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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Wild & Untamed ( 31/ ???)

Hello F-list! I hope everyone is enjoing a wonderful summer day. Finally it's not the hot today - okay, the next heat wave is on the way, but in the moment there is a light breeze and I just enjoy it.

Time for a bit reading and writing - during the last days it was much too hot for anything. But now I'm back with

Wild & Untamed
Please make sure that you remember the last chapter, because the part starts where the last one ends with Casey and his mom talking.

Title: Wild & Untamed (31/?)
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: R
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Previous parts: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve / thirteen / fourteen / fifteen / sixteen / seventeen / eighteen / nineteen / twenty / twenty-one / twenty-two / twenty-three / twenty-four / twenty-five / twenty-six / twenty-seven / twenty-eight / twenty-nine / thirty /

This story is written for romeny

He could sense her rising fear. This was happening over and over again and she had gotten used to it. But it still left her with a feeling of helplessness. He put a hand onto her arm and squeezed it slightly.

"It's okay, Mom! I promise you, I won't risk too much. ... You know, there is someone in Columbus. I guess, she can help me to find a way!"

Now his mother looked really surprised.
"Columbus? You've a friend in Columbus? Who is it? And how could he help you?"

"She! Debbee is a girl ... a really nice one. You would like her. She is the owner of a Dojo and..."

"The owner of ... what?"

"A Dojo. It's like a sports club for Martial Art. She is good with this. She even has a black belt. And she says ..."

"Casey, Casey, wait a minute, please! I can hardly follow you. What is all this about? Who's this Debbee? I've never heard from her. Where do you know her from?"

Casey hesitated only for a short moment. He had suspected that these questions would come up. And he had already found plausible answers, answers as close as possible to the truth.

"She is an old friend of Zeke ... Zeke, you know ... this boy, who has called me lately. Two weeks ago he had to go to Columbus and he asked me to come with him.

We meet up with Debbee and I talked to her for a while. She told me about her Dojo and what she is doing there. It's not all about Martial Art, she teaches self-defense courses too. And I told her about Gabe and ... and she said she would like to help me."

"Does she know Gabe?" his mother interrupted him.

Casey shook his head.
"No! But she knows me. And she knows, Gabe is the football star of Herrington High. She can imagine ... She knows I will never be able to knock him out ... but that's not the point. It's simply a matter of standing up and saying 'no' to him. It's more about ... me ... not about Gabe ..."

His mother looked at him thoughtfully.
"Two weeks, huh? You were thinking about all this for two weeks now? And you never told us!"

"Please, don't be mad, mom," murmured Casey.
"I needed a bit time for myself. To find out what I actually want."

"And ... you did find out!"
It was not a question, more a fact.

"Yes! Yes, I want to do this, mom. I don't know exactly where it is going to, but at least I need to give it a try. Sorry, I know you are worried, but ..."
He smirked.
"I'm gonna be careful, okay?"

To his relief his mother smiled back.
"No reason to be sorry, Casey. Maybe this is a bit unexpected, but ... I guess we should have known that something would happen!"

Casey blinked.
"What do you mean?"

"You were always a loner, since you was a child. Other children were playing outside, you preferred sitting in your room, painting or reading. Later, when other boys started to meet girls, went out for a movie or to the melt shop, you stayed at home ... watching TV with us or playing Monopoly.

I admit, it is nice to have you around. But sometimes ... I've wondered if you were actually happy. I wanted you to go out too and have fun with some friends. And then you started to go to this photoclub ... it was a good decision!"

This hit him out of the blue.
"Ähm ... the photoclub?"

His mother smiled.
"Maybe it's not the club itself. But this boy ... what is his name? Zeke ... you meet him often lately, don't you?"

Casey tried to keep cool. He needed to calm down - instantly - and - geez, no! - he just could hope that she didn't recognize his blushing.
"He is ... just a friend," he finally stuttered.

"A good one!"

Casey nodded and wished she would change the subject.
"Yeah. He's not like all the others, you know!"

"I guess he isn't. You've changed since you meet him!"

"I've ... changed?"
Casey tried to breath steady and deep. Of course he had changed. Everything had changed ... since he was together with the coolest boy from school ... from Herrington ... And Zeke was more than just a friend ... Zeke meant ... all ... he was the fulfillment of his dreams and wishes ... with Zeke he could be what he was ... Zeke trusted him ... Zeke believed in him ... with Zeke he felt safe ... of course, Zeke had changed his life.

But from all he could say ... his mother couldn't know anything about this, right? Right??

"Yes, you did. You are more happy lately. So full of energy. More self-confident. And what has happened today, with Gabe and Mr.Willis. Only a few weeks ago you would have react differently. Not so angry and firmly resolved.

You're growing up. I guess, we have to accept this. Even if it means that you will try to find your own way from now on and won't share all your secrets with us anymore."
She smiled when she saw Casey swallowing.
"Don't worry, it's nothing wrong with it. You are nearly eighteen now. It's quite normal that you want to move on.

Just do never forget: If you need us, we will always be there for you. We're your parents, you know, and this will never change!"

Spontaneously Casey threw his arms around her.
"I love you, mom," he murmured.

"Love you too, hon!"

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