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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Highspeed to love (9 / ???)

Hello F_List. I just want to drop in before work and wish you a wonderful, funny, sunny weekend.

Finally I've managed to write a bit more - have fun ;)

Title: Highspeed to love (9/ ???)
Fandom:  Zeke; Casey; OMC (no pairings)
Rating: R
Disclaimer: of course, not mine
Author's notes: AU without Marybeth and Herrington High - Zeke is 23 years old in this story, living in Youngstown, Ohio - Casey, is 18 years old and loves ... cooking. Or what do you think ?  ;)

Previous parts: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight /

Ben looked at him with narrowed eyes.
"What do you mean? A movie-night?"

It was Friday. Work was almost done. A quiet weekend lay ahead of him. He knew a lot of his old friends would laugh about him. Zeke Tyler, the king of the clubs and parties in town had finally settled down. Usually he would go out to the nearby pub for a round of billiard, or two. Or Ben would stay overnight. He preferred to be here more than to stay at home over the weekend.

But this weekend everything was different. Because of Casey.

He had offered to make dinner for tonight. First Zeke had shaken his head.
"Really, you don't need to," he laughed.
"What you do for breakfast is more than enough!"

As ever when he praised his cooking skills Casey smiled wide.
"Do you like Tuna-Casserole? And for dessert maybe Better-than-sex."

"Better than ... what?"

Casey had giggled hilariously.
"You will love it!"

Zeke had grinned. He secretly enjoyed their slight teasing and friendly arguments. It was nice to have Casey around. Much more than he had expected. He had never been good with too much nearness, but with Casey things were easy. They could talk, they could laugh and they could keep quiet ... without any pressure, without feeling uncomfortable.

"Sounds interesting. But ... y'know ... maybe Ben will stay overnight. I don't wanna kick him out."

"Oh, yeah!"

For a moment Casey had looked disappointed and Zeke was not sure what to say next. It was still difficult with the two boys though their arguments had calmed down a bit. Almost all the credit for this went to Casey. When Ben came over after school, he ignored his challenging looks and left the garage, to spend the afternoon with a book in the park. Or he went to the nearby library to search for a job in the newspaper. He usually didn't return before Ben was already gone.

Zeke knew, it was stupid to feel bad about it, but he somehow did. He really liked Ben. In a way he felt for him like a big brother. His life at home was not easy. A father who came home drunk almost every night. A mother who had given up hope for a better life long ago. If you grow up like Ben did you learned soon to trust no one but yourself. Ben was not a bad boy, he just needed a perspective in his life. Zeke was ready to give him one. But it started to annoy him that he didn't want to stop bitching about Casey.

Finally Casey had smirked.
"Well, okay, I'm not gonna poison him. Promised!"

Zeke chuckled and finally had given in. Maybe it was not the worst idea to bring the two boys together in one room. A movie, a nice dinner, no need to talk shit. Maybe it could calm down the situation. But when he saw Ben's reaction he knew how wrong he had been.

"What do you mean? A movie-night," he snapped when Zeke told him about his plans for this evening.

Zeke sighed.
"Why not? Of course you can stay too. What do you think about "Terminator"? You like the movie, don't you?"

Ben took a deep breath and threw a killing glance at Casey.
"You've forgotten about it!"

"Ähm, what," asked Zeke.

"The Giants. Today the Giants are playing against the Green Bay Packers. We wanted to watch the game together!"

Oh shit. Football. Zeke had to admit that he indeed had completely forgotten it. He was not that crazy about Football, but Ben was a great Giants-Fan and he had promised to watch the game together with him.

"Oh well," he murmured, trying to make the best out of the situation.
"How's this: we can watch the game first and enjoy the Terminator later. The night's long."

"No, thanks," Casey said.
"Football is stupid!"

Ben huffed.
"Now, why doesn't this surprise me at all? Of course a fag like you know nothing whatsoever about Football!"

Casey paled slightly and narrowed his eyes, but to Zeke's surprise he kept quiet this time.

"Don't be cheeky," he said to Ben.
"It's not Casey's fault that I've forgotten about the game!"

Ben shrugged.
"You don't believe me? But I've found the cast iron proof. Your little Casey-boy ... is fucking ... queer. He didn't tell you that, did he?"

"He's not my ..." Zeke started.

He couldn't finish the sentence. With a furious outcry Casey jumped at Ben. The boy was taken aback for a moment, stumbled backward and finally went down to the floor. In an instant Casey was over him.

"You fucking prick," he yelled.
"You've no right to snoop around my life."

Holy shit. Zeke felt dumbfound. Ben started to recover from his surprise and tried to regain control. But Casey was stronger than expected. Like a cornered animal knew how to fight with teeth and claws, he was spitting, puffing, scratching. Out of control. Finally Zeke decided to step in before they would hurt each other seriously. He took Casey's arm and tried to pull him away. A slap right into his face was the answer.

"Hey! Hey, hey! Stop it," bellowed Zeke and grabbed his wrists harder than planned.
"What the hell is wrong with you two?"

Casey nearly froze, panting for air. Were there tears glistering in his eyes? Zeke decided to ignore it and reached out for Ben to help him up. The boy glared at Casey and searched through his pocket.

"Here," he said.
"You can read it yourself. This is why his dad kicked him out."

Zeke reached out for what seemed to be an old newspaper article. Casey jerked himself free and rushed over to the small office. The echo of the slammed door nearly made Zeke cringe.

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