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Love you friend

Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Second chance

Hello, everyone. I know, I'm not around much lately. I'm still feeling a bit sick - so dizzy and tired - and I'm simply down.

But whatever, I finally managed to write a little bit. I wanted to do it for the Silk Tie challenge, but I think, it doesn't fit exactly into it. Now then: just for fun ... feel free to read ...

Title: Second chance
Words: 175
Fandom: Zeke, mention of Casey
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

revised story: February 2016

"Holy shit!"

Zeke stared at the photo as if he had never seen him before.

Casey Connor was supposed to be a geek. With stupid, checked shirts, with baggy jeans and ridiculous dreams of a model career no one believed in but himself.

His intense blue eyes were to blame for what had happened one day. Zeke was a heart breaker. Every girl was crazy about him. But when the look of these eyes met his, the whole world suddenly was turned around. For one night they were lover.

Next day Zeke had left Herrington head over heels, to bring as much distance between him and Casey as possible. He never went back, be never saw him again.

Till now.

He couldn't turn his eyes away from the picture. The hat, that covered half of his face, the black shirt, the mysterious look in his eyes. But what left him breathless, was the red, silky tie.

And he knew, today he would go back to Herrington. And he would beg him for a second chance.

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Ooh, I love this Prisca! Zeke probably knew in his heart it was a mistake to leave Casey; I'm glad the picture made him realize what he had given up.

I'm sorry you're still not feeling well and hope you are better soon. And maybe once you are feeling better writing will be fun again. *hugs*

Thanks! I'm glad you like it. :)

oooh, this is lovely! I loved that Zeke saw him then for the first time in a new light!

Thanks for reading ;)

Yes, our Casey has a lot of different sides, I guess he will be able to surprise Zeke again and again.

This is adorable. Leave it to Zeke to underestimate Casey. Love!

Never underestimate Casey! Zeke will have to learn this ;)

Thanks for reading!

oh how wicked. I could just imagine Zeke seeing his little geek blazing like this. It will probably take a lot of begging on Zeke's part. hugs you xooxoxo v

Oh yes, Casey should let him beg a lot - he deserves it ;)

Thanks for reading and commenting.

Well if a picture could change Zeke's mind it would be that one :) Brilliant drabble!

One and a half drabble - it's too long to be a drabble. ;) But thanks. Yes, this picture is great.

That photo must have been a serious culture shock for Zeke after leaving the geeky, check shirt boy behind and seeing him all grown up into the swan he became. (there's a metaphor fic in there somewhere)

He'll have a job winning Casey back now that that photo's been published and everyone's seen his beauty, but I have ultimate faith his his seductive, charming persuasion. It's worked once on the boy... it will work again :)

Yes, it's sooo hard to say 'no' to Zeke, isn't it? I'm sure, he will find a way back to his Casey. Thanks for reading.

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, that's our boy. Often a bit complicated but finally he will always come back to his Casey.

Oh, and in reading the note at the top of this (I'm scrolling upwards from the last post I read) I can sympathise. Everyone has their confidence knocked once in a while and everyone feels there are better writers than themselves. You can either let that knock you out of the race or you can run for yourself, simply for the fun of it and enjoy the scenery as you go.

What you need to remember is that we all understand that English isn't your first language and that makes your stories all the more remarkable (to me at least). So you don't really need a beta, we can understand your writing perfectly well and it doesn't detract from the story.

You should also remember that you have readers who leave regular comments because they enjoy what you're writing and engage with your characters.

Forget the race, enjoy the run.

Thanks! You always find the right words, you know this? Hugs you!

Yeah! Of course this fits the challenge - it has a silk tie and Casey - perfect!

That is a great idea to have him make it as a model! And I can just imagine Zeke's stunned heart at seeing this gorgeous pic and realising it was his highschool crush. I hope he finds him and gets that second chance. Lovely image, thank you!

I'm sure, he will not give up before he's found his boy again.

Thanks for reading and commenting!

Just read the top bit and totally agree with everything Gabi says. Please please keep confident in what you're writing - we all love it! xxx

Lol, thanks. Naw, don't love it too much, it's just playing around, but it can be fun. Sometimes. When the muse is willing ;)

Oh, lovely imagery. There ya go, Zeke--ya done fugged up! Lol! Now he needs to find him. That's the only reasonable solution. :D

Yes, it is! He needs to find his boy. They belong together ... everyone knows this but Zeke. Stupid boy! ;)

One can only hope that Zeke can grovel enough for Casey to take him back.

Thanks for reading!

I hope, Casey keeps him on tenterhooks for a little while, he deserves it ;)

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