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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Wild & Untamed (20/ ???)

Hello F-List! Hello LJ!

Vacation is over - sunday is nearly over - but there is still time for the next part of "Wild & Untamed". I hope you enjoyed the last chapter, because this is ... well :(  ... but ... hmm ... let's get over it ... it is like it is!

Title: Wild & Untamed (20/?)
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Previous parts: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve thirteen / fourteen / fifteen / sixteen / seventeen / eighteen / nineteen /

This story is written for romeny 

The next two weeks were confusing for Zeke.

Zeke didn't believe in serious relationships. Being together for longer with only one person was going to be boring sooner or later. Or the partner demanded too much. He hated it if someone put the screws on him. He hated endless discussions about feelings he didn't feel at all. He wanted fun, this was all. So, before it got too serious it was over. He had never missed anything. Up to now!

Casey changed everything. He sneaked into his life, into his thoughts nearly unnoticed. Until it was too late. He meant a lot to him, much more than he wanted to admit. Giving him the key to the garage was only one of the stupid things he did lately.

It scared him. He tried to stay realistic. There could be no future for them. Next year everything would come to an end. Graduation - at least Casey would graduate and he would leave Herrington. He would leave Ohio. New York. San Francisco. Boston. With his grades the best colleges would be open to him.

Zeke would be left behind in Ohio. His grades were bad - of course he could do better, but he didn't care. He didn't want to go to college. His aim was Columbus. A little repair shop. Even now he spent nearly every weekend there. It was like a second home. He loved to be there, he loved to work with the cars. This was his future. But it would be a future without Casey.

Zeke knew, he should have never let it get this far. But in the moment he didn't care. He wanted be together with Casey. Casey wanted to be together with him. That was all what counted ...


Casey had taken refuge in the boys-room. His next lesson would begin soon, but he didn't care. Exhausted he closed his eyes and leaned his forehead against the cold tiles. Today it had been worse than usual. And it had nothing to do with the fact that he just had had an encounter with Gabe and his best buddy Rafe.

After lunch it was time for the art course. Casey just wanted to pick up his newest photo project when they spotted him. He saw Rafe's eyes and he knew what would happen. It was inescapable. They looked terrible bored and they wanted to have their fun.

When he took the folder out of his locker, he felt the first thump by Rafe. The folder crashed onto the floor and some photos dropped out. Before Casey could pick them up, Rafe stepped forward.

"Upps," he grinned.

Casey swallowed and stared onto his ruined photos. The work of a whole week. Mr. Brown would be pissed. He accepted no excuse when it came to an unfinished work.
"Oh fuck," he murmured.
It was like the cue they had only waited for.

"What did you say, Connor?"
He heard Rafe's question and at the same time there was the elbow in his ribs. He lost the balance and fell down on his knees.

Gabe grabbed him at his collar to pull him up again. Midway he hesitated for a second. Casey blinked... and there he was. Zeke! He was standing near to them, observing the incident. He looked at Casey, at Gabe. He shrugged and turned back to his locker.

Casey yelled when the next punches hit him. Then he gave up. He hardly felt the blows. What he felt were Zeke's eyes. He knew, he was there. He knew, he was looking. Only yesterday he had held him into his arms. Yesterday he had told him how much he liked it to be together with him. Yesterday, alone, in "their" garage. At school applied different rules. Casey knew this. Zeke had never promised anything. And he had accepted it. It was easy to accept. Because he was the only one who knew the true Zeke. The Zeke at school was just a tough fake.

Casey felt tears rushing into his eyes. He never cried. Never! But today he felt alone and humiliated like never before.


Finally his nose had stopped bleeding, but his head hurt like hell. The swelling at the back of his head was clearly noticeable. When the door to the washing room was torn open, he didn't even look up. Today it didn't matter, if someone spotted him in this state. Nothing matters.

"You okay?"

Casey startled when he heard Zeke's voice. He was definitely the last one he wanted to see now.
"What are you doing here?"

"I'm sorry!"

Casey snorted. The concerned undertone in Zeke's voice suddenly made him furious.
"Oh fuck off, Zeke! You give a shit about me."
"Not true," murmured Zeke.
"You know this isn't true!"

Probably he actually told the truth. Zeke was not the tough, unheeding guy he always pretended to be. And Casey knew his words had hurt. He didn't care. He couldn't just forget how he had felt. Lost. Embarrassed. Betrayed.
"Do I know this? So, tell me then, why didn't you stop them?"

"I couldn't, Casey."
Zeke closed his eyes and struggled for words.
"I wanted it, but ... You know, I can't! I wish, I could do anything to help you, but ..."

"Oh, shut up, Zeke," Casey interrupted him.
"Just shut up. Of yes, I know! Of course, I can understand! You have to lose a rap! Of course, Mr.King-of-the-school can't help fucking geeky Casey Connor. This is not cool enough, isn't it?"

Casey paused and struggled for air. He felt his body shaking and tears of disappointment and anger. But he wouldn't cry. Not now!
"You would have helped each one else, Zeke. Each one but me!"

When the school bell announced the end of lunch, he felt relieved. The art course would be no fun today, he knew this, but everything was better than to feel locked up here, together with Zeke. He wouldn't bear it any longer. He just wanted to leave.

"Case! Wait ..."

"I can't! Art course. Mr. Brown hates it if you're late!"

Zeke's voice was nearly a whisper now.
"Come over this afternoon, okay? I'm gonna think about it. I'm gonna find a way to help you!"

Casey stared at him, then he slowly shook the head.
"Don't forget, it's Friday. Not Tuesday. Not Thursday. Fucking Friday! We never meet on Fridays!"

Zeke frowned.
"This is bullshit, Case!"

"No, it's not! This is reality, Zeke. This is all I have. A few hours together with you on Tuesdays and Thursdays ... And I really don't know, if I want this even longer ..."

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