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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Wild & Untamed (37/ ???)

Hello! Good Morning! How are you?

As promised today the next "Wild&Untamed" chapter. Let's see where our boys are going to ;)

Title: Wild & Untamed (37/?)
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: R
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

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This story is written for romeny

Casey gasped for air. It was evident what was going on here. Often enough he had seen Zeke doing his dealings. Just ... it was not Zeke. It was the voice of Andrew Carter, student council president and one of the best students at school. And it didn't make sense at all.

There was no time to hide when a door was torn open and two juniors rushed out of a stall. They pushed past Casey without saying a word, looking a bit nervous.

Andrew Carter followed only a split of a second later. He carried a complacent smile onto his face which changed into a deep grin when he noticed Casey.
"Look who is there. What's up, Connor? Need something to relax?"

Casey stared at the pen he was holding out to him.
"What ... what the hell are you doing," he stammered, knowing that it was a stupid question.

Andrew Carter tried to take over Zeke's business only two days after he had disappeared. He even dared to sell Scat - Zeke's very own concept. Casey swallowed. He didn't want to think about what would happen when Zeke finally would come back to school ...

"What does it look like, huh? Come on, Connor, nothing to be ashamed of. Just take it. I'm even gonna make you a special price today, okay?"

 Casey stared at him bewildered.
"You are totally crazy, aren't you?"

"Tztztz. You better watch what you say. Maybe you will still need me one day. Now, where Zeke is not around any longer!"

"He will be back soon," Casey hissed.
"And then ... you better watch what you're doing!"

Andrew raised his eyebrows.
"Aaawww. He didn't even tell you, eh?"

Casey looked at him suspicious.

"He buzzed off and left you behind!"

Casey blinked wildly.
"Bullshit! He can't leave Herrington. He's living here ... with ... with his dad!"

"His dad give a shit about him. And finally we know the reason for it, don't we? Just tell me, Connor, what's up with your dad? What is he thinking about his faggy son?"

Casey couldn't hold back his tears any longer.
"You are such a fucking prick," he murmured and rushed out of the boys room.


As much as Casey had longed for the afternoon, he felt queasy when he turned into Bell Avenue. Zeke's house was one of the last in the street, but he noticed it at once. The GTO was not on it's usual place under the carport. And when he entered the garage he knew instantly that nothing was okay.

"He buzzed off and left you behind!"

He had tried to block out Andrew's words all over the day, but now he had to face it.

The lab was still there on its bench in the middle of the garage, but it looked strangely unused. Some of the books onto the shelves were gone. The Pratchett collection. The Kings. Zeke's favorite books. But worst of all was the empty place in the corner where Oscar's cage should be.

Casey felt numb and sank down onto the old couch. Zeke had left Herrington! Zeke had dumped him! Maybe this shouldn't shock him that much - he had known Zeke's attitude towards a coming out in Herrington. But what else could he have done? Keep the mouth shut, lean back and watch Zeke going into prison? Zeke should know that he never meant to hurt him. And to sneak away as if he had meant nothing more than one of Zeke's stupid one-night-stands ... this hurt most.

He looked up when he heard a car slowing down in front of the garage. Through the small window beside the door he could see a black van. Zeke!? He was coming to pick up his lab-stuff. It made his heart beat faster. As much as he wanted a last talk, Zeke would probably not be happy to find him here.

When the drivers door was opened he exhaled deeply. Again, it was not Zeke but Andrew Carter, together with a friend. They were laughing loud while they came over to the garage. A key was put into the lock and turned.

"What the hell," Andrew murmured.
"It's unlocked! I hope this fucker didn't change his mind."
The door was torn open and his eyes felt onto Casey who was still sitting there, unable to move.
"Connor? What on earth are you doing here? How did you come in?"

Casey narrowed his eyes.
"It's non of your business, isn't it?"

"'course it is," Andrew hissed.
"I can't stand others sneaking around in my corner!"

"Your corner? It's Zeke's garage, remember?"

Andrew shrugged.
"I give a shit about you little love nest. I'm just grabbing my stuff and you can have it back for your own in a minute. Just keep out of my business and we will get along quite well with each other! Get it?"

Casey blinked wildly when the two of them went over to the bench, starting to remove Zeke's lab setup.
"Wait! What ... what are you doing?"

Andrew rolled with his eyes.
"God, Connor, face it! Your lover-boy is moving on! But before he left Herrington he's sold me all his shit. The mags, the movies, the lab. And his little secret about Scat. Coffeinpills, huh? Fucking cool. We're gonna make a shitload of money with it!"

All Casey was able to do was sitting onto the couch and watching how all the lab stuff bit by bit disappeared into the boxes. He didn't even knew why he still stayed here. But he couldn't move. So this was the end. Zeke had given up his life in Herrington for good. He would never be back again.

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