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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Wild & Untamed (49 / ???)

Hello F-List!  I hope all of you is enjoying a nice advent sunday - with a lot of snow outside and a lot of warmth, and coffee and cookies inside.

I'm in the mood for the next part of Wild & Untamed. Slowly ... slow-ly ... this thing is coming to an end :)


Title: Wild & Untamed (49/?)
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: R
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Previous parts: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve /thirteen / fourteen / fifteen / sixteen / seventeen / eighteen / nineteen / twenty / twenty-one / twenty-two / twenty-three / twenty-four / twenty-five / twenty-six / twenty-seven / twenty-eight / twenty-nine / thirty / thirty-one /thirty-two / thirty-three / thirty-four / thirty-five / thirty-six / thirty-seven / thirty-eight / thirty-nine / forty / forty-one / forty-two / forty-three / forty-four / forty-five / forty-six / forty-seven / forty-eight /

This story is written for romeny

Before you read this part - please notice the following: this is just fan-fiction. It's based on "The Faculty", but it's not really movie conform. I'm naughty enough to make necessary changings in the storyline ;)

Finally Casey had curled up into a comfortable loveseat in the livingroom. Zeke stared over to him, feeling a bit queasy. He could feel the tension in him, not fear, but confusion and frustration.

His feelings for Casey were so deep in this moment, it almost made him cringe. He just wanted to go over, take him into his arms, hold him, promise him that all would be okay. But he knew he had to hold back. This could not be disposed once and for all with a bit flirting, teasing ...

"He needs you," Stokely had told him.

Yes, it was obvious, Casey was vulnerable like seldom before. He needed people around, people he could trust blindly, people who were there for him. Zeke was not so sure if Casey needed him. If he still trusted him enough. But he would be there, as long as Casey wanted him around. Maybe not as his lover, but at least as a friend. He would not leave him alone again. That was for sure!

"She's nice," he finally said, just to break the silence.
"Your Mom. When I told her ..."

"Fuck, Zeke, you've promised it," Casey interrupted him, sounding angry.
"Why did you call her?"

"Promised what?"

"You've promised me, not to tell her. What's all that in aid of? I don't want her to worry even more about me."

It was so hard not to laugh with relief. Now that was the Casey he knew. He was the one who needed help - but he was thinking about the others first. It felt so good to know, that some things never seemed to change.

"That's why I called them,"Zeke said.
"They needed to know. They were already worried because of the reporters. Your dad was ready to call the cops to run them out of your street when I called. 

I told them that I met you near Herrington High and gave you a ride home. But when we saw the reporters we decided that it was better to split for the moment. I didn't tell a word about ... the rest."
Finally there was a slight smile on his face.
"Okay," he murmured.
"Thank you then. So, when are we gonna go back to Herrington?"

Zeke swallowed.
"You wanna go home?"

Casey shrugged.
"I bet, my Mom told you that. It's somehow weird: before Marybeth she always wanted me to go out and have fun with friends. Now she would like nothing more than to lock me up into the house."

"She's your mom, Case. She just wants to be sure that you're safe!"
Zeke smirked.
"And you can stay if you want. It's okay for her. She just want you to be home tomorrow for dinner!"
"Wait! She allowed this?"
Casey snorted surprised.
"But she doesn't even know you! What the hell have you done?"

"I've used up all my charm to convince her," laughed Zeke.
"You know, I'm good with this, don't you?"

It was nice to see him turning light red. So he was still thinking about them, being together? It felt somehow reassuring. A chance, this was all he wanted for the moment.
"So, what do you mean? Wanna stay?"

Casey hesitated for a moment too long. The light mood was gone all too quick.
"I don't know," he finally murmured.
"I'm a fucking freak, Zeke. An alien killer! Someone who is dragged to a shrink twice a week and chased by every fucking reporter of the world.

You surely don't wanna be a part of this, Zeke. Maybe it's better for you to stay out of my life!"

"Stop this bullshit, Case," Zeke hissed.
"You're one of the bravest guys I've ever met. I don't know many who would have done what you did. Me inclusive! Most would have run for their lives. Or they would have simply given up. But you ... you saved the world!"

"Oh God!"
Casey rolled his eyes.
"Del is such a stupid bitch, to tell the reporters such shit. Believe me, Zeke, when I was alone with Marybeth under the bleachers, I gave a shit about the whole world."

Zeke gently put an arm around his shoulder and squeezed him slightly.
"Fuck Del! Stokely says if you hadn't killed her, they all would have been lost. Only empty shells, controlled by an alien ... So, whatever you have done, it saved them all."

Casey inhaled shaking.
"Stokes doesn't know," he whispered.
"No one knows. I haven't told it! I just couldn't!"

Zeke took a deep breath. Not that this was a big surprise, but to hear it out of his mouth was different.
"Case? You can remember, right? Whatever happened under the bleachers, you knows!"

Casey nodded slowly.
"Memories ...  snatches of memories. Only blurred, more like a dream. But today ... in the hut. It was like a shock to see you. And then you told me that you already have been in Herrington High ..."

He stopped and struggled for air. When he continued he avoided looking at Zeke.
"For a moment I was afraid that she is still there. Threaten you again. She wanted to infect you next ... she told me that, Zeke."

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