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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Wild & Untamed (42/ ???)

Hello F-List! I hope all of you can enjoy a wonderful, relaxing weekend? I can - though it's cold and grey outside, raining for hours now. But so what - I'm just in the right mood for the next part Wild & Untamed. Have fun ;)

Title: Wild & Untamed (42/?)
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: R
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

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This story is written for romeny

Before you read this part - please notice the following: this is just fan-fiction. It's based on "The Faculty", but it's not really movie conform. I'm naughty enough to make necessary changings in the storyline ;)

Around four weeks later. Christmas and New Year's Eve were just over. Days which had never meant anything for Zeke. Eric had invited him to spend the holiday together with him and a few friends in a mountain lodge. Skiing, snowboarding, having fun.

"Naw, thanks," he had smiled.
"It's okay, Eric, really. I don't need this shit. It will be nice to have a bit time for myself."

And Eric had simply nodded.
'kay! See you then next year!"

So he had spent his christmas evening alone, like he did for years now. Since he was a little boy, since his mom had left her family. He could remember the first christmas days without her - without a christmas tree, without presents, waiting for his dad, who was coming home late - and a bit drunk - from his christmas party at work. How he had hidden in his bed, though his dad didn't even bother to look after him. When the other children at school started to show off their new toys he had played unheeding, but at lunch he had secretly cried a bit in a stall of the boys room. But these days were long gone. He had learned that it was easier if he didn't care a straw ...

This time was different. During the last few weeks he had often imagined what it would be like to choose a present for Casey. An illustrated book about oldtimer maybe or a first edition of a Batman comic. Something his parents would never give him, because they didn't understand. To be honest, Zeke did neither. How often had he teased him about being such a comic geek. Lurid pictures, stupid stories. But Casey loved them, nearly as much as he loved his photography. Zeke could imagine his smile, his sparkling, deep blue eyes when he would open his present. Christmas with Casey - it would mean something ...

But it was at New Year's Eve when he recognized, how much he had changed during the last months. New Year's Eve always had meant hopping from club to club till dropping - and next day he often didn't even know with whom he had spent the night. Not this year. Debbee had asked him for visiting this new club in town.The most famost one in the moment. Everyone would be there.

But again, he had shook his head.
"No, thanks! Not in the mood!"

Debbee had rolled her eyes.
"Geez, Zeke! What the hell do you have in mind? Exclude fun out of your life till the end of your days?"

He knew, she didn't mean to hurt him. And he had to admit, in some way she was right. But he just wasn't interested in clubbing any longer. Drinking too much, flirting too wild, laughing too loud. It had been his life for years, but it was over now.

Since he had moved to Columbus his days were filled with his job and the evening classes. The weekends he spent with learning for school. There was not much spare time. Only now and then an evening together with Debs or Eric at Barley's. He actually loved this pub. Almost familiar, smoke filled, irish background music. Their California Burger, their Tuna Steak and, oohhh, their Chocolate Stout Mousse. He needed to eat it every time he was there - and he never stopped thinking about Casey when he did. He knew, Casey would love this creamy, nearly over-sweetened dessert. And he would love to spoil him with it.

Casey. He still missed him. More than he ever had missed someone before. More than he ever had imagined he would miss him. When it became to much to endure, he went to the Dojo. Debbee had given him a key, so he could get in whenever it was needed. Going wild for one or two hours in the gym and his energy was burned off enough to sleep like a log at least for a few hours.


A few days later. Weekend. Saturday. The day Zeke used to sleep a bit longer than usual. But today he was jolted out of his dreams by the loud, insistently ringing of his doorbell. He groaned and tried to ignore it. But it was useless, someone seemed to be dead set on ruining his day.

Finally he dragged himself out of the bed and went to open the door. He squinted his eyes against the bright morning light.
"Debs? What the hell ... I hope it's at least an earthquake or something like this ..."

Debbee didn't even bother to answer. She pushed her way past him and entered his apartment. Zeke followed her, feeling a bit confused.
"Debs? What's wrong?"

"Did you've already watched TV this morning?"

"Ähm ... what?"
Zeke stared at her. This was weird.
"Are you okay? It's eight o'clock in the morning, Debs. Saturday. I was still sleeping, you know?"

"Turn it on!"
She reached for the remote control onto the couch table.

Zeke dropped down onto his couch and tried to get a clear head. If he didn't know it better he would have suspected that Debbee was drunk or high or maybe both together. He had never seen her like this before. It was quite simply strange.
"Debs! If this is a joke, it's a ... Oh, fuck!"

He interrupted himself and stared at the screen. ABC News Local. A special broadcast. Zeke blinked. He felt as if he was still dreaming - so strange and so familiar.

The reporter with his microphone in the hand. The young girl beside him, with shoulder-length, brown hair and glasses. The old, great buildings behind them. It had to be cold outside. Zeke could see their breath.

Finally the reporter lifted the microphone and turned to the girl.
"Well Delilah," he said.
"Can you tell us ... what do you think ... what has happened at your school lately?"

Delilah slowly brushed a strand of hair out of her face. Then she smiled directly into the camera.
"Casey is a hero," she said.
"He's saved the world!"

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