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Birthday-Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Wimp

I hope you will have a wonderful day. Enjoy every bit of it!

And now, this little bit is for you. I hope you like it.

Title: Wimp
a sequel to: Casey, the geek
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: PG 13
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Almost two hours Zeke had braved the storm, fought against the teeth of the wind, the interminable rain. And he felt great. All just because of Casey. Together with best friend he always felt good. All the loneliness and emptiness in his life seemed to vanish into thin air. He still couldn't grasp it how it could have happened that the school's geek had been able to sneak into his life.


He looked up, torn out of his thoughts. There he was, tousled hair, the face reddened from the cold. Casey carefully put his camera-bag on the floor beside him, then he took off the rain-drenched jacket. Even his shirt was wet and seemed to glue at his skin. He rubbed his arms to warm them up.

"Shower! A hot shower. It's cold!"

Cold, oh yes. Zeke himself was chilled to the bones too. And who was to blame for that? But he felt much too relaxed to be annoyed. He shrugged.
“Go head. Upstairs, first door on the right side."

Casey turned to the stairs, there he stopped, looking back at Zeke. His eyes were sparkling cheerfully.
"You coming?"

Wait! What? Suddenly Zeke felt great heat rushing trough his body, his mouth felt dry.
"You first,” he said and his voice sounded somehow scratchy.

“But you are shaking like a leave. You will get a cold.”

Stubborn little shit. Why couldn't he just let it rest?
"I will have a Coffee to warm up.”

Zeke turned to the kitchen-counter. Casey followed him, suddenly standing next to him, smiling wide.
"Zeke, you are a wimp,” he whispered.

All too near. Just eyes and lips. Wonderful lips. Touching his. Warm. Soft. Hot. Casey Connor was kissing him. Then it was over. Like through a haze Zeke did hear steps on the stairs. Stopping again. Whispered words.

"I'm gonna wait for you!"

revised March 2015
Tags: birthday, casey & zeke, fan fiction
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