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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Wild & Untamed ( 33/ ???)

Finally I'm back with Wild & Untamed. I hope you have not forgotten it in the meantime.  ;) I 'm so struggling with this story in the moment - and the summersmash was a good reason to give me a little rest. So much really good stories - it's almost a bit sad that it's over now. I will miss it.

But now I'm back with Wild & Untamed. Remember the last part? Casey & Zeke are planning a weekend together - with a tour in a hot car and a movie afterward. Their first date ... So, go and enjoy this part ;)

Title: Wild & Untamed (33?)
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: R
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

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This story is written for romeny

He knew, it was just a dream. Every moment the alarm would rouse him from his sleep and everything would be okay. It was weekend. Saturday. Right after breakfast he would take his bike and ride to Zeke. There was the whole weekend ahead of them. Their first weekend together.

To his surprise his parents had given their okay very quickly. His mom had smiled.
"Go ahead, Hon! Have fun! Will you stay overnight? I guess you could, if it's okay for Zeke's parents. Just be home for dinner on sunday!"

This was more than he had expected. It was nearly too good to be true. Of course he wanted to stay. Even if he felt a bit nervous about telling Zeke his surprise. What would he say? Would it really be okay for him? But then he remembered how often Zeke had told him how nice it would be if he could stay. What he would like to do with him. A whole night long ... just the two of them ... It was a breathtaking thought.


The strange voice brought him back down to earth. He rubbed his eyes, feeling exhausted and dizzy. This was not a dream. This was a nightmare. A fucking real nightmare.

"So, you want to say, you were together with Ezekiel? Thursday, for the whole afternoon? Are you sure about it?"

Casey glanced at his father who was sitting beside him stony-faced. This didn't make it easier. Once only he had seen him like this before. When he had to took him back home from the computer-camp after his first and one-time booze-and-drugs experience. Casey stared back to the polished plate onto the desk in front of him. R. Davis, police officer, he could read.

"Yeah," he murmured without looking up.

Officer Davis sighed deeply and leaned back into his chair. Casey could feel him becoming impatient. He wanted answers. Answers Casey couldn't give him. He could just tell the truth - well, the truth apart from a few special details - and no one seemed to believe him.

"Okay! Tell it once again. You met him about 4 o'clock after school. To do ... what?"

"Just hanging around. We watched a movie!"

"What movie?"

"Starwars. On video."

The officer frowned slightly.
"Don't take it amiss, Casey, but this is hardly believable. Look, Ezekiel is two years older than you. He is known as ... a wild young man. I guess he has other interests than watching movies with you.

I just wonder ... I've heard it's not always easy for you at school. You've problems with others guys. Maybe ... Casey, did Ezekiel force you to anything? Did he threaten you?"

Casey gasped briefly. This was fucking weird. He didn't know what hurt more - the prejudices against him or against Zeke. Was it that unbelievable that someone wanted to be his friend without a special reason? And Zeke threatened him? The irony made him almost laugh. The jocks at school bullied him, every day anew and no one cared. Zeke had never hurt him intentionally, not physically nor mental - and the last weeks together with him had been the best of his life. But everyone seemed to suspect that he was bad company.

"Zeke does nothing to me," he said.
"We are friends!"

The officer scrutinized him.
"Let me ask you something, Casey. Would you sell a friend out? I guess, you wouldn't! This is respectable, but sometimes ... Casey, you need to understand. What Ezekiel does is criminal. He needs help. You should tell me everything! I think we don't need to make it official then and can at least keep you out of it!"

Casey wanted to cry. This all went wrong, so fucking wrong. He knew what the officer was implying. That Zeke had already dragged him into his criminal activities. But there were non of them. They did nothing wrong. Zeke did nothing wrong. Okay, he made some money with selling stupid stuff to the dumbheads at school. But he was not a down-and-dirty dealer. He had a conscience.

He sold his booze only to the older guys. His Scat ... coffeinpills. Fucking coffeinpills, one could buy in every drugstore.

And the porn. Casey had to admit: Zeke owned quite a lot hot stuff! Stuff he had never seen before. Stuff that made him blushing ... and secretly yearning. But the magazines Zeke sold at school: harmless, vanilla shit. Casey could remember the one afternoon when Zeke had got a new bunch of magazines. How he had giggled over them. How Zeke had teased him.

"Oh, c'mon, you like it. That's the right stuff for little geeky boys!"

Casey had jumped at him, pinned him down playfully onto the couch.
"Aw, I will show you geeky boy," he had said.
Then he had sucked him ... he had taken him in greedy and deep. He knew Zeke loved it this way and he loved it too ...

Casey swallowed hard and forced himself to let this memories go. He couldn't deal with them now. The thought that he would probably never do this again ... He fought his tears back and concentrated onto his dad. The man was obviously still struggling with what Officer Davis had just said.

"I did nothing wrong, dad," Casey murmured.
"And Zeke did neither. I don't know what happened last Thursday, but he has nothing to do with it! We were together. For the whole time! I can't say anything else, because there was nothing else!"

Officer Davis huffed annoyed and stood up.
"Well, we will leave it at that for the moment!"
He turned round to Mr. Connor.
"But we need your address. Probably we will have to come back to Casey again later. Maybe you should discuss this with him at home once again and try to appeal to his conscience!"

Finally Mr. Connor took a deep breath.
"I don't think that Casey is lying," he said.
"I can't say that I'm pleased about all this, but when he says, he was together with ... this boy ... I believe him!"

For a split second Casey relaxed. It felt good to know that his parents would always back him up. But he just needed to remember this morning and he knew, his dad was not as calm as he pretended to be. He was disappointed and angry and ready to send him to the end of the world, just to keep him away from Zeke ...

But maybe this was not necessary at all. Zeke stuck up to his neck in problems. Since this morning he couldn't stop thinking permanently about the worst scenario: Zeke arrested and sent to prison ...

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