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F-Zeke Tyler giggle

Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Wild & Untamed (27/ ???)

Hello F-list! It's so quite around here, I guess everyone is out to enjoy this sunny weekend?

But I want to post the next part of "Wild & Untamed" ... I know a lot of you are waiting for it .. I just hope, it will not disappoint you ;)

Title: Wild & Untamed (27/?)
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: ähm ... NC 17 ???
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Previous parts: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve thirteen / fourteen / fifteen / sixteen / seventeen / eighteen / nineteentwenty / twenty-onetwenty-two / twenty-three twenty-four twenty-five / twenty-six /

This story is written for romeny


Casey put down the pics he just looked over and opened his door. His father was standing outside, with the phone in his hand.

"It's for you!"

Casey frowned. He couldn't guess who would call him that late in the evening. To be honest, usually no one called him, late or not, beside of his grandparents. Probably it was a simply misunderstanding.

"Who is it," he asked.

"He didn't reveal his name. Apparently one of these boys from the photo club. He says, he has forgotten to tell you something important this afternoon!" 

Casey gaped at his father, unable to think clearly, until the man thrust the phone into his hand.

"Keep it short, okay," he smiled.
"And tell your friend, that this is an exception today. It's a bit late for a call!"

Casey nodded, feeling numb.
He was just glad that his dad was already on the way back into his office, so he wouldn't notice his shaking hands. Once back in his own room he made sure that the door was closed, before he put the phone to his ear.

The chuckling on the other side was unmistakable. He dropped down onto his bed.
"Oh God," he murmured.
"Zeke? What has happened?"

"I miss you!"

Casey gasped.
"Are you totally crazy now? You've scared the shit out of me! You cannot simply call me!"

"Why not? That is what a phone is for, right?"

"But ... my parents ... and ... I ... you can't ... "

Again this smooth chuckling.
"I wanted to hear your voice!"

"This is ridiculous!"

"Tell me something!"


"Anything. What are you doing right now?"

"Working on the photoproject. Mr. Brown is going to kill me if I've not finished it till tomorrow. There are still a few more pics I must edit new. I must go on, Zeke. It's nearly 9 o'clock and I will have to go to bed soon!"

"Aww. Poor little baby-boy. Will you think of me, when you jerk off tonight?"

Casey coughed. Zeke's voice was so teasing and seducing. It never missed it's desired effect. Also now he felt the heat running through his body, right into his groin, leaving his dick hard and yearning for a real touch. For Zeke's touch, for his hands and lips and ...

Okay, he needed this to stop! Now!

"Zeke! I'm not gonna ..."

"Oh yes, you will. I know, you miss it. Tell me, Baby blue, what do you think about when you're doing it?"

Casey closed his eyes and tried to take a deep breath.
"Please, Zeke, stop it! My parents ..."

The amused giggling made him wish to be able to kill him. Right now!
"Oh! I get it. Your dad is eavesdropping at your door!"

"Of course not! But ... I don't talk about this shit! So shut up!"

"You don't? Oh, you would prefer to do it, eh? Come on, Case, tell me. Maybe we can do it together!"

Casey felt turning red. His dreams had changed since he hooked up with Zeke. They weren't as vanilla as before, sometimes even a bit kinky and rough. Zeke had taught him a lot, he hadn't even dared to think about before. But there were limits, right?

"We can't! It just ... fantasy, you know?"

"Aaaw! Hot, dark fantasies, eh? Let me help you out with one. Close your eyes and relax ...

Just you and me, Baby blue. You ... and me ... and the GTO. Somewhere outside. It's hot! Much too hot. You're sweating. You know, what I would love to do?"

Casey coughed. He was not sure, if he wanted to hear the answer.

"I would tear off your clothes and bend you over the hood. Maybe you would ask me to stop. But I wouldn't. I would pull up your legs and fuck you senseless, deep and rough. I would make you cry for more!"

"Zeke, please, stop it," Casey whimpered.

This was so hard to endure. He had leaned back onto his bed. His eyes were squeezed shut, his mouth felt dry. One hand was resting over his groin, ready to stroke his hardened shaft through the thick fabric of his denim. To tear it apart seemed to be a good idea.
"Just fantasy, Case," Zeke chuckled.
"Enjoy it! I'm not quite done yet. Because ... if you're nice, I would finally give you a good rimming!"

"A what?"

"I would clean you up. With my tongue, you know. Kissing, licking ... It's so fucking hot ... and I would love to do this. Because you have a gorgeous ass."

"Oh God!"
Casey felt dizzy. He had seen picture of it, guys doing things like this. Of course, it was a thrilling sight and it always caused exciting dreams ... but now it was so real. He could nearly feel it, Zeke's hot breath around his hole, his tongue, borrowed deep into his ass. He groaned loudly. His hand was searching for the zipper of his jeans. He needed to find relieve or he would burst right now, he was sure about it.


He stopped thunderstruck and tried to ease his breath.

"Dad," he finally managed to bring out.

"It's about time, Casey! Whatever you two have to talk about, it will have to wait till tomorrow!"

"Okay! Okay, Dad. Just one minute, okay? Please!"

"One minute, Casey! And I will come in and grab the phone!"

He heard his Dad going downstairs again and he finally let out the breath.
"Jesus fuck," he muttered.

And he heard Zeke's giggling on the other side of the phone.
"Bad timing, eh? So sorry!"

"Oh, you shut up! I hate you!"

"Aw, c'mon! You're just mad, because I know you would love it ... See you tomorrow, Baby blue. Sweet dreams!"

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Snarf! Such a deliciously bad boy! I loved Casey's squirming at the images that Zeke's sultry teasing produced. Zeke's so amused by it all, but I bet he lives up to his promise...

*rubs hands*

Bring on the yummeh!!

I love to make Casey squirming around - and I guess, Zeke like it much more ;)

OMG, I love this! Hot phone sex with parents close by... I wonder if Casey will mange to get his project finished now or if he will be too busy with a new one, lol!

Oh, and you would love to hear more about Casey's new project, huh ;)

(Deleted comment)
lol poor Casey, Mr. Brown will be not amused - but it may be worth it. Hot dream ... hmmmm ... ;)

I wanted to hear your voice

It's so sweet Zeke wanted to talk to his Baby Blue and called because Casey wouldn't have had the nerve. When Casey said it was late for a call, I cracked up to see it was only 9:00 pm; he's such a 'wittle baby. This chap is too cute, glad Zeke will help him grow up. lol

I'm glad that you like this one. Yes, in a way Casey is still a little boy, too much babied by his parents. But he will grow up - in more than one way.

HOT stuff!
I love hot stuff!
*hugs tight*

Hugs you back! Always great to see you here. I hope, you are okay.

And thanks for reading!

Sweet dreams!!! Yeah, baby!!!! That was excellent. The wicked chuckle, the purring, teasing. Zeke is enjoying himself so much but I bet half Casey's intoxication is simply because he called him. He was thinking about him, couldn't wait to hear him. Zeke is bought and sold - when is he going to realise it? I could feel Casey's adrenalin and his cute embarrassment. Wonder if Zeke will make this scorching fantasy come true?

Oh, I bet, both boys will have sweet dreams this night ;)
Thanks for reading and for your comment!

OH MAI how did I MISS this? SO glad you just posted moar so I can catch up...

"Aww. Poor little baby-boy. Will you think of me, when you jerk off tonight?" Okay, too hawt. Zeke egging on phone sex is a fave of mine. And of course, mom and dad ready to bust in and make their son brush their teeth, change into their jammies and say their prayers makes it SO so so sooo much better, lol!

Yay for Zeke! Good boy, GOOD boy!!

Oh, I needed to write this chapter, it was so much fun :)

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