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Birthday fic - Casey & Zeke - Future plans

Ohhh, I'm sooo much behind with everything - reading, writing, commenting aaaand ....

I've missed a birthday!

Dear gabi_fics

I hope you can forgive me for being late.

But I finally managed to write a little something for you. Maybe you'll like it a bit.

Title: Future plans
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: R
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Casey was sitting in the quietest corner he was able to find, a cola in his hand, watching all the people around. Friends ... and friends of friends. Del's friends. Milling around in her small flat. Half of Herrington High seems to be here to celebrate her 19th birthday.

At the same time it was a sort of farewell celebration. Highschool was over, this time next month most of them would get ready for College or work. The future has already started. Also for Casey ...

This time next month he would be in Los Angeles. Together with Del. Del would study journalism and she already had contact to several magazines which showed interest in her various reports and stories. Last month she was flown to L.A., looking for an apartment. The one she finally rented lay in an exclusive area and Casey thought it was a bit too expensive for two students. But Del had insisted on it.

"I can't live in a students dorm, Casey," she had said.
"This is L.A., not Herrington. If you want to play in the upper league you need to show off something."

She had kissed him slightly and of course he had given in. He was her boyfriend and he was proud of her. She already was a good reporter, even without any schooling. The papers had been scrambling to get her reports about the alien invasion in Herrington High last year. L.A. would bring her to the zenit.

His own future plans and dreams ... well, he rather didn't like to think about it in the moment.

When he heard the well known, but unexpected voice, he looked over to the door.

"Happy birthday, girl!"

"Oh Zeke, you beat yourself with this!"

Casey couldn't resist to grin at her crocked smile when she took his flowers. He wondered what Zeke was doing here. He wasn't exactly what one would call Del's friend and he didn't like her parties. But he was glad to see him.

Zeke was his friend. After the incident with Marybeth they had hung out together nearly every weekend. Until he started to date Del. Del demanded most of his time and if he had spent an evening with Zeke, she acted moody the next day and stated, Zeke would always set him against her.

To be honest, Zeke used to call Del "bitchiest bitch ever" and Casey would never forget the look in his eyes when he told him that he had spend the last night with her. But he had never tried to manipulate Casey in any way. Actually, they hadn't even talked much about her since then. They just enjoyed their spare time together, with pizza, a beer and watching cheesy movies. Casey knew, he would miss this after moving to L.A.


With a bright smile Zeke crossed the room.
"Hey, geek boy. What's up? Looks like you have a lot of fun!"

Casey smirked. Zeke knew him well enough to figure out that he didn't enjoy this party all too much. It was not exactly his world. But it was Delilah's party and Del loved it a bit more exclusive, with canapes and champagne instead of pizza and beer.

"Yeah, it's kinda nice. Today Del topped herself," he said.
"But what are you doing here? I would have expected you clubbing tonight."

Zeke shrugged.
"I hoped to meet you. Bitchy bitch kept you on your toes lately, huh? It's a while that we have spent an evening together!"

"I know," murmured Casey.
"Sorry. But we had got our hands full. Del's party and ... moving to L.A. soon. My Mom wants a little bit more time with me, too. I guess, it's hard for her to let me go!"

Zeke dropped down onto the couch beside Casey.
"Yeah, everyone is so busy lately. Everyone seems to move on. I'm gonna go to New York next month. NYIT. Engineering and computing science."

Casey grinned surprised. Zeke had always refused to make plans for his future. And now this ...
"Yeah? Sounds great! So, finally you've found out what you want? Was about time!"

"Maybe! There is nothing left to keep me here any more, you know. But what's about you? Happy to leave this hellhole behind?"

Casey nodded.
"Yeah, sure. It's great!"

Zeke frowned and threw a pensive glance at him. This sounded not really convincing to his ears.
"Hey, what's going on, geek boy? Nervous?"

Casey smirked. He didn't talk much about his true feelings. Because there was no one, right. Del was all too excited about all the new possibilities L.A. offered her. If he tried to talk about his concerns, she swept them aside with a wink and a slight kiss. His dad was just proud of him - he had an amazing girlfriend, he was going to college - still one year ago all that had seemed impossible. And his mom. Casey knew, she was already worried enough - her little boy alone in a big city like L.A. - and he wouldn't unsettle her even more.

With Zeke everything was different. He didn't need to pretend anything. Zeke would be able to assess him within two minutes anyway.
"A bit," he admitted.
"I don't know, it's nothing, but ... L.A. is not Herrington, you know. I always wanted to leave all this behind, but ... I guess, I will miss it."

"Oh, c'mon," Zeke grinned.
"There will be no time to sing the blues. You are together with bitchy bitch. I bet, within one week you're gonna know more people in L.A. than the population of Herrington!"

Casey sighed.
"Yes, probably. But it will be not the same, Zeke. Stokes and Stan and ... and you. You are real friends. Del's friends are ... more ... yeah. It's not the same! I'm gonna miss you!"

"Yeah? Me too. You know, sometimes I've imagined we both would take off somewhere together after Highschool."

Casey looked surprised.
"We both ... together?"

"Why not? New York. Me going to NYIT. Cornells is great too. Humanly Ecology. This is what you always wanted, right? We could have shared an apartment. Would have been fun, don't you think so?"

"You've never said anything," murmured Casey.

Zeke made a grimace.
"Why should I? You are together with bitchy bitch. You're moving to L.A. It was just a nice idea. Which College did you choose? UCLA?"

"Ähm ..."
Casey turned his eyes away now.
"No College. Not in the moment. To tell the truth, I'm looking for a job ... or two!"

Zeke looked at him stunned.
"What's happened? Did they turn you down? But you were one of the best students of Herrington High. This is weird!"

Casey pulled the face defiant.
"Well, they don't. But ... you know ... Del, her study is really hard. And she's gonna do some writing for various magazines too. There is no time for a job for her, but we need ..."

"Oh fuck!"
Zeke's eyes were sparkling upset now.
"You can't be serious, Casey! You pack in college for this stupid bitch?"

Casey felt tears pricking in his eyes. It had been a hard decision. Day in, day out he had dreamed about it. When the others at school bullied him, laughed about him. The idea of going to a great college one day had let him move on. Del! Over years he had secretly dreamed about her too. Now he was together with her. Her boyfriend! He wanted to make her happy. He knew her career meant everything for her. So, what did it matter if he put back his own plans ... only for a year or so ...

"Don't talk like this," he said.
"It was my own decision. I can take a few courses when my time allows it. And next year, when Del starts to earn money with her writing, I will cut the job and go to College fulltime. It's just a year, Zeke!"

Zeke snorted.
"This is stupid, Case! How can she let you do that? God, she is such an egoistic bitch. She's gonna suck you dry and then ..."

"Zeke, stop it, please!"
Casey's voice sounded hurt, but angry too.
"I thought you are my friend. You should be glad for me that all is going so well! I'm going to L.A. with my girlfriend. With Del, Zeke! I've never dared even to dream about this. I'm happy. I'm happy!"

"Going so well? Casey, you throw your future away! Where is the little geek with his endless dreams, huh? You had plans! You wanted to change the world. Now you are nothing more than Delilah's little pet dog. You want to visit courses? Fuck it Casey! Don't waste your time. Better look for a third job, to back her stupid journalism career!"

Casey gasped for air, while the other party guests started to recognize that something was going on. Their curious glances could not be overlooked. But Zeke didn't care.

"You're not yourself anymore, Casey! You are happy? Fine, then go ahead! I'm just glad that you're gonna move to Cali. At least I don't have to watch it any longer!"

Finally Delilah reached the two of them. She threw a look at Casey who was not able to move. He just stared at Zeke, his fucking blue eyes big as saucers and ... Oh no! She cringed inwardly. This was so embarrassing. Her boyfriend was ready to burst into tears right in front of the eyes of all the others.

"Zeke, I want you to leave. Now! And better stay out of our life from now on. Casey has better to do than to hang around with a looser like you! ... C'mon, honey, it's almost twelve. Help me with the champagne!"

She took Casey's hand, but Zeke pushed her aside.
"Fuck you, Del!"

Before anyone could react - least of all Casey - he had pulled him into his arms. Casey's surprised cry was stifled by hot lips. The kiss was demanding and rough, a tongue was forced into Casey's mouth. The boy whimpered and struggled against the hard grip, before he finally gave in. Heat was rushing through his body. Right into his groin. He could feel it - and he knew Zeke felt it too. But instead of shying away he instinctively deepened the contact. He had never felt like this before. The kisses with Del were fleetingly, without the fervor he felt in this moment. As well as their sex suddenly seemed lame. At this moment he knew that it could be different ... so different ... together with Zeke ...

Realization hit him. What was gotten into him? With a jerk he freed himself out of Zeke's arms. Breathless and with a hot and red face he stared at him.
"What ... what the hell was this about," he gasped.

"Nothing to lose anymore, right?"
 Zeke shrugged.
"If you move to L.A. together with bitchiest bitch I've lost you anyway!"

He jerked around when he felt a hand onto his shoulder.
"Hey, don't touch me, okay," he hissed to the young man who tried to shove him to the door.
"I'm leaving! No need to stay here any longer."

He had no eyes for all the party guests who were staring after him, some of them shocked, some more amused. But before he left the apartment he turned back to threw a last look at Casey. He stood still there on the same spot where he had left him. The expression on his face was pure chaos. Zeke hesitated. He couldn't leave him this way. He just couldn't.

"Hey, Case," he said and his voice was gentle as rarely before.
"You know ... I still could need a roomie in New York!"

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