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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Wild & Untamed (23/ ???)

Is anyone around here? LJ is so quiet lately.

But whatever: I'm much too late with the next part of "Wild & Untamed". It's longer than usual (don't worry, just a little bit ;) ), but I hope you will like it.

Title: Wild & Untamed (23/?)
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Previous parts: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve thirteen / fourteen / fifteen / sixteen / seventeen / eighteen / nineteentwenty / twenty-onetwenty-two /

This story is written for romeny

Casey couldn't help it. He sat on the passengers side in the GTO and he started to enjoy their ride. No matter that he still felt hurt. No matter that he still didn't know how it would go on between him and Zeke.

He felt, Zeke regretted what had happened last week. But he had to stay realistic. It would happen again. Zeke would never stick by him openly at school. He just told him again and again that it was about time for Casey to stand up for himself. This was not what he wanted to hear.

Nevertheless, it felt good, sitting beside him, rushing over the highway. He didn't know any details about Zeke's plans. He had just told him that they would go to Columbus to talk to someone. Whoever this mysterious someone was, Casey started to get curious about him. At least Zeke wouldn't hide him this time.


His mood changed when Zeke stopped the GTO in front of a big hall in a suburb of Columbus. The sign over the door could not be overlooked.

Oshino Dojo
Unifight Martial Arts
All levels

"Okay, that's it," he hissed when Zeke started to leave the car.
"Bring me back home!"

"Case ..."

"No! What about the word "no" you don't get? Stop this bullshit! No way I'm going in there! And I'm not gonna fight with Gabe! Will you fucking accept this?"

"Geez, Case, it doesn't hurt to talk to ..."
He broke off when the car door was torn open. A wide grin spread over his face when a young woman bend down to him and kissed him slightly onto his cheek.
"Hey, Debs! So glad to see you!"

She let go him and stretched her hand out to Casey.
"Hi! I'm Debbee. And you are Casey, right? Zeke has told me about you!"

Casey looked at her bewildered. He didn't know what to think about this. His eyes wandered back to the sign over the door. Unifight Martial Arts. This made sense. Zeke wanted him to stand up for himself, he wanted him to fight. But Debbee? She looked nice, with her dark, brown eyes and the funny ponytail. But she was slender and small, most likely still a little bit smaller than he was. She looked like she needed all protection of the world. Definitely not like someone who could fight with tooth and nail, like Zeke wanted him to learn to fight. It didn't make sense at all.

"Hey," he finally managed to say and he felt stupid.

Debbee just smiled.
"So, you wanna come in? It's much nicer to shoot the breeze while having a little snack!"

Zeke grinned.

"Brownies! I know what you want, hon!"

The grin deepened.
"I love you, Debs!"

"Sure you do!"

Zeke turned back to Casey, who felt even more confused. What was this between Debbee and Zeke? They were so familiar together. It was not just the flirting. Zeke liked to flirt. But this was different. It told from nearness and trust. Something Zeke normally didn't show toward others.

"You coming now? You can't miss her Brownies. They are heavenly!"

Casey narrowed his eyes when he saw Debbee walking to the front door of the Dojo. Followed by Zeke, a satisfied grin on his face.

Was it this? He wanted to give him a false sense of security with Debbee because he knew that he would never follow him voluntarily into this place? Zeke could be so stubborn. He just didn't want to accept that Casey could do nothing against Gabe and his buddys. It was like it was. It was like this since he could remember. They were big, they were strong, they were everything Casey would never be. He had learnt to live with it. And he wouldn't make things worse by starting a hopeless fight.

He startled when he felt a hand on his arm. Debbee had come back to the GTO.
"Hey! Don't worry. I'm not gonna talk you into anything, okay? It's all your choice!"


Casey looked around with big eyes. It was different from everything he had expected. Totally different. No big, dark halls. No noise. No body-odor in the air. And first of all, no guys around, at least two heads bigger than him and ready to beat him to a pulp. Everything was roomy and bright and friendly.

Debbee smiled.

Casey nodded.
"I guess. This is ... this is a Fight Club, right? But it doesn't look like one."

"Martial Art, Casey. Many people have a wrong idea of it. Combat sport, yeah - but this doesn't mean just fighting till the deadly end and knocking out all your opponents. It has nothing to do with pure violence. More than anything it's about respect and dignity. Not only for yourself. Also for your opponents!"

Casey needed a moment to think about it. Oh, Zeke was clever. He had known that Casey would like Debbee. She was nice and what she told him sounded somehow reassuring. But why they met here - in a Fight Club - a Dojo - whatever ... there must be a reason for. Even though he couldn't quite make the pieces fit. 

"Okay," he finally murmured.
"Get to the point. What are we doing here? I mean, besides of drinking coffee and eating Brownies ... By the way, they are really good!"

Zeke giggled slightly.
"Debbee is good with everything she does. Just listen to her!"

Casey glanced at Debbee curiously.
"So, what are you doing here? I mean, you and this place, this is somehow ... "

"Watch what you say!"


Debbee chuckled.
"He's just kidding you. The Dojo is my life!"

"Your life?"

Zeke grinned.
"Debbee is Oshino Dojo, Casey. And she knows more about Martial Art than anyone else I know! She can teach you whatever you want!"

Casey threw a skeptical look at Debbee. He was sure that Zeke was still kidding him. This couldn't be! Of course, Debbee was a young, smart woman but not a kind of ... fighting machine. Debbee just smiled at his surprise.

"The Dojo was the dream of my grandfather's life" she explained.
"My family lives in America for a long time, but he has always stuck to the old traditions. He didn't want them to get lost. This is why he started the Dojo.

I grew up with him, after my parents were killed in a accident when I was three years old. When I was five he started to teach me all he knows. When I was seven I participate in my first competitions.

That was it. Since then there was nothing else for me than the Dojo. Though ... my grandpa insisted that I had to complete Highschool. Last year, on my graduation day, he assigned the Dojo to me."

Caey smiled, feeling still a bit skeptical.
"This is cool," he murmured.

"She's not only taking part in the competitions. She wins. Always," Zeke added.

Debbee chuckled.
"Don't believe him. Everyone is losing from time to time. Up and down, win and loose. Nothing wrong with it!!"

Zeke just shrugged.
"So what! You're fucking good. And if anyone is able to help him with this shit it's you. You can teach him whatever he needs to know. And Gabe won't be more than dead fucking meat soon!"

Casey pulled a face and Debbee rolled her eyes.
"Zeke," she sighed.

"What? Gabe is a piece a shit. He deserves it. It's about time for Casey to give back what they've done to him all over the years. Casey is ..."

"Stop it, Zeke!"
Casey's voice suddenly sounded harsh.
"Will you please stop talking about me as if I wouldn't be here? I know what you're doing!

You bring me here, just to get to know Debbee. She looks so small and vulnerable, just like me, right? But she's not! She is strong. She can fight. She is a winner. You want me to become like her?

But I can't, Zeke! Face it! I'm not Debbee. I'm just the geek of Herrington High!"

"You don't need to be. No longer. Debbee can help you to ..."

Casey snorted annoyed.
"Debbee will not be there, Zeke. No one is there! In Herrington High it's just about me and the jocks. Gabe give a shit about rules and fair play. Gabe just wants to win at any cost. He will never give up, until I'm on my knees. And if I defend myself, it only lasts longer ... No, thanks!"

Zeke groaned and narrowed his eyes. He felt defeated and helpless - and he hated it to feel like this.
"You are such a stubborn little shit! Debs is trying to help you. But you ... you don't even make the attempt to stand up. What is this shit about, eh? What makes Gabe so special? Do you like, what he is doing to you? Is it that? Okay, then ..."

"Oh, cut it out, Zeke," Debbee hissed.

Casey had paled and stared at Zeke without saying a single word. Finally he turned to Debbee. His lower lip was trembling a bit, but his voice sounded firm.
"Sorry Debbee. I think, I need some fresh air!"

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