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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Wild & Untamed (45/ ???)

Hurrah, I'm still alive!

I hope all of you can enjoy a wonderful weekend. And maybe you like to read a bit more Wild & Untamted? Finally I've managed to write a bit - after nearly four weeks nothing I did a hole chapter yesterday - a bit longer (at least for me ;) ) than usual. I hope you like it.

Title: Wild & Untamed (45/?)
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: R
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Previous parts: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve /thirteen / fourteen / fifteen / sixteen / seventeen / eighteen / nineteen / twenty / twenty-one / twenty-two / twenty-three / twenty-four / twenty-five / twenty-six / twenty-seven / twenty-eight / twenty-nine / thirty / thirty-one /thirty-two / thirty-three / thirty-four / thirty-five / thirty-six / thirty-seven / thirty-eight / thirty-nine / forty / forty-one / forty-two / forty-three / forty-four /

This story is written for romeny

Remember last chapter: Zeke is going back to Herrington to look for Casey and he meets Stokely ...

Before you read this part - please notice the following: this is just fan-fiction. It's based on "The Faculty", but it's not really movie conform. I'm naughty enough to make necessary changings in the storyline ;)

Stokely stared at him warily.
"Casey? What's up with Casey? Thought, you were looking for Andrew, because you've a bone to pick with him, after all what he does!"

Zeke shrugged.
"Let him! I'm over with all this, Stokes. I couldn't care less!"

"So! And what do want from Casey?"

"He's my friend! I care for him."

Stokely glowered at him.
"A bit late to remember this, don't you think so?"
But finally she gave in.
"He isn't here. He hates this ... circus. Can you blame him? Stupid press! They've tried to keep the rumors under control, but when we left the hospital the first reporters were already awaiting us.

Though they don't care in the slightest about us. All they want is a spectacular story. An interview with the boy who has saved the world. ... What do you think about all this, Zeke?"

He felt unsure under her inquiring eyes.
"I don't know," he finally had to admit.
"I mean ... Aliens and stuff ... Stokes, this is Science Fiction! It's hard to believe."

To his surprise Stokely's face relaxed.
"Yes, I know! But we all here in Herrington High, we know what has happened. Two days running it was a desperate fight to survive. But she was stronger. She infected us ... one after the other ... All of us, except him! He was the only one ...

I've found him ... under the bleachers ... when it was over. First I thought, he is dead. He looked so pale and his face was covered with a lot of tiny scars. But then he opened his eyes, only for a sec ... and he smiled ..."

Zeke took a deep breath.
"Casey," he whispered.

Stokely shook her head in a helpless attempt to shrug the memories off. But the shaky undertone in her voice betrayed her.
"He smiled at me and I've held his hand during the whole time when they've taken us to the hospital ... He is fucking amazing, do you know this?"

"Yeah, I know!"
Zeke bit his lower lip.
"Is he ... is he still in the hospital? I mean, he is okay, right? Everyone is okay!"

Stokely's hesitation made him nervous. He wanted to grab her, shake her, until she gave him the answer he wanted to hear. But he knew, this would only make her turn round and leave. Finally she sighed and looked up.

"They'd arranged a quarantine ward for all of us in the hospital ... to protect us, like they said!"
She smirked.
"If you ask me: they only wanted to save their own ass. They didn't understand what has happened. They didn't believe us. They only wanted to make sure that we didn't suffer from an unknown, contagious disease that could infect them too.

Well, we haven't done them that favor. When Marybeth ... she was special, y'know, like the queen of the Aliens ... when she died ... when Casey killed her ... all her scions in us had to die too. We are okay ... at least physically ... and six days later they allowed us to go home.

But it has changed all of us. They offer the possibility to go to a psychiatrist, but most of us don't think that it can help. What helps is, that when we are together, we don't need to talk about it. We know what the others are feeling. We all have gone through the same.

Casey ... Sometimes it feels for me like he's the only one in Herrington High left out ... "

"God, these pricks," Zeke hissed annoyed.
"He saved their ass and they still rat him out? Great! Nothing has changed in this hellhole, Stokes!"

She shook her head.
"It's not like this, Zeke. Everyone knows what he has done ... even if some of us don't like to admit ... and some are a bit jealous about his new hero-state. But everyone is respecting him. He has a lot of friends who are standing behind him. Mr. Brown has taken him back into his art course. Yesterday Gabe asked him if he wants to join the football training."

"Oh God!"
Zeke giggled slightly.
"Casey and Football? You're kidding me!"

Stokely grinned back.
"No, I'm not. I guess this is Gabe's way to say sorry. You know, how mad he is when it comes to Football. It means everything for him!"

"So ... if everyone seems to like him now ... where is the problem?"

Stokely shrugged.
"Look ... maybe I'm wrong. Casey is strong. He is moving on like we all do. And he seems to be okay. But ...

Marybeth. Casey was the only one who was not infected by her. He was alone when he killed her. No one knows what has happened to him. Because he never talks about it!"

"Because he can't remember," Zeke said.

"This is, what he says, yes!"

Zeke narrowed his eyes.
"You think, he's lying?"

"I think, he's learned to keep things private if he don't like to talk about it!"

"Yeah, he can be a stubborn little shit," Zeke murmured.

Stokely chuckled slightly.
"That's for sure! ... Zeke?"


"You think, he would tell you?"

How he would have liked to answer: Yes, of course. I'm his best friend. I'm his confidant. He has always trusted me with all his problems. But it would have been a lie. He had always kept Casey at arms length - and when he finally had been ready for more, his past had caught him up. He didn't like to think about what he had done next. No, he couldn't expect that Casey still trusted him today. He had hurt him too much. Casey had every right to be mad at him.

"I don't know," he finally admitted.
"I was acting like a prick towards him when I left Herrington head over heels. I don't even know if he wants to see me again!"

"Yes, you did," Stokes snarled.
"But it doesn't matter. Not for him. He's still thinking about you. In the ambulance ... he was muzzy and murmured incoherently stuff. Hard to understand, but he called your name. Twice!"

Zeke squeezed his eyes shut. Casey had called for him and he hadn't been around. He hadn't kept him save. Of course it was stupid to think so. He had been in Columbus and had had no idea what was going on in Herrington. But it felt as if he had betrayed him again. He flinched back when he suddenly felt a slight touch onto his arm.

"Don't, Zeke," Stokely said.
"Whatever you did before, Marybeth was not your fault. You could have done nothing against it, even if you would have been here.

Go and talk to him now. I guess, he needs you!"

Zeke looked up.
"Oh God. I don't even know where to look for him!"

"Try the old hut!"

Zeke blinked confused.
"What hut?"

"There is this hut near Herrington High, right? The hut where you meet him first. He likes to hide there when he needs a bit time for himself."

Zeke needed a moment to recover from his surprise, then he gave the girl a quick, hearty hug.
"Thanks, Stokes!"

"Shut up!" she snarled and pushed away.
"And better watch it! Hurt him again, Zeke, and I'm gonna kill you!"

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