better not!"
The elderly man sighed.
"Don't take this to heart. These boys are a real pain. Smoking, drinking, maybe worse. They don't go to school. Just hanging around for the whole day. This will come to a bad end!"
Finally his usual smile returned.
"Luckily there are others too. Good boys like you. Your parents can be proud of you!"

Oh god. Casey knew, he didn't mean to hurt him with his friendly words, but he had enough for today. He forced himself to smile back.

"Sure," he murmured and reached for his shopping bag.
"Sorry, Mr. Burdon, but time is running late. See you on saturday. Bye!"

"Bye, Casey. And don't forget the ginger."

"No, thanks for the tip. I will surely try it one day!"

Then he was on his way back to Zeke's garage. Zeke! He had to make a decision. Should he tell Zeke about his bumping into Ben?

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