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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Wild & Untamed (18/ ???)

Hello LJ! Hello F-List. I hope all of you can enjoy a wonderful spring day. Mine is great ... well ... vacation is always great :) There is some chore to do, but I think I won't overdue it. Step by step ;) and i enjoy the rest of my free time with reading, writing, watching movies.

Today the next part of "Wild & Untamed" (and I'm still working on your story, Honey, I promise ;) )

Title: Wild & Untamed (18/?)
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Previous parts: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve thirteen / fourteen / fifteen / sixteen / seventeen /

Casey gasped for air. He tried to think clear but it was difficult. Zeke didn't stop to kiss, to stroke, to tease him. And it felt good. His anger was gone, there was just the wish for more nearness.

He loved it, Zeke's hands, lips, tongue all over him. It always gave him the feeling to be himself. No longer the loser at school everyone pushed around, no longer the photogeek everyone laughed about. He was Casey Connor, he was Zeke's baby blue.

No matter if others could understand or not, it was nothing wrong with what they did. Zeke showed him things he never had thought about before. Things he loved. Things which let him forget time and space. He knew, there was even more. A part of him ached for more ...

But now, at this moment, his heart was in his mouth. Zeke's cock - it was a damn big one. An impressing one. He loved to suck him. But ... this was different. He had read about it. He knew the first time could be painful. What if he wouldn't like it? What if he did it wrong and Zeke wouldn't like? What if he fucked everything up?

He felt Zeke's hands searching for his zipper. His kisses were rougher, his touches more demanding than usual. It was thrilling. It was dizzying. Casey knew, he had to stop it now - or it would be too late.

"Zeke," he gasped.
"Zeke, wait, please, just a sec. We need ... I guess ... what about prep? We need condoms and lube. Don't we? We can't ..."

Zeke stopped and looked at him grinning. When he got up, Casey felt nearly disappointed. He missed his warmth and nearness. He wanted him to come back. He didn't want this to stop. He wanted ...

"Vanilla? Banana or cherry?"

Casey blinked confused.

Zeke held up three packages with condoms.
"Your choice!"

"Oh God! Did you ... you arrange all this?"

"Calm down, baby blue. It's part of my biz, remember? The whole boxes are full of this shit ... So... vanilla?"

"I hate vanilla," was all Casey could say.

Zeke threw two of the packages back into the box and came back to the couch, the condoms and a tube of lube in his hand.
"Banana then. Cherry is girl's shit. Miss Burke likes cherry!"

Casey gasped shocked.
"Miss ... You are fucking Miss Burke?"

Zeke burst out laughing.
"She is a teacher, Casey!"

Casey snorted annoyed.
"She is a fucking bitch. And she thinks you're hot!"

Zeke giggled.
"Oh, she does?"

"Everyone knows! The way she always looks at you ..."

Zeke's eyes were sparkling amused.
"Relax, okay? I would never touch her. It's just a smile now and then, a little bit flirting. I give her what she needs and she mostly keeps her eyes closed. That's the deal!"

"It's always just a deal for you, eh? And what's our deal about?"

For one moment Zeke's mischievous smile disappeared. He looked at Casey thoughtfully. Then he bent forward to kiss him - as soft as he had kissed him never before.

"No fucking deal, Case," he whispered and his voice sounded a bit raspy.
"I want you ... just because I want you. I like you! That's all!"

Casey stared at him. That's all? Zeke had just told him, that he liked him. But it was all just for fun, right? Just sex! No fucking feelings! Zeke never talked about feelings. Before he could think clearly again, Zeke pinned him down onto the couch and started to kiss him again.

"Sorry," he murmured.
"I know, this is fucking stupid. Stop it, if you can! Stop driving me crazy ..."

His hand again slipped under the fabric of Casey's unbuttoned shirt. Soft and warm, hardly noticeable. Suddenly finding one of his nipples, squeezing hard, without any warning. Casey yelped and reared up. Zeke just snickered slightly and deepened his kisses.

"Zeke, Zeke," Casey whined, when he finally bent down and started to suck and bite the sensitive flesh of Casey's nipple. He put his arms around Zeke, pulling himself up, his fingers digging into Zeke's back.

"Shut up, baby blue," Zeke snarled and held him tight.
"I know, you like it! You fucking want it! You are downright crying for more!"

His hands were greedily opening Casey's jeans, pulling them down. Casey gasped for air when Zeke bent over him and took his already hardened cock into his mouth. So good, so fucking good! Don't stop it! Don't stop ...

He stiffened, when he realized the lube in Zeke's hand. His heart was thudding with excitement, his mouth felt dry. The world was turning around. There was no time for thinking, all he knew was he wouldn't be able to stop this. Never ... never ...

"Say it!"
Zeke's voice was deep and breathless. His fingers were touching his ass now, kneading it, caressing it. He had done this before, but today it felt different. One slippery finger was playing around his hole. Casey took a deep breath. His eyes were wide open when he looked right into Zeke's. Zeke smiled slightly.

"Say it," he repeated.
"Say that you want me to fuck you!"

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