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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Wild & Untamed ( 34/ ???)

As promised, the next part from "Wild & Untamed" - I know you are curious about what has happened to the boys and how things will go on ...

Title: Wild & Untamed (34?)
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: R
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

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This story is written for romeny

Since this morning, since he had come into the kitchen for breakfast. It was Saturday. On Saturdays the Connors always enjoyed their breakfast together. No exception today. Even if Casey was lost in his own thoughts and he could hardly await to go to Zeke, he wouldn't disappoint his parents.

"Morning," he said and sat down at the table towards his father.

He was already having his first cup of coffee, studying the Herrington Post. His mother was making toast and eggs. Everything was quite normal. Until Casey's eyes caught the headline in the Post.

Teen-Dealer arrested?

It was not this what let him froze. It was the picture beside the article. It was an older, blurred, black and white one. But it showed Zeke. Unmistakably Zeke. Casey gasped for air. His father looked at him over the edge of the newspaper.


Casey struggled for words.
"The Post. Can I ... can I have a look ... please?"

His father threw a pensive look at him but then passed it over to Casey without asking. He snatched it from his hand and skim-read the article. Only fractions of the text got stuck in his mind.

Well known young criminal. Dealer. Ezekiel Tyler. Thursday afternoon. He was seen at a known drug trafficing hotspot. Police got an anonymus tip. Questioning in the police office. Charge. Arrest ... Arrest ...

Casey stared at the newspaper, feeling shocked. His heart was pounding against his ribs. He could barely breath. This couldn't be! Zeke wouldn't do this. He was sure about it. He knew him. He was not a drug dealer. He - was - not ...


He finally looked up. His mom was standing beside him, with a mug of hot chocolate in her hand, looking at him worried. He just shook his head. He couldn't speak. Zeke! He needed to call him. He needed to make sure that everything was okay.

He rushed out of the kitchen and grabbed the phone. It rang ... it rang ... it rang ... He was not at home. But it was Saturday morning, only 9 o'clock. Early for Zeke. Too early to be out. So why was he not answering his phone?

Questioning in the police office. Arrest ... Arrest ... This was all Casey could think. Until it finally crossed his mind. Thursday afternoon! Relief was rushing through him. Thursday afternoon! Zeke had done nothing last thursday afternoon. Well, he had done a lot - together with him - in his garage. But it has nothing to do with drugs. Casey giggled briefly, this took a load off his mind.

Suddenly his father was standing beside him, the newspaper in the hand.
"Casey! Can you come back please and sit down? We need to talk! What is all this about? What do you have to do with this boy ... Ezekiel Tyler is his name, right? Where do you know him from?"

"Zeke," Casey murmured.
"He hates it to be called Ezekiel! I know him from school. We are sharing a few courses."

"He is still going to Herrington High? Is he not a few years older than you?"

Then realization hit him. He blinked confused. And Casey knew what would come next. He sighed inwardly. Everything he wanted, was to head to the police-station and tell them, that Zeke was innocent. That they needed to let him go. This was not the time for long explanations. He decided not to beat around the bush.

"Wait! Zeke? You mean ... this Zeke? He is the one you meet lately? Your friend?"

"Yeah! Yeah, we are friends! And we were also together last Thursday. This is all a misunderstanding!"

For a moment his dad kept quiet.
"He is the guy from your photo-club," he finally asked with disbelieve in his voice.

Casey averted his eyes and shrugged.
"This club was lame," he whispered.
"I went there only twice and then ... Yeah ... "

"And you never told us? You always meet with ... this boy ... and let us think you would go to the club?"

All Casey could do was nodding.
"Sorry," he murmured.
"I knew, you would ... I just couldn't tell you!"

His father's face darkened. He tried to stay calm, but his voice was sharper than usual.
"Why not? You've always trusted us before. What's wrong with you, Casey? It's this boy, right? Of course it is him! He made you lie to us! What else did he made you to do?"

Casey shook his head.
"It's not like this! Zeke would never force me to anything. He understands me. He let me be what I am. It feels good to be together with him. Even mom said lately he helps me to grow up."

"Oh Case!" Mrs. Connor sighed.
"When I told you, that it's good for you to have a friend, I thought about a boy from the club. A boy who shares your interests. Someone to have a bit fun with. But this boy ... this is different."

A hint of defiance shot through Casey.
"Why? I have fun with Zeke - more fun I've ever had in my life before. We share interests! We like the same movies, the same books ... So, what is so different now?"

His father tapped onto the newspaper.
"This is! It's not the first time he is mired in problems. He is well known in Herrington for his yobbish behavior. His name is linked with booze and drugs and illegal car-racing. We have every right to be worried, don't you think so?"

"No! Because most of the stories about him are not true. Zeke... he likes it to be seen this way. It makes him feel safe. But ... he is not like this. At least give him a chance, dad! You should get to know him. Talk to him and you will see ... "

"I'm not gonna talk to him," his father interrupted him.
"And you won't either. You will never meet him again outside school! I don't want you to get involved in stories like this. True or not! Are we clear?"

Casey groaned slightly. Could this day become even worse? Everything went wrong today. And it was supposed to be one of the best weekends ever. All his dreams, burst like a soap bubble. He would never go to Columbus with Zeke, they would never make a trip in a hot car he had restored, they would never go into a theater together. Never ... Never ... never ...

He felt tears welling up into his eyes and fought them back. This was not the time to cry. He would think about it later. Together with Zeke. They would find a way. But for now: First things first! He needed to go to the police station. He needed to tell them that Zeke was innocent.

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