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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Spiderman

Dear addie71 , I'm so so sorry that I'm late, but finally I'm here. I hope you could enjoy a wonderful birthday with your family and friends around.

Here is a little bit for you, I hope you like it at least a bit.

Title: Spiderman
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: R
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

It was Friday after school when Casey felt like trapped in a dream - and he couldn't say if it was a wonderful dream or a nightmare.

He was on the way to the bus when suddenly the black GTO seemed to appear from nowhere. His heart started to beat faster. He knew the car all to well, everyone at school knew the car. The GTO, owned by Zeke Tyler ... 

He always felt nervous when others paid attention in him. Usually this meant that he was caught again in the line of fire by the Jocks from school who only wanted to have their "fun". No one else cared about him. Definitely not Zeke Tyler.

Zeke was different from everyone he knew. Zeke was the most popular boy at school - he did all the things Casey would never dare to do. He smoked on the schoolyard although it was forbidden. In class he scribbled caricatures from the teachers into his school books instead of following the lessons. And during lunch ... Casey had seen him often enough when he sneaked into the boys room to make his dealings - and he preferred not to know exactly what it was about. The rumors he had heard were enough. Rumors about drugs, booze, faked identity cards ...

Zeke was the bad boy at school. No one who would waste a thought at Casey. Someone who caught Casey's eyes and mind again and again. Not just because he was so cool. He looked so good with his dark brown hair and his amazing eyes, which often looked a bit sad. But Casey felt butterflies in his stomach every time when he saw him smile. Butterflies, he knew, which shouldn't be there. 

"Hey, you need a ride home?"

Casey looked around searching, but no one else was around. He stopped breathing when Zeke pushed open the passenger's door.

"C'mon, Casey, get in. I won't bite your head off, promised!"


The journey came to an end all too quick. Zeke had kept quiet the whole time, but had smoked one of his aromatic smelling cigarettes. The radio had played rock music. They where rushing through the streets it felt like flying. And Casey was as close to him as he had never been before. It made him feel dizzy.

He barely recognized when Zeke stopped the GTO exactly in front of the Conner's house. It should surprise him because he had never told him his address. But he wasn't.

"That's it," Zeke finally broke the silence.
"And now it's your turn!"

Casey's heart stopped dead.
"M ... my turn? What do you mean?"

"Bell ave 20. Come by this afternoon. And don't forget your camera!"


Casey was not sure what he actually was doing here. He was standing opposite Zeke's house for nearly ten minutes now, with his heart in his mouth and trembling fingers.

"Come by this afternoon. And don't forget your camera!"

Not a request, more an order! Of course he had to come. He was curious about the meaning of all this. But in the last minute the courage had left him. He was just ready to get on his bike again and leave when the front door was opened.

"Hey, you're late! I was waiting for you for a while. Do you have the camera?"

Zeke was snippy as ever. Casey nodded.
"Yeah! What ... what do want me to shoot?"

"Come on in! I'm gonna show you!"

He was already on his way upstairs when Casey could move again. Everything was so unreal. Only halting he followed Zeke and he stopped thunderstruck in the doorway to Zeke's room.


It was nearly three times as big as his own. Two walls were covered with shelves full of books and comics. In the corner a desk with a computer. On the first sight Casey could say that it was one of the newest models. And ... an own TV, with a videorecorder and a shelf full of interesting movies ...


Casey swallowed.
"Sorry. I didn't want to be curious. It's just ..."

Zeke smiled. For the first time this afternoon he smiled his smile. Just for him!
"Nothing big! So, you ready to help me out?"

"With what?"

"Like I said, I need a few pics."

Casey frowned.
"What pics?"

"The project of biology, remember?"

Of course, he could remember.  One of Mr. Furlong ideas to make the lessons a little bit more interesting. Choose an unusual animal and observe it over two weeks. Casey had chosen the ants in the nearby wood. When he had finished the work last week, Mr. Furlong had praised him in front of the whole class for his detailed researches and first of all for the pictures he had involved into his work.

Obviously not only Mr. Furlong had liked the pics but also Zeke. This idea made him smile.

"So, you want me to take a few pics for your project? What is it about?"

"Come over here, have a look at her!"

Curious Casey followed Zeke over to the window. In front of it was a small table with a glass box on it. The ground was covered with dark earth, two green plants, some stones. But what Casey made shy away was the large, hairy spider, peering out from under the stones.

Zeke chuckled.
"She is great, isn't she?"

Casey swallowed and tried to fight his uprising panic. He had never liked spiders, not even the little ones, they all were just creepy. And this here ... this was a downright monster. Definitely he wouldn't approach her terrarium once again.

"What do you think, can you make a few close-ups? Like ... from her legs with the long hair on it. Can you capture the color of the hair? It's so shiny!"

"You want me to ... oh God! Zeke, please, I can't do that!"

Zeke looked over and narrowed his eyes.
"Why not? Don't try to tell me that you are not good enough for this!"

"I am! But ... it's not this! It's just ... I hate spiders! They freak me out!"

A wide grin spread over Zeke's face.
"This is not a simple spider, it's a Tarantula. She is smart, you know. Look, she's moving. I guess, she tries to escape from the terrarium. She did this once before. And I've no clue how she could manage it ..."

Casey whimpered slightly and he backed away a bit more in the direction of the door.
"I should go now," he murmured.
"Sorry, Zeke, I can't help you!"

Zeke giggled amused.
"She is harmless, Casey! You can even touch her if you want!"

"No, thanks!"

"Aawww, you don't know what you are missing. Put her onto your hand and she will crawl up your arm slowly. It's a fucking great feeling ... nearly better than sex!"

Zeke suddenly was standing all too near to him. His eyes sparkled hilariously. Casey felt his mouth becoming dry. He tried to understand what just happened, but it was hard to find at least one clear thought.

"Have you already done something absolutely mad in your life? Maybe it's time!"

"What ... do you mean?"

Zeke scrutinized him.

"Take your shirt off!"

"My ... what? Why?"

"Sometimes she likes to sneak into you sleeve and it's a bit hard then to find her again!"

Casey winked.
"But I don't want to do this ..."

 Again Zeke showed him his irresistible smile.
"You will like it," he whispered.

This was crazy. He didn't know why he did what Zeke wanted him to do. But he started to unbutton his shirt and slipped it down his shoulders. Though he was still wearing a thin T-Shirt he nearly felt naked. In front of Zeke who was looking at him slightly amused.

"Close your eyes," he said with a soft voice.

And Casey obeyed, feeling nervous like hell. He could hear Zeke opening the terrarium. He whispered something Casey couldn't understand. This was ridiculous. Zeke was speaking with a spider - a Tarantula - and wanted to put her onto Casey's arm? The picture of her was still there in his mind. Large, hairy, scaring. He whimpered.


Zeke was back, standing in front of him. Was the Tarantula with him? Casey was tempted to open his eyes, but Zeke stopped him.

"Don't move," he warned him.
"You scares her. Gimme your hand!"

Zeke's hand was big and warm and somehow it felt good. Nevertheless, Casey couldn't suppress a light shivering. Zeke squeezed his hand reassuringly.

"Hey, is okay! Just let it happen. Let it happen and just feel it. Are you ready?"


"Yeah," whispered Casey and stopped breathing.

The first touch was barely noticeable. He nearly backed off, but then he remembered Zeke's words. Stay calm! Don't move! Feel it!

It was a strange feeling. Soft. Tender. More like stroking. Casey's bit his lower lip to stay calm when he felt the slight movement onto his arm. But it was not unpleasant. Zeke was holding his hand, squeezing reassuring from time to time. It felt strange, but safe.

Casey started to relax. There was this gentle tickling onto his arm. Zeke had been right. It felt good. Really good. He let go the picture of the big, frightening spider.

"Like it," he heard Zeke whispering.

He smiled and nodded carefully. No rush movements. He didn't want to scare her. He didn't want to stop this.

"Mhm! I knew it!"

The touch deepened. Fingers were stroking over his arm, warm and firm, demanding for more. One hand found his neck, hold his face. A thumb was stroking over his cheek.Warm breath on his skin.

Casey groaned slightly and just let it happen. Without thinking. Just feelings. And it was so good ... so good ... When he put his arms around Zeke, he started to realize what he was doing. He opened his eyes and broke away.

"What the hell ...," he panted.

Zeke smiled again - this fucking smile Casey started to hate in this moment. His eyes stopped at the terrarium onto the small table. It was closed like it should be and the Tarantula was just sitting there - motionless. Casey gasped for air.

"Fucking prick," he yelled.
"The spider ..."

"Is a Tarantula ... and not a pet. She is interesting and really beautiful ... but that's it! You can't play around with her, Casey!"

Casey felt turning pale.
"What sort of fucking game are you playing, eh? Is it fun to humiliate me? Great done, Tyler, be proud of you!"

And he felt like the greatest idiot of the world. How the hell could he ever have believed that Zeke Tyler needed him? He grabbed his camera and all he could think was: Let's get out of here!

Zeke stopped him when he already was at the door.
"You will never get what you want, Casey, if you don't want to risk anything!"

What are you talking about," Casey asked - and in the next moment he regretted it. He was done with him, done. Zeke Tyler was the biggest asshole of the whole school. And he would never - never - again speak to him.

"About your feelings. About what you really want."
Zeke came over to him.
"You have liked it, right?"

Casey swallowed.
"I don't know what you are talking about," he murmured again.

"About this!"
Zeke bent forward, his lips touched Casey's, smooth and brief, and then it was over.
"How is this?"

Casey didn't dare to move.
"I don't know," he whispered.

Zeke used his tongue this time, to tease Casey's lips.

Casey felt dizzy. He looked at him with big eyes.
"I don't know!"

"Hey, it's okay!"
Zeke smiled and put their noses together.
"I'm gonna teach you whatever you want to know. Take your time and just let it happen. Feel it!"

And when Zeke pulled him into his arm and kissed him again, Casey answered a kiss for the first time in his life.
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