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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Wild & Untamed ( 35/ ???)

And here we go ... the next part "Wild & Untamed" ...  oh, it feels so good to know where I want to go with this. I hope you will like it. ;)

Title: Wild & Untamed (35/?)
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: R
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Previous parts: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve /thirteen / fourteen / fifteen / sixteen / seventeen / eighteen / nineteen / twenty / twenty-one / twenty-two / twenty-three /twenty-four / twenty-five / twenty-six / twenty-seven / twenty-eight / twenty-nine /thirty / thirty-one /thirty-two / thirty-three / thirty-four /

This story is written for romeny

A/N: please remember: you should have read the last two chapter first before you go to this one ...

His father didn't want to let him go.

"You will not leave the house, understand," he insisted.
"You will stay out of this story!"

It was too much. After all what had happened during the last half an hour Casey couldn't hold back any longer.

"The fuck I will," he exploded.
"Zeke needs me! They want to arrest him for nothing! He did nothing wrong! He was together with me on Thursday. Try to stop me. Just try it and ..."

His father turned alternately red and pale. He started trembling with anger, when Mrs. Connor stepped beside Casey and put her hand onto his arm to stop him.

"Please, calm down, both of you! Casey, I know, you are wrought up, but this is no excuse to talk to your father in this way!

But, Frank, I guess, Casey is right. We don't know anything about this boy. But we know our son. When Casey says he was together with him, we should believe him. And Zeke is innocent ... at least this time. We can't let it happen that he will be punished for something he hasn't done!"


Casey was torn out of his thoughts when he suddenly heard his father's voice.
"Casey? We can go home now!"

His eyes darted from his father over to Officer Davis who was standing behind the counter now, typing something into a computer. His father was already waiting beside the main door, looking a bit impatient. Casey knew he just wanted to leave all this behind. But he couldn't go, not until he had an answer to the question which bothered him most. Though he was not sure if he would like it.

"Officer Davis? May I ask you something?"

The police officer looked up.

"What's gonna happen next?"

The question was almost inaudible. Officer Davis looked at him thoughtfully.
"With you? Probably nothing at all! Like I said: maybe we will come back to you again. But you came here voluntary to speak on the issue. If you stick to it ... we will have to accept this!"

"But Zeke! What will happen to him?"

"I can't say this just yet! But, look Casey, this is not the first time he is in an awkward position. Up to now we could never prove him anything. But this time ... there is a witness."

Casey snorted.
"Yeah, an anonymous call. But he lies! Or he has gotten something wrong. I told you! I was together with Zeke for the whole time. Does this count nothing?"

"Casey, we both know that you are hiding something. Tell me what it is and we can think it over again!"

Casey bit his lower lip. Finally he made a decision.
"I didn't lie," he murmured.
"At least not really!"

"Mhm. Should we go back to the office?"

One last look back to his father. Then he nodded.
"Yes! Yes, I think so. Sorry, dad!"

Mr. Connor frowned.
"For what?"

Casey only shrugged and followed Officer Davis back into his office. He sat down behind his desk again, observing Casey but not bothering him with questions. Casey felt uneasy, not knowing where to start. And to have his father sitting beside him again, looking a bit worried, obviously not knowing what to think about this, didn't help in the least.

"I was together with Zeke on Thursday," he finally said.
"This is the truth! But... we didn't watch a movie. Sometimes we do, but not this time!"

He could hear his father taking a deep breath, expecting the worst now. Though he didn't even come near to the truth, Casey knew this.

"We didn't do anything illegal. Never did!"
When he continued, he kept his eyes straight onto Officer Davis. It made it easier to talk to a stranger.
"It's just ... Zeke is my friend, you know!"

"You've already said this!"

"No, not like this. It's more ... like a boyfriend."

He squeezed his mouth shut, his body trembling. He had done it! Now he was not sure what to do next. The deadly silence was overwhelming. It was Officer Davis who recovered his voice first - and to Casey's surprise he didn't sound disgusted but calm and more friendly than ever before.

"So you want to tell me that Zeke likes guys? That he's gay?"

Casey shook the head.
"No, actually not. Zeke is bi. I'm gay. But this makes no difference, right? Not for you!"

"No, it's not relevant, at least not for this story! So you were together with Zeke?"

"Like I've told you before! We meet since a few weeks. Every Tuesday and every Thursday. In Zeke's garage. In secret, of course. No one knows. It's nothing you shout from the housetop, right?"

To his surprise he found a ghost of a smile sneaking over Officer Davis' face.
"I guess!"

"So, do you finally believe me? That I was with Zeke in Thursday? That he is innocent?"

"Yeah! Yes, I do. I'm sure, you wouldn't lie about this. And it makes sense. Everything makes sense now!"

With the tension falling down Casey needed all his strange to hold up. He knew what he had done. He didn't knew what would result from it.

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(Deleted comment)
Casey doesn't know what to do. All he can think is that he needs to convince Officer Davis and "save" Zeke. He can't think about the consequences ...

YEY! Go Casey!

That's an awesome, selfless reason to come out of the closet. I can't imagine his father's reaction to the news, but it's out. It's who he is. There's not much Frank can do about it. Try as he might...

And things are looking up for Zeke.

So glad you've got your story worked out. Makes life so muh easier! lol

No, Frank can't do anything against it - but I wonder if he can see it that way. But you're right: it's out now. Casey did what he need to do to "save" Zeke ...

I think Mr Connor must have fainted! That was fantastic of Casey but I'm worried of the consequences for both of them. Who accused Zeke? I wonder if Zeke is ready for his secret lover to be public knowledge. At least it may keep him out of jail! *hugs brave Casey*

Poor Mr. Connor - yes, this is a tough way to hear that your son is gay. But Casey did what he need to do. He couldn't think about consequences - for him and for Zeke. Zeke's secret is out now - I wonder, how he will deal with it?!

Wow! I can hear Casey's knees knocking from over here but good for him, he just grew up in a hurry. It'll probably floor Zeke to hear how Casey came out (in more ways than one) for him.

Yes, there was no time to think about consequences, Casey did what he need to do to save Zeke. We will see how Zeke will think about it.

Good on Casey, but we're not outta the woods yet. I don't see a Zeke that would admit to being with a guy, do you? Some guys would gladly take jail instead of saying, "Yea, I was fucking my boyfriend, what of it??" Oooh, I just don't know! He might love Casey to bits, but he's got a rep to uphold!

*hmmz in deep thought*...!!

Hmmm ... At least he "saved" him with the outing, didn't he? Zeke needs to be a bit thankful for this, don't you think so? ;)

What a brave thing for Casey to do. This could really set off a few chains of events. I'm glad you worked out where you were going with this because I can't wait to read it!

Oh yes, Casey can be sooo brave if he need to be. We all know this, don't we? I just hoe, his parents and Zeke and all the others around can see it like this too. ;)

Greatly done Casey!!
You didn't have a choice and you didn't back away! You are brilliant!! :) I hope it wouldn't get him in trouble with his father but it's great they won't have to hide anymore!
*hugs tight*

So nice to have you back here too :) Thanks for reading!

We will see where this all is going to. But it was indeed brave what Casey did.

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