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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Wild & Untamed (52 / ???)

Hello, good morning to everyone around. I sooo wanted to write more this year, but ... yeah ... I'm slow like a snake. But nevertheless - it's here - the next part of "Wild and Untamed".


Title: Wild & Untamed (52/?)
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: NC 17
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

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This story is written for romeny

The aftermath didn't want to let him go. His body was still trembling with excitement. He tried hard to find back to clear thoughts. What had just happened? He had met Zeke for weeks now and they had fucked often. He had always enjoyed it. Zeke had mostly been gentle and patient, more than he ever had expected him to be. He had taught him things which he had never dared to dream about. And he had encouraged him to return his favor. But today...

The whole Alien story was weird and scaring enough - hard to believe for everyone who hadn't been part of it. And to tell him: 'I love you' ... well, he didn't regret it. It was the truth - he had known it in the moment when Marybeth looked right into his eyes and he had been sure that everything would come to an end now. He hadn't planned to tell him, but Zeke had asked. And he would not lie to him.

He had seen the shock in his eyes when he told him and when Zeke rushed into his bedroom without saying a word and slammed the door, he had decided to call Debbee. Better to leave on his own free will than to wait that Zeke kicked him out. But what happened next ...

It was not the usual fun they had had back in Zeke's garage. Zeke knew all of Casey's sensitive points and he had taken his time to spoil every single one of them. Excruciating slow and extensively, until Casey was not more than a helplessly trembling mess. He squirmed around, he reared up, he whimpered and begged him for more. Zeke had only grinned - a devious grin full of lust and mischief until Casey was sure, that he would be able to kill him, if not ....

Zeke had finally given in, slid down between Casey's thighs and took his cock deep into his mouth. It had been such a relief, but only for a short moment. Because Zeke was not willing to stop teasing ...

It seemed to last forever until he had murmured:
"Come now. Come for me, baby blue!"

He was sure to pass out when the orgasm hit him - intense and endless like he had never felt anything before. And he was still riding the waves of the aftermath. It was almost scaring. Almost!

"No! No, it's okay! I guess, it was about time."

It was Zeke's voice that brought him back into the here and now. He turned his head to look at him. Zeke smiled and blew him a kiss.

"Hey Debs. I'm gonna call you back tomorrow, okay?"

Debbee! Casey stiffened. Oh shit! He had totally forgotten about her. Hopefully she was not too mad at him or - even worse - at Zeke. It was not Zeke's fault that he had called her to ask for a ride home. It was a Saturday night, almost midnight - surely she had better to do than to play his chauffeur. Nevertheless, she had come without asking stupid questions - and he had left her out in the rain.

Zeke's chuckle reassured him just a little.
"Don't worry, we will. Promise!"
With that he put the cell-phone aside and turned to Casey fully.

"Welcome back on earth, baby blue," he said.
"You okay?"

"Shut up," Casey murmured and felt the butterflies in his stomach coming back alone from the sight of Zeke's mischievous grin. But he needed to know first.
"Was this ... Debbee?"

"Yep! She just wanted to know that everything is okay. She likes you, you know!"

"God," Casey sighed.
"I feel like a prick! How on earth could I do that? She wanted to bring me back to Herrington and I ..."

"Do you regret staying here," Zeke cut him off, looking serious now.
"Do you regret what has happened?"

The answer was easy enough. There was nothing to regret. He had missed him. He had wanted him. He was here, in Zeke's apartment, in Zeke's bed and Zeke had treated him like you only treat someone you love. As weird as it was. He would not think about it. Not tonight.

The grin in Zeke's face was back immediately.
"Good," he whispered and started to nibble on Casey's earlobe.
"Because the night is not over yet!"

Casey cringed. It was almost incredible. Only a few minutes ago he had felt so wiped out. But he just had to feel Zeke's warm breath onto his ear, his soft lips, his wet tongue ... and he was more than ready for a next round.

"Don't worry about Debs, she's used to much worse from me. Wanna know what she has said? Have fun, boys! And I will. So much fun with my boy."

When he pinned him down and bent over him, Casey struggled against his grip.
"Zeke ... wait ... Zeke! My turn now," he demanded.

Zeke looked up, still holding him tight.
"Oh yeah? Do you think so? Then tell me: What do you wanna do with me? Wanna suck me? Might be fun. You're good at this."
He bent over him and kissed him slightly.
"Or do you wanna ride me? You like this, don't you? You like to ride my cock!"

Casey felt the heat rising up, his cock reacted in an instant. The bare thought of it was thrilling. They had done this only once before - and Casey knew the reason for it. It gave him a least a little bit more control. This was why he had enjoyed it that much. But Zeke was the born 'Topper', he always felt uncomfortable when he couldn't control everything. So this offer was ...

Zeke silenced his thoughts with a deep, passionate kiss. But it was not that what made Casey speechless. After letting him go again, Zeke put his hands around Casey's face and looked at him with a slight smile.

"Do you wanna fuck me, Casey", he asked.

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