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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Wild & Untamed (16 / ???)

Good evening, LJ!  I hope all of you have had a wonderful start into this weekend. I've to go to work tomorrow again, but monday will be a day off. And today it's time for the next part of "Wild & Untamed" ... I hope, you like it :)

Title: Wild & Untamed (16/?)
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Previous parts: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve thirteen / fourteen / fifteen /

This story is for romeny

Two days later. Today Zeke was there in time, but Casey was already waiting for him, outdoors of the hut. Zeke smiled, while he pulled up the GTO beside him and opened the window.
"Hey. Get in!"

Casey blinked confused.

"Get in!"

So he hadn't got it wrong. Zeke invited him into his GTO. Wow!

Zeke smirked.
"I guess it's high time to clear a few things!"

Casey pricked up his ears and hesitated. There was something in his voice ... and in his wild sparkling eyes ...

"What? Too scared to be in a car with me," Zeke teased him.

"No, of course not!"

Nevertheless, Casey's heart was in his mouth when Zeke, right after he got into the car, made a u-turn to get back onto the street. He wondered what all this was about. What was Zeke's plan? He would go nowhere where they could be seen by others, right?

It was always most important for Zeke that no one could draw a connection between them. They came to the hut separated. They went home again separated. At school he avoided him. In former times they had shared the bleachers from time to time - Casey, to have his lunch without being bothered by the jocks, Zeke, to make a few quick dealings. Now Zeke had adjourned into the boys room and Casey had to have his lunch alone.

Last Saturday Casey bumped into him at the Mall. Casey was with his Mom to help her with her weekly shopping trip when he saw Zeke near the frozen food. He couldn't resist to wave at him  - just brief and harmless - but Zeke's eyes had darkened and he had looked nearly menacing. Casey knew, Zeke would never hurt him when they were alone - but as soon as others came into play, he became moody. The King and the Geek of Herrington High! No one would ever know about them. For the rest of the afternoon he had locked up himself into his room. It was unreasonable but it had hurt.

But nevertheless, now he sat beside him in his GTO. They were driving along small backroads. Fast - maybe a bit too fast. But Casey felt safe. He was with Zeke. Zeke would never risk to crash his baby. The smell of leather, of cigarettes and of Zeke's after shave. The radio played classic rock music - not what Casey had expected, but he liked it. Zeke kept quiet all over the time, only now and again he risked a quick glance at Casey and smiled slightly. Casey couldn't figure out what all this was about, but he enjoyed every second of their trip. He nearly wished, it would never come to an end. Driving ... just driving ... together with Zeke ... 

They stopped in front of a big, white house. Just one among all the other expensive ones in this street. All with a boat house, a great garage nearby, a well manicured garden. Lifeless houses. All windows were closed, most curtains were drawn. No sound was to hear. No music was playing. No laughing, no talking. No children were playing on the street. No one seemed to be around. Casey was not sure whether he liked what he saw. It was a rich, but lonely environment.


"Now where are we here?"

"BellAve 20!"

Casey stiffened. Bell Avenue 20. Zeke's address. Zeke had taken him home. But Zeke never took anyone home. Definitely not him. Sometimes it was so hard to understand him.
"It looks ... nice," he finally managed to say. 

Zeke was already a bit away, but he stopped now.
"That's great," he said and smirked.
"You can tell a lie without turning red! ... You coming now?"

He passed the house and turned to the garage. Casey followed him slowly. The first step into the garage and he stood thunderstruck. If he was the phpoto-geek, Zeke was the car-geek. He loved his GTO. Casey had expected to find something like his own little repair-shop ... but this ...

The garage was crammed with old furniture - shelves, cupboards, boxes, a big plush sofa. Old gardening tools were lying around, right next to it a guitar, books on a shelve. In a corner a small table with a coffeemaker and some old cups. And in the middle of the garage was placed a huge lab bench. Better equipped than the lab at school.

Casey looked around with big eyes. He was impressed - and a bit shocked. All this was fucking cool, but he didn't want to think about the meaning of it. Of course he had always known it. Zeke dealt with nearly everything what was forbidden: booze, porn, faked identity cards ... and drugs. He had known it - and he had always tried to ignore it. But this couldn't be overlooked. Zeke had an own fucking lab in his garage ...

"What is all this about?" he finally dared to ask.

"What do you think?"

Casey swallowed.
"Looks like a damned drug lab!"

Zeke grinned.


"The stuff I produce here. I call it Scat! It's good. Wanna try?"

Casey needed a moment to let it sink in. Zeke didn't deny it! He just stood there, in front of him, with a pen in his hand - a pen filled with a suspicious white powder - as if this would be the most normal thing in the world. Wanna try? And suddenly all made sense.

"I get it," he murmured.
"This is why you took me here!"


"You think, you just have to give me this shit and I will forget, who I am? I'm gonna do all you want? It was never enough for you, wasn't it? You always just wanted ... to fuck me. Do ... whatever shit! Drugs and sex.This is your world, right? But  thanks, no! I don't do this!"

For a moment Zeke felt dumbfounded, but then he started to grin.
"What? The drugs or the fucking?"

"The drugs, of course!"

Zeke's grin deepened ... and Casey felt turning red.
"Of course! Sagacious decision! You are much too smart for this shit. Not like all these dumbheads at school."

"Funny you should say that!"

"I don't use drugs. Okay, a bit weed from time to time, in a club or at a party. But that's all. The Scat? I produce it. And I make a lot of money with it. Because these jerks will never get it, that they buy just crushed coffeinpills. Harmless stuff, Case, no real drugs!"

Casey frowned.
"Coffeinpills," he repeated.

Zeke pointed at a small table nearby. A lot of blue-white boxes, labeled with 'Coffeinpills' and 'No sleep'.
"That's all! Well, almost. I mix it up with a bit other stuff. Effective enough to impress the dumbheads outside. Nothing for you. You don't need this!"

Just coffeinpills! No drugs! Casey calmed down a bit. But one question came back into his mind.
"Well, and what are we doing here then? I mean, what is with our agreement? Just a few secret meetings in the hut. No personal shit, because it's just about sex. So why did you bring me here? What the hell do you want?"

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So Casey's getting the grand tour, eh? Okay, so maybe not so grand, but... Zeke letting into his personal life... even just a little must be mystifying for Casey.

A little extra privacy perhaps?

*rubs hands together and waits with a grin*

Wait is over now ;)

Thanks for reading!

(Deleted comment)
It's not easy for Zeke to let someone into his life ... but it's Casey, isn't it?

Oh, very interesting! Can't wait to find out what Zeke has in mind.

Well, I'm so late with answering the comments ... you don't have to wait any longer. ;)

What the hell do you want?

He wants to lick you everywhere, he wants to kiss you, touch you, smell you, taste you, fuck you...

Well, he seems pretty clear to me!! ;)

Casey calmed down a bit. But one question came back into his mind. Well, what are we doing here then

It's going to take a lot of convincing for Casey to realize that Zeke really likes him. Zeke is more demonstrative while Casey is more verbal; so these two just need to mesh a bit. And Casey needs to realize that Zeke just let him into his world, bigtime.

Sweet chap babe!

I'm glad that you like this chapter. Yes, the boys are very different, it takes a bit time for both of them to understand each other. But they are on their way ...

Oooh, Zeke's bringin' him in. A big step, even if no-one knows. But the drugs--hmm. Is it wrong for me to say that I'd like to see our Casey snorting a dose, then having frantic sex with Zeke? Heeheehee! C'mon, cave in to my fantasies!! :D

;) But it's not all about sex! ... Oh, sorry, I've forgotten it, of course it is! At least for Zeke. Stupid boy! ;)

I know I haven't written a comment for quite a while XD But I have to say that I still read every chapter, but kinda short on time.
Love your story =)

So great to see you here! You really don't need to comment on every chapter, though I always like to hear from you!

I'm glad that you like the story!

Ooh, it's getting serious! Zeke took him back to Scat Central. It's a huge leap for him, letting Casey see this part of his life. He's not ashamed of it but it makes him vulnerable, putting Casey in control of this information. And it's a lonely life too, kind of sad, so it's a big emotional risk, letting him see that. Maybe he wants Casey's company in other areas now too, not just for booty calls. Excellent! Intrigued to see where they take it from here.

Yes, it's a great step for Zeke to allow Casey a look into his life.

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