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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Highspeed to love (12 / ???)

It's a great day today, the sun is shining, but it's not too hot. So I can enjoy my day off. Still two days work this week - and then: weekend ... and two weeks vacation, yeah! I need it! I want to read and write and watch movies ... and I need to do a few chores too. I was just too lazy lately, it's about time.

My mom is coming home from hospital tomorrow. This is great - and a bit alarming too because I'm not sure how it will work out. She's still not in best health and will need a lot of help - and her mental balance is worse than ever before. We all hope that it will be better as soon as she is home again, but ... yeah ... we will have to wait and see, I guess. But it's hard to see her this way, she was always such a tough woman ...

Whatever, back to the fun in my life ... my boys :)

Title: Highspeed to love (12/ ???)
Fandom:  Zeke; Casey; OMC (no pairings)
Rating: R
Disclaimer: of course, not mine
Author's notes: AU without Marybeth and Herrington High - Zeke is 23 years old in this story, living in Youngstown, Ohio - Casey, is 18 years old and loves ... cooking. Or what do you think ?  ;)

Previous parts: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / tbc

"So, this article in the newspaper ... Ben was right, huh? You and this other guy ... what is his name again? Aaron?"

Casey hesitated for a moment.
"I didn't lie to you, Zeke. Adam and me, we were friends. Best friends, you know, this kind of friends you can tell everything. He knew ...

One day at lunch ... we always tried to avoid the crowded cafeteria. This day the weather was fine and we were sitting outside on the bleachers. We joked around and Adam told me how pretty his new history prof looked. I laughed and said:

'Hey, I'm the one who crushes for cute guys, remember?'

And he smiled and ... and suddenly he touched my face and said: 'How does it feel to be together with a guy?'
His voice was trailing off. Casey sighed deeply.
"I guess, I've fucked up his life!"

"What's happened?"

"I've kissed him. It was not more, Zeke, just a harmless kiss. But I so wish I haven't done it. Mr. Bates, our Math prof came outside and caught us in the act. He didn't even give us a chance to say something. He dragged us inside and called for the Dean. They separated us right away. I had to go with Dean Parker into his office. And he called my dad."

Casey shrugged.
"You know the rest of the story. I thought my dad would kill me. But he just called his old army friend who told him two years at a military academy would give me a taste of discipline.

I just hope Adam's parents gave him a least a chance to talk. All he wanted was to go to an academy of music after graduation. He is so good with it, Zeke. And if he can't go now ... just because of this shit ... and it's all my fault ... I can't ... I will never forgive me."

Zeke had never seen him so disheartened. His first impulse was to take him into his arms but in view of the circumstances this might be not the best decision.
"Hey. It was just a joke, wasn't it? I'm sure his parents will understand."

"I don't know! I've tried to call them later, but they had already left the town together with Adam. I've never seen him again."
Casey sniffed.
"And he is not even gay. He was just curious after I told him about me."

"Told him what? That you like guys?"

Casey looked up. Zeke could see the defiant sparkling in his eyes.
"And? Do you think I'm gross, " he asked.

"Hey, calm down, okay?"
Zeke smirked.
"Of course not. Why should I?"

Casey shrugged.
"A lot of people do!"

"Well, I never give a shit about other people. And you shouldn't either. It's your life. Make the best out of it."

To his surprise Casey's face brightened.
"That's what me grandma always said," he smiled.

"Wait! She knew ... ?"

"I could never hide anything from her for longer. Okay, first it was awkward. When I found out that I don't like girls ... at least not in the way other guys do ... it was like a shock. But she helped me to understand better."

He looked right into Zeke's eyes while he continued talking.

"It's nothing wrong with it to be gay, you know. There are guys who come home after work, get drunk and hit their wives and children. Or even worse. This is gross, Zeke, not being gay. I don't hurt anyone.

My grandma always encouraged me to go my way. Of course, I was not exactly out, this is impossible in a small town in the south of Ohio. But at least I could tell her everything.

My first crush, a boy from school. He was two years older than me and I didn't even dare to talk to him, but ... oh god, was he cute!"

Zeke chuckled, feeling slightly embarrassed. It was amazing how open Casey could talk about all this, but he was not sure if he really, really wanted to know. This was none of his business, wasn't it? But it was too late.

"Two years ago I met Steven. He was already going to college, but during summer he always came back to Herrington to visit his parents. He worked at Pizza Hut. Never ever I ate so many pizzas than during this summer.

One evening business was slow. He and his co-worker were just standing around. When I wanted to order my pizza he grinned and whispered into my ear: 'The same as usual ... or wanna try something new?'

There was this small backroom, you know, and ... yeah ... We've had a nice time together before he had to go back to New York in september.

All my grandma did when she found out was asking me: 'Did you use condoms?'

Zeke coughed and Casey slightly blushed.
"She was like that," he said.
"Always straight ahead!"

"Well, it was a bit risky. You didn't even know this guy!"

"Oh, c'mon, Zeke. He was nice. And it was not that I was looking for the great love of my life."
Casey grinned.
"I bet you wasn't a saint either!"

"But this is different," Zeke blurted out, louder than planned.

He knew it was ridiculous but he couldn't do anything against the pang of jealousy he felt deep inside his gut. It had to be the aftereffects of the booze last night which still confused him.

"Oh yeah? Why? Because you are the hottest guy in town and I'm supposed to be a little geek?"

Zeke stood up abruptly and rushed out of the room.
"Coffee is getting cold. I'm gonna make a fresh one," he murmured.

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*g* I love that Casey is finally opening up to Zeke. They're so cute together. I also love that Casey's had some crushes and some experience. That way he won't be so nervous when he and Zeke finally hook up. ;)

I've gotta go back and catch up on what I've missed, too!

I wonder who will be nervous when they finally come together ( will they? Who knows ;) )

Not much to catch up - just chapter 11 (at least you haven't commted on this - not that you need to do this on every chapter) and the new one I've posted today. Hope you will have fun with it ;)

Because you are the hottest guy in town
Way to be discreet Casey :D

And Zeke's jealous, huh? Course he is. They were meant to be, no matter how much he protests and rushes out with an awkward blush. Bless them both :D

Zeke Tyler? Jealous about another guy in Casey's life? Hmmm ...

(Deleted comment)
It's hart to resist our Casey-boy, isn't it?

Oh, Zeke! So you're curious and a bit jealous, eh? Good!

Good? Poor boy, he's so confused - and we are so happy about it ;)

Casey is very confident in himself and his sexuality, which is great. He's not confused at all, just sad that his and Adam's parents' hysterical reaction caused problems. His Granma fostered the right attitude and he's also not shy about meeting new cute guys! I like this Casey :-) Zeke, wake up, you want to snag this hot little package for yourself! More hot adventures of young Casey. I think Zeke is ready to crack. :-)

Cute, little Casey, right? I like writing him this way. And Zeke indeed needs to wake up ... otherwise it might be to late. Sniff ... ooohhh poor Zeke!

Catching up...

How bittersweet, these memories. Or downright sad. I'm glad Casey had his grandma. If more kids did, there'd be less self-hating and suicides. Sigh.

Go on, Zeke. Touch 'im. ;)

Zeke is so ready for it, isn't he? He just needs to risk it ...

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