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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Wild & Untamed (29/ ???)

I did it!

It's much too hot during the last days!
I've vacation for at least one week - and I've decided to be ill!
I'm feeling somehow depressed!
I'm struggling with Wild and Untamed for nearly two weeks now!

But finally I did it!

I'm not sure about this chapter - I guess it's too hard for me to write this stuff - other can do it much, much better. But, well, it is like it is - here comes the next chapter - just be warned. ;)

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This story is written for romeny

Zeke turned onto his side and propped his head on his hand. He couldn't resist to smile. Casey was still struggling with the afterglow of his second climax. His chest heaved heavily, now and again he whimpered slightly. Maybe it was about time to take off the scarf and to bring him back into the real world. But for now he just wanted to watch.

He had done so much before. He had seen so much before. He was the bad boy of the town and he liked this image. It meant that everyone respected and no one bothered him. With Casey he saw the world in a different light. Like today. He had wanted it to be something special. He had wanted to say "Sorry" for everything what had happened during the last week - in his way.

Of course, it was not the first time he had played this game. Blindfold them. Bind them. Let them cry and beg for more. Sometimes he liked rough games like this. It gave him a feeling of power to have them under his control. To give in or to refuse their wishes.

Also Casey squirmed around in his arms. Probably more than others did. He was so inexperienced. He didn't know exactly what happened to him. But he always wanted more. More and more. Like today. And it was not about power or control any longer. It was just about Casey. Everything to make him feel good ...

First he had taken him upstairs, into the bathroom. When he started to unbutton Casey's shirt and brushed over his nipples casually, he could hear him breathing in sharply. Zeke smiled to himself and bent forward to steal a kiss. It was so easy to arouse him. But today he wanted more, he wanted to drive him over the edge. Carefully he led him over to the shower.

"Turn around to the wall," he murmured, while he reached for the shower head.
"Hands up!"

Casey licked his lower lip and obeyed, his body buzzing with anticipation. Zeke waited a moment, until the water was hot, before he directed the spray to Casey's neck. Then he reached for a washcloth and started to leather him. With smooth, slow movements, deep and deeper, over Casey's back up to his ass. He felt shivers running through Casey's body when he aimed the spray to his cleft. When he put the washcloth aside and started to knead his cheeks, to play with his fingers around his cleft, Casey cried out and pushed backwards. He wanted more. He wanted to feel him inside. But Zeke stopped him gently.

"Just wait, baby blue," he whispered and bent forward to kiss him.
"Just hold on a little bit, okay? And you will get whatever you want!"

He grabbed Casey's shoulders and turned him around. And he couldn't resist a smile. Casey looked so helpless ... and so hot ... with the scarf still over his eyes ... struggling for air ... trying to calm down. But his nipples were big and hard and his cock was jutting upwards, aching for attention.

Zeke gave it to him. He took up the shower head again, directed the spray over his chest, his nipples, his belly and finally his groin. When Casey was not more than a whimpering, squirming around little bit, Zeke finally turned off the shower and reached for Casey's balls. It was more a soft teasing, but Casey couldn't stand it any longer. He reared up and pushed forward.

"Zeke," he gasped.
"Please, Zeke, please ...more ... touch me. Please!"

It didn't last long. The minute Zeke turned his attention onto his cock, he threw back his head and cried out loud while white hot semen splashed over his thighs and Zeke's hands.

Still struggling with his afterglow he didn't notice Zeke grabbing the shower head again. But when the now cold water sprayed over him, he yelled in shock and nearly jumped. Zeke giggled and grabbed his arm to prevent him from slipping.

"Shut up. You've got what you wanted. Now live with the consequences!"

He ignored Casey's slight moaning and his shivering, brought the shower head back to his body, up and down, again and again, until he finally was satisfied.

"Okay, time to warm you up!"

He put a large, soft towel around him. It needed a moment until the shivering left Casey's body. Zeke pulled him into a slight kiss. Casey snuggled closer to him and sighed pleased.
"That was weird," he murmured.

Zeke chuckled.
"You think so? But it was just the foreplay! Now comes the real fun!"

Without hesitation he lifted him up onto his arms. He wouldn't give him the time to think too much. Casey giggled nervously.


"Hold still, or I'm gonna drop you," he growled, while he went through the hall over to his room, with Casey still in his arms. Carefully he laid him down onto the bed.

"Turn around. On your knees. Show me your little ass!"

Casey coughed slightly. Zeke knew how to rise the tension. Never before he had spoken to him in this way. Together with the unknown surroundings - he could just feel and smell them. And he didn't knew what Zeke was doing right now.

It needed less than a minute, to strip off all his clothes. He sneaked over to the bed and bent down to kiss Casey slightly. He jumped up in the first moment, but when he felt Zeke's skin snuggling against his own, warm and still a little bit dump from the shower, he stretched out his arms to pull him even closer. His cock was already reacting again. Zeke chuckled to himself and grabbed him by his hips to turn him around onto his stomach.

"Ready to play," he whispered into his ear.

And Casey nodded and put his head down into the pillows and his ass up for Zeke. He was all to ready for everything - he always was - he loved it, when Zeke fucked him. But today it would be different ...

Zeke crawled over him and put his lips onto his neck, the tongue came into play. Kissing and licking down Casey's spine, one hand sliding over his chest, searching for his nipples. A bit more demanding this time, with more pinching and kneading. Casey moaned, but was obviously enjoying it. The other hand reached for Casey's ass, started to stroke his cheeks.

Finally he let him go, just for a few seconds. Casey's moaning sounded disappointed, nearly desperate now. When Zeke put his lips onto his ass and started to lick and to suck him there, he gasped surprised.

Zeke kept hold of him when his tongue found Casey's cleft for the first time. It was just a soft teasing, but enough to make Casey stiffen.

Zeke squeezed him reassuring.
"Shshsh," he murmured.
"Just ... feel it..."

And he returned, going deeper this time, pulling back, sliding around the cleft. Hot breathing, wet tongue. As much as Casey whimpered and squirmed around in his grip, Zeke didn't let him go. He knew, Casey was enjoying this as much as he did ...


Zeke finally bent over and took off the scarf. Casey squeezed his eyes shut against the light of day and groaned.

"Hey. You back?"

"Don't know," murmured Casey, still struggling for air.

"Look at me!"
Zeke reached for Casey's chin and turned his head around. He giggled when he saw him blushing a bit.
"Promise me, Case, that you will never stop doing this. It's so fucking cute! After all we just have done ..."

Casey rolled his eyes.
"Oh shut up. What the hell are you doing? Trying to kill me? And how come you know how to do all this shit?"

Zeke burst out in loud laughter.
"What? Are you complaining?"

And Casey smiled briefly.
"No," he confessed.
"It was good! It's just ... I just wonder ... you know, I wonder, if there is anything you haven't done before! I mean, anything you secretly dream about, but you don't dare to do?"

Zeke kept quiet for a long time and Casey started to worry that he had said something wrong. He didn't meant harm, but maybe Zeke had got it wrong. Sometimes it was so difficult to deal with him ...


Casey stared at Zeke wide-eyed. He needed a moment to let it sink in.
"Oh! What is it?"

Zeke smiled.
"Maybe I'm gonna tell you ... one day, when I think you are ready for it!"

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