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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Wild & Untamed (48 / ???)

Wow, I'm on a run :)

Title: Wild & Untamed (48/?)
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: R
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Previous parts: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve /thirteen / fourteen / fifteen / sixteen / seventeen / eighteen / nineteen / twenty / twenty-one / twenty-two / twenty-three / twenty-four / twenty-five / twenty-six / twenty-seven / twenty-eight / twenty-nine / thirty / thirty-one /thirty-two / thirty-three / thirty-four / thirty-five / thirty-six / thirty-seven / thirty-eight / thirty-nine / forty / forty-one / forty-two / forty-three / forty-four / forty-five / forty-six / forty-seven /

This story is written for romeny

Before you read this part - please notice the following: this is just fan-fiction. It's based on "The Faculty", but it's not really movie conform. I'm naughty enough to make necessary changings in the storyline ;)

Finally he closed his eyes. Of course Zeke had been right. He was tired and exhausted and it felt good to snuggle up into a warm, comforting bed. Though he had protested first.

"The couch and a blanket are just perfect!"

But Zeke had stood firm.
"Bed! You need it!"

Casey had stared at the big bed in the small bedroom, unable to move. It felt somehow strange. Zeke's apartment in Columbus. Zeke's bed. How often had he dreamed about it? Of course, in a different way. Zeke and he together, kissing, cuddling, fucking. Dreams. It would never happen. Though ...

"I'm not mad at you," Zeke had told him.

Whatever this was supposed to mean. He would think about it later ...

"Case? Everything okay?"

"Yeah! Thanks!"

And Zeke had nodded.
"'kay. I will be next door. If you need something, just call me!"
Then he had left the room. Casey had stripped off slowly - up to his t-shirt and boxers - and snuggled under the cover.


When he opened his eyes again, he needed a moment to remember where he was. It was nearly dark in the room. He tried to orientate himself by the faint light beam which was falling through the window. It seemed to be a full moon tonight.

Full moon?! Tonight?!

He jumped out of the bed and yelled with pain when his knee hit the sharp edge of the little table nearby.

"Outsch. Fuck!"

Then he remembered the lamp on the table and started to search for the switch. Next moment the door was thrown open. Casey squinted his eyes against the bright light from outdoors. He recognized Zeke's silhouette in the doorway.

"Fuck, Zeke. What the hell are you thinking?"


"It's at dead of night," Casey hissed, picking up his Jeans hectically.
"I should be home for hours!"

"Case. Case!"
Zeke carefully grabbed him by his shoulders to stop him.
"Calm down. It's okay. It's just eleven o'clock. And your parents..."

"Just eleven?"
Casey shrugged him off and reached for his shirt now.
"You can't get it, right? My curfew is at nine. Nine o'clock, Zeke! Since Marybeth my mom is overanxious. She's probably already called the police ... I need to call her. Where is your phone?"

Zeke tossed his cell phone over to him and smiled slightly.
"Go ahead. But don't worry. I already did this hours ago!"

Casey had just started to dial the number when he realized Zeke's words. He looked up, feeling more confused than ever before.
"You ... what?"

Zeke shrugged and tried to look casual.
"I do understand, Casey! I know, your parents are caring for you and this is a good thing. So I called to let them know ..."

Feeling defeated Casey sank down onto the bed again. It was never easy to understand what was going on in Zeke's mind. Zeke was unpredictable. He knew him long enough to know at least this. Zeke had always remind him that it meant nothing serious between them. No relationship, just fun. But in the next moment he made him forget everything. When he pulled him into his arms and kissed him - soft or demanding. When he striped him off him, teasing or rough. When he sucked him, when he fucked him, when he drove him over the edge. When they sat so close together afterward. When Zeke put his arms around him and held him tight.

Then Casey could feel the bonds between them. Then he could forget how often Zeke simply ignored him at school. That they had only two afternoons of the week together, that he had to lie to his parents, that there probably was no future for them. But he would take as much as Zeke was ready to give. Without thinking about it. It was easier this way ...

Till this day which changed everything. Casey knew, Zeke felt sold out by him. It hurt that he decided to leave Herrington without at least giving him a chance to explain. But finally he had accepted it. It was over. And he needed to move on without Zeke.

When Marybeth had taken over the school he was glad for it. It was like a nightmare. It was a hopeless fight - he knew this in the very first moment when he recognized what was going on. She was strange - she was beautiful - she was invincible. She would take what she wanted ... needed to survive. The people of Herrington High meant nothing to her. She would spread her scions over all of them ... but Zeke would be safe!

He had hoped so, until he was alone with her ... under the bleachers ... Marybeth! He whimpered slightly. Zeke!


He heard Zeke's voice and felt his hand on his arm. It was as if he woke from a dream. For one moment he didn't knew where he was. What Zeke was doing here. But then he remembered. Columbus. Zeke's apartment. He had slept too long. It had gotten late. He needed to call his Mom ... A call? What had Zeke just told him? He had called his parents? He was still dreaming, wasn't he? This was all just one of his stupid dreams about Zeke ... Sometimes he wished he could finally let him go ... But ...

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