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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Wild & Untamed (21/ ???)

Good morning F-List! I hope everyone is okay and has calmed down a bit after the last chapter of "Wild & Untamed" ? Ready for the next part? I hope so, because ... here it is!

Title: Wild & Untamed (21/?)
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Previous parts: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve thirteen / fourteen / fifteen / sixteen / seventeen / eighteen / nineteentwenty /

This story is written for romeny 

Once again they met in the boy's room. It was Wednesday. Nearly a week since the incident in the locker room. Five days they hadn't talked. Five days Casey avoided Zeke wherever possible. Not even his usual sneaking looks, when Zeke rushed onto the parking lot in the morning. Or in class, where he was sitting just two rows in front of him. He didn't know what to do or at least to think.

And I really don't know, if I want this even longer...

The words were just slipped out. He felt hurt. He felt alone. He was mad and disappointed. But he never, never had thought about dumping him. Of course they had just a few hours. But these hours meant everything for him. Zeke had shown him a lot about himself. It was not just about being gay. It was not just the sex, though it was good, really good. It was more. It was Zeke's laughter. His sadness. His honesty. The trust he placed into him. All this was Zeke for him. Zeke was special.

And I really don't know, if I want this even longer...

He missed him. Yesterday afternoon it had been worse. He had locked himself up into his room after school, until his Mom knocked at the door.

"Casey? Everything okay?"

"Yeah ... yeah, sure. Don't worry, mom. Just working on a presentation for school ..."

There it was. Another lie. Nothing was okay. It was Tuesday. He should be with Zeke by now. He asked himself what he probably was doing in this moment. Would he wait for him? Would he miss him? Would he regret what he had done? At least a bit?

"But it's Tuesday. What about your photo club?"

Casey groaned slightly. Was it really worth it?

"That's okay, it's canceled today!"

The pictures came back. Gabe and Rafe. Beating him up. Zeke, just watching. He felt  the humiliation again, the helplessness, the loneliness. Zeke, just watching. Ignoring, uncaring prick.

And I really don't know, if I want this even longer...

Not true! He knew what he wanted. He wanted Zeke back. Not the uncaring prick from school. The real Zeke. His Zeke!

Casey squeezed his eyes shut. Zeke had been right. Damned feelings! Feelings were stupid! It was only painful.


Back to reality. Back into the boy's room. It was lunchtime. And he was alone, alone with Zeke. He had followed him. He had furiously glared at a poor junior, so that he had left the washing room head over heels. And now ...

"Can we talk?"

Casey shrugged and tried to look calmer than he felt. Zeke stepped closer. Too close. All too close. When he stretched out his hand, Casey stepped back.

"Better not, Zeke! If someone comes in ..."

"I couldn't care less!"

Casey snorted briefly.
"Okay. Then let's get out of here. Wanna go to the cafeteria? Or can we have lunch outside?"
He smirked when he felt Zeke's hesitation.
"Don't worry! I know! Better we keep our distance at school, okay?"

"Don't be mad, please. It's not like it seems to be," Zeke murmured and he didn't even dare to look at him.
"I care for you, Case, really, I do! It's just ... if they will ever figure out that there is something going on between us ... it would be like hell. For both of us. And I can't be around all the time to keep you safe ..."

"I don't know what to think about all this, Zeke. Why have you done this? Can you imagine what it felt like? It was so embarrassing. Oh yes, I know, it happens nearly every day. And no one notice it anymore. It's quite normal. I did never expect from you to protect me, but ... you were there, Zeke! You could have stopped them, at least this one time. But you ... you did ... nothing! Why the hell didn't you leave at least? This hurt most, Zeke! To know that you are around, just watching ... I didn't want you to see me like this. So weak and helpless. So fucking pathetic ..."

Zeke finally looked up.
"Don't say this! You are not! You are so smart, Casey, and so strong inside."

Casey made a grimace.
"Believe me, Gabe is gonna see this different."

"Gabe is a fool. He only sees what he wants to see. And he is strong just because you let it happen. You need to learn, Case! You need to learn to stand up for yourself. Don't count on anyone else. Never!"

"Oh yeah, sure. Did you have a look at Gabe lately?"

Zeke couldn't resist. He chuckled briefly.
"Nope! I like your ass better!"

"God, Zeke, shut up!"
Casey felt becoming red. It still worked. He loved this, his teasing, his smile, his mischievous sparkling eyes. But there was the other side of Zeke. Dark, uncaring, hard to understand. He couldn't deny it any longer. Then he got serious again. He threw a quick look to the door. Luckily it was closed and they were still alone.
"You know what I mean!"

"Yeah! You think, just because he is two heads taller than you, you don't have the slightest chance? Time to get over it, Case. You need to talk to someone!"

Casey narrowed his eyes.
"Talking? What do you mean? A damned shrink, or someone like this? No, thanks!"

"Come over today. I want you to get to know someone!"


"Don't worry, no playing around. I won't touch you if you don't want it ... I know, you think, I'm a fucking prick. Maybe you're right, but ... Case, please! Remember, I've promised to find a way to help you. I owe you! Will you coming?"

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