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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Wild & Untamed (15 / ???)

Good morning LJ. Good morning F-List. I hope all of you can enjoy a wonderful weekend. Today I won't be around much, because a very good friend of mine is coming soon. :) So it will be a great sunday.

But first of all - a little bit for all of you - the next part of Wild & Untamed. The muse is slow but willing for more.

Here we go!

Title: Wild & Untamed (15/?)
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Previous parts: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve thirteen / fourteen /

This story is for romeny

Zeke looked at him with narrowed eyes. Casey swallowed, but he defiantly resisted to avert his eyes. Even if Zeke didn't want to hear it: He had said nothing wrong. He cared for him!

All over the years, while he had a secret crush for him, he had only seen what everyone saw. Zeke Tyler, the toughest guy at school. With the most wonderful smile, the most sparkling eyes. Living by his own with nineteen. Driving the coolest car. The heartbreaker, the secret dealer for nearly everything. The bad boy in town, the nightmare for most parents. Nearly every girl crushed for him. Nearly every guy wanted to be as cool as he was. Even the teachers respected him and overlooked the most of his antics. He could be one of the smartest guys in class - if he wanted to be. Zeke Tyler, out of reach for him!

But the picture had changed during the last three weeks. Zeke was a lot more than just a cool, goodlooking guy. Even if he insisted that this all was just about sex. He had surprised Casey, being so careful and gentle. He hadn't even tried to fuck him till now. First he was not sure what to think about this, but when he lay in his arms, all the doubts were gone. All the kisses, all the touches, all the teasing - it was so much better than he ever had supposed it.

And he was sure: it was not just about sex. Three weeks ago, during the storm, Zeke had allowed him a first look behind his shell. He had been so vulnerable and lost. Like today. Usually he didn't show it. And Casey could understand the reason for it. Guys at school used to laugh about the weaknesses of others. Zeke was cool just because no one knew about his inner feelings. No one but Casey! Zeke trusted him enough to open up a bit. And this was a fucking great feeling.

"Don't care too much!" Zeke hissed.

His voice tore Casey out of his thoughts. He looked up and smiled reassuring.
"Don't worry! I know!"


As usual Casey had left the hut first. Zeke lightened another cigarette. He needed a bit time to think about this afternoon. Everything had been different than planned. For the first time since years he had had something like a birthday celebration. All just because of this little, stubborn geek. When he looked at him with his big, blue eyes, he couldn't be mad at him any longer.

"Fine then! Let's get over this shit," he had finally given in and tried to pull him into his arms. But Casey struggled back.
"What? No birthday-kiss for me?"

"Later! First the cake!"

Zeke groaned slightly.
"You don't expect from me to blow out the candle now and to make a fucking wish, right?"

Casey's smile deepened.
"Might be fun!"

Zeke rolled his eyes.
"No way!"

And Casey had given in giggling.
"Okay. No wishes! But you should try a piece of cake. It's good. An old recipe by my grandma."

"Your what?"
Zeke looked at him confused.
"Your grandma made this?"

"No, of course not!"
Casey smirked, suddenly sounding a bit nervous.
"She's home back in Indiana. But last summer, when I visited her, she teached me how to bake. It's easy!"

Zeke coughed slightly.
"So ... you ... did this one ... for me?"

Casey felt becoming red. But he looked at him defiantly.
"Yeah! So what! Nothing big!"

Zeke had broken out in loud laughter.
"You are such a fucking geek, baby blue!"
His kiss was deep and affectionate and endless. Everything just to cover his feelings. He had made him a cake. A birthday cake! For him! No one had done this ever before. It was weird - but it felt good. For the first time today he was able to relax a bit.

Until he found the great, flat envelope beside the cake. He had stared at it and groaned secretly. Oh no, Case, please. Not you too. Not still another fucking present! All the cards, poems, photos he had already got today. Shallow, meaningless kitsch. The last he wanted was to deal with still more shit like this.

Then he saw the uneasiness, mixed with expectation, in Casey's eyes. And he decided to play along. It was not that hard, wasn't it, to fake a smile once again and to pretend surprise. And it would make Casey happy. It was so easy to make him happy.

It hit him out of the blue. Of course he knew Casey was a photo-geek. He walked around with his camera day after day and took shoots of everything which crossed his lens. Zeke did know nothing about photography. But he knew Casey was good. It was most unlikely to make it into the art course of Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown was so picky, he demanded all from his students. He rewarded the best and sent out examples of their work to the annual art exhibition in Columbus. Casey's pictures had been presented already twice.

And Delilah had chosen him as the photographer for the school magazine. Although he was seen as the biggest loser of the whole school, she wanted only him. Maybe Delilah was a bitch, but she knew what was good - and only the best was good enough for her.

He had never paid Casey's pictures any attention before. It was meaningless stuff for him - made for geeks from a geek. But this ...

Just a few snapshots of a damned car, put together into a photo collage. Just pictures? No, it was much more than this. His portraitphoto in the background was just a translucent shade. Zeke remembered the day when Casey had made it. It had been a shitty day. He was drenched with heavy rain. Stress in school. During lunch Willis had nearly caught him by doing his usual dealings in the boys room. He hadn't started to relax until he sat in his car - the radio droned, the engine whined. Driving - just driving - this was all he wanted.

Now he asked himself how Casey had succeeded in catching exactly this moment in his pic. He hadn't seen him. Luckily for him. He would have snatched this damned camera out of his hands, he would have torn the film to tatters.

And the other photos from the collage. It was his baby. Down to the last detail. In rain, in snow, in sunshine. Spotless polished, after he had spent a weekend to bring it to high gloss. Full of dust and mud, after one of his hot pursuits, hand to hand, car to car. No one had a chance against his baby ...

His baby. Captured in pictures now.

Casey kept quiet. Suddenly Zeke got the feeling that he should say something. But what? It happened only seldom that he felt speechless.
"Great," he finally murmured.

And he saw Casey smiling, with brightening eyes and rosy cheeks.
"It's nothing! Just a few shots. I thought, you would maybe like it!"

"I do! But how the hell have you done this? I mean, it's just a car! But ... this is fucking good!"

"It was easy! You have shown me what really matters!"


"Y'know, it's not so difficult to take good shoots. You just have to be a good observer. Find out what people feel and then try to catch it in your pics. I've seen you looking at the GTO. It's not just a car for you. It's ... like your best friend. Sometimes you even talk to him."

Zeke smirked.
"Hey, baby blue, I don't talk to damned cars! It's your part to do geeky shit like this, remember?"

Casey giggled.
"Yes, you do. You love this car. All I had to do was to catch this into pictures and to put them together ... Nothing big!"

Of course he wouldn't tell him anything about all the hours he had needed, about all the vain attempts, until it finally had looked "right". It was worth every minute of it.

Zeke had put his arms around him, hold him, kissed him - a lot of soft, gentle kisses on his cheeks, his chin, his nose, his eyes - finally finding his lips - ending with one deep, endless kiss.


Zeke stubbed out his cigarette and finally left the hut. Still smiling he got into the GTO and he knew: Today he had made new birthday memories. Good ones!

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