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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Wild & Untamed (24/ ???)

I know, it's high time for the next part of Wild & Untamed.

Well, it's grey and cold and raining outside ... where is the spring ??? I had to go to work today and it was not at all nice. But now I'm home and it's time for a bit fun.

Enjoy! Please, read Part 23 before, because this part starts where the last one ends. If you've read it before, I hope, you still can remember: Casey and Zeke were going to Columbus to visit Debbee ...

Title: Wild & Untamed (24/?)
Fandom: Casey / Zeke, Debbee
Rating: PG13, maybe a bit R because of language
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Previous parts: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve / thirteen / fourteen / fifteen / sixteen / seventeen / eighteen / nineteentwenty / twenty-onetwenty-two / twenty-three /

This story is written for romeny

Debbee slipped beside Casey onto the bench.
"Hey. You okay?"

"Where is Zeke?"

She nodded toward the Dojo.
"In the gym. I think, half an hour with Kenny will help him to calm down. He's a bit too stressed out."

Casey shrugged and finally looked at Debbee.
"He just doesn't listen to me," he murmured.

She chuckled slightly.
"You really have a communication problem. He has just said exactly the same about you!"

Casey snorted.
"Why the hell can't he just drop it ? It's my life! And I can cope with it! He just fuck all up!"

Debbee looked at him thoughtfully.
"He can't, Casey! Because he cares for you, he cares a lot!"

"Oh, he does? And this is, why he says such things? Has he told you about last Friday? This is how much he cares! He gives a shit! He's just interested in ..."

... fucking my ass. At the last second Casey interrupted himself. No matter how nice Debbee was, no matter how close she and Zeke seemed to be - this was nothing he should talk about. No one needed to know what his relationship with Zeke was about ... had been about? Maybe this was the end? Zeke was mad at him. He himself was mad and hurt too. And he had always known it would come to an end one day. But not so soon ... He felt tears welling up into his eyes. Shit! Unwillingly he shook his head. He just couldn't deal also with this by now.

"He did!"

Casey felt yanked out of his thoughts.

Debbee smiled slightly.
"He told me. And I can understand what it must look like for you. But... it nearly freaked him out. He just hadn't known what to do!"

"Zeke always knows what he does," Casey hissed angry.
And he knew he was unfair, because all this was not Debbee's fault. But better this than being fucking sentimental.
"It's all just about his stupid rep. I'm so fucking cool, I'm the king of the school and I give a shit about boring geeks!"

Debbee put her hand onto his arm reassuringly.
Well, what did you expect? Zeke as a knight in shining armor, ready to safe you with his sharp-edged sword?"

Casey couldn't help it. Nearly against his wishes he giggled briefly.
"I'm not a damsel in distress!"

"No, you're not! You're much to stronger!"

The mood changed again.
"Oh, stop it, I'm surely not! I'm a born loser!"

For the first time Debbee sounded a bit annoyed.
"That's bullshit! No one is born as a loser, Casey! You are what you make of yourself!"

"I am," Casey sighed.
"I always was. Already in the kindergarten the bigger guys usually snatched my new matchbox cars ... and no one cared.

You don't know them, Debbee! They are the football heroes of Herrington. Everyone likes them. Everyone respects them. They're good looking. They are strong. And me... look at me, Debbee!"

At the next moment he regretted it. He hated it if others were looking at him the way Debbee did now. He knew what they would see. Everyone saw the same lame geek. Everyone but Zeke. When Zeke looked at him, it felt different. But maybe he would never ...

"Nothing to worry about. Everything okay with you!"
Debbee winked at him.
"Let me ask you something, Casey: Gabe and the others ... are you afraid of them?"

Casey needed a moment to think about this question. Finally he shook the head.
"No, not really. It's more... I see them coming and I know what will happen next. It happens anyway - so, why should I make it worse and try to fight them off?"

"Because you can stop them, Casey. You're the only one who can do this!"
Debbee lifted her hand when Casey wanted to interrupt her.
"I know, you don't want to hear this. But listen to me, just for a moment, okay?

Zeke has brought you here because this is the only way for him to help you. Probably he could have stopped them last friday, but what would have happened later? They would have came back again. They just had to wait until he is not around any more to protect you.

It drives him crazy, Casey. You means a lot for him, do you know this? He doesn't want to hurt you. He just wants this to stop!"

Casey swallowed. A part of him wanted to believe what Debbee had just told him, but another part struggled against it.
"Yeah, for Zeke all this is quite easy. Zeke is tough. Everyone respects him. Nobody would dare to touch him. Zeke always comes off as winner!"

Debbee chuckled.
"Aww, not even Zeke is unconquerable. He is just good in hiding all his weak points. Act like the king of the world and everyone will respect you. Even the jocks. In particular the jocks.

They are strong just around the weaker ones. Those who doesn't defend themselves. That's safe, because they know they can't lose!"

"Someone like me!"

"Yes. As long as you make yourself believe that you are that weak, it will never end. But you're not, Casey! Time to realize, eh?""

Casey shrugged helplessly.
"But what can I do, Debbee? Do I look like someone who could have a chance against Gabe?"

"Do I look like I have the black belt? Do I look like a sensei in a Dojo? It's not always like it seems to be on first sight. You can learn how to change your apparent weakness into strength. Maybe you should come by one day and watch at the training. It may help you to understand better. You know, strength has not only to do with physical superiority."

"I guess, Gabe will see this different," murmured Casey.

"Well, show him that he's wrong! Let him know that you are not ready to put up with this any longer. I can't promise you anything, Casey, but if he stops to see you as the helpless victim any longer, this is already half the victory."

"I don't know if I'm ever be able to do this!"
Casey sighed.
"Sorry, Debbee!"

"For what?"

"You're trying to help me and I ... Probably Zeke is right: I am just a stubborn shit!"

"Aw, don't worry about him! Zeke finally needs to realize that he can't force you to anything. This is only about you. You must be ready to stand up ... and if you are, I will be here. Come by whenever you want. I can show you the one or the other, what might be helpful. You don't need to put it into practice. But it can't hurt to know, right?"

Casey was still looking a bit skeptical. But all what Debbee had said sounded somehow reassuring. Obviously she would not push him into any direction. She would accept, whatever his decision would be. Though she believed in him. It was a mystery for him why, but in a way it felt good.

"Oh, look who is coming!"

Casey followed Debbees look. Zeke came just out of the Dojo. Casey sighed slightly. Zeke would be a problem. He would expect an answer. An answer he couldn't give today. He needed more time to think through everything. Debbee seemed to sense his feelings.

"Hey! He will play nice. If he doesn't, just tell me," she said und winked.

Casey chuckled and already felt a bit better.
"You two ... you are really close, aren't you?"

"Oh, it was not always like that. First our relationship was a bit ... hm ... complicated. Sometimes he can be a real dickhead!"

Casey looked at her thoughtfully.
"Not really! Sometimes he just prefer to act like one! Because he feels safer this way, you know?"

Debbee just smiled.

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