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Love you friend

Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Wild & Untamed (14 / ???)

Good morning, LJ! Good morning F-List!

I know, I'm so much behind with reading, commenting and answering comments ... but I'm writing a bit ;) So here is the next part of "Wild & Untamed"

Title: Wild & Untamed (14/?)
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: PG13 / maybe R for language
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Previous parts: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve thirteen /

This story is for romeny

Zeke sped down the streets and cursed slightly. He was running much too late. What a shitty day! What a fucking bitch!

He had got used to the fact that girls at school liked to appear out of the blue wherever he was. He dealt with them, with a smile and a few whispered promises he mostly didn't intend to keep. Every now and then it was a bit more - in the car after a movie, in a motel after clubbing. But he never took them home. He needed his space.

But sometimes, like today, they surprised him, waiting in front of his door. He had already had to deal with all the roses, poems, giggles all over the day at school. It was enough. But when he opened the front door to leave the house, she practically jumped at him - with a red rose and a big plush heart in the hand.

"Happy birthday, Zeke!"

Before he could back away, he felt her lips on his cheek. Even when he pushed her away, she had just giggled. She was one of the pushing ones, hell-bent to finally end up in his bed. Under other circumstances maybe he would have given in. He hated this day. Everything was okay to forget ...

But not today! Today was Tuesday. Tuesdays were Casey's days. Like Thursdays. For three weeks now he went to the hut after school every Tuesday and Thursday. And he wouldn't dump him today. Especially not today. He wanted him. He needed him. He would fuck him. Finally!

He could picture it. He could hear it. He could feel it. They hadn't done it before, but Casey would like it. He would cry and writhe while Zeke would pin him against the wall and finally he would beg for the fucking. And Zeke would shove his dick into his beautiful ass. Casey would love it. He had to!

Of course, Zeke knew, it would be Casey's first time. He had to be careful. He didn't want it to hurt too much. But it was okay to finally do it. He had waited long enough. Longer than ever before.

Sometimes he could hardly get it. He really enjoyed being together with Casey. He was such a cute, innocent geek. His lack of experience he made up with his curiosity. Over and over again he had surprised Zeke with his willingness to try something new. Sometimes blushing and hesitating, but always ready to more. It was Zeke who slowed it down. There was no need to rush things. He loved to spoil Casey. He couldn't take his eyes off his body when he squirmed aroud, desperately begging for more. And he liked these little, whimpering noises he always made, when Zeke stopped touching, kissing, teasing right before he was ready to climax. Forcing a look from these wonderful eyes, so great, so deep blue, so full of lust. Not till then he bent down again, for a last deep kiss to bring him to explosion.

Not today! Zeke's time had come. Today he would fuck him mindless. Zeke smiled at the very thought of it. Yes, Casey would like it. It would be great.

Afterward they would sit together yet a bit longer. He would smoke a cigarette, as usual, while Casey cuddled up to him. Afterglow-cuddle-minutes. Also this was new. Zeke usually knew to avoid them. It mostly caused questions and expectations. 'How was I?' 'When can we see us again?' 'I must tell Liza about this night, she won't believe it that we are together now.' 'Do you love me?'

But Casey kept his word. Even if Zeke was sure that he dreamed about more than he could give him, he never showed it. When they sat together afterward, it was a moment of nearness which didn't restrict him. They could talk, they could laugh, they could stay quiet. Everything was possible. And Zeke had started enjoying these minutes nearly as much as the sex.


Zeke frowned while he switched off the motor beside the little hut. No Casey! Probably he had waited for him. But Zeke was never that late. It was just because of this damned bitch who had kept him. And Casey was finally gone. He was gone! Zeke felt disappointment growing up in himself, until he saw the bicycle leaning against the side wall of the hut.

With a wide grin onto his face he opened the door ...

... and stopped thunderstruck.

Oh no! Fuck you, Connor!

One of the old container was moved into the middle of the hut. A napkin hid the ugly surface. The little cake with a candle on completed the picture. Zeke could only stare at it. 

"What the hell is this," he hissed.

He saw Casey wincing.
"It's ... it's your birthday, isn't it?" he stammered confused.

"So what! Who cares?"

"What do you mean: who cares? It's your birthday!"

Zeke shrugged.
"A day like all the others. No reason to make such a fuss!"

"But ..."
It was hard for Casey to understand. Birthdays were special days. Everyone liked them. He liked them. Of course, there were no piles of birthday cards at school, no roses and kisses. There was no big party with everyone around. But there were his parents and his grandparents. His mom would "surprise" him in the morning before school with a great breakfast. Candles. His birthday cake. Normally his dad left the house earlier than Casey, but on his birthday he would be around. He was allowed to open one of his presents before school, the others would have to wait till afternoon.

His grandparents would come. Casey loved his grandparents, especially his grandpa. He was a photo-geek like Casey and they would spend the afternoon to check out his new equipment and to talk shop.

Yes, birthdays were great. Everyone loved them ... everyone but ... Zeke. Suddenly it began to dawn on him. Zeke was alone! There was no one around to make this day special for him. No mom. No dad. No birthday hugs in the morning. No presents. Alone on his birthday. No wonder that he preferred to ignore this day.

Zeke stared at him. He could read Casey's face. He knew, he was acting unfair. Casey never meant to harm him. He stretched out his arms and pulled him up to them.
"Hey! It's okay! It's somehow cute. I'm just not used to shit like this. A birthday cake! For me! Jesus, I can barely remember the last time I had one ..."

It was a lie. He could remember. He remembered all too well. All the memories he always tried to push away, overwhelmed him. Afflicted he closed his eyes. He should be over it, but it still hurt. After all this time.

He barely noticed, when he started to talk.
"It was ... my sixth birthday ... I remember, my mom had organized a party. With a big cake ... from a confectioner ...  and balloons and she had hired a clown. Only the best for her big boy ... that's, what she called me this morning. Her big boy! 

I've got a new bicycle, a green one with a gearshift. No one I knew had such a great bike. I felt so good. I was so happy.

Everything was just perfect. But then ... my dad called. Not a big surprise. He was never at home, never mind it was my birthday or not."

Casey swallowed while Zeke kept quiet for a moment. He could feel the rising tension in him, but all he could do was to listen to him. He knew, words wouldn't make it better now.

"My mom got furious about him. But he was not there. So she yelled and cried at me ... and finally she kicked the clown out of the house. The party was over before it began. I've locked up myself in my room and refused to come out again.

This was it. A few days later she left. Without saying even a single word, without Goodbye. My dad let my feel like it was all my fault. I've never talked to her again. She still called a few times later, but I always refused to talk to her."

As if he would awake out of a dream, he stopped talking and stared at Casey. Finally he shrugged.

"Nice story, eh? These are the only fucking birthday memories I have ..."

"This is not fair," was all Casey managed to murmur, nearly inaudible.

Zeke shrugged.
"Birthdays are for people like you. For people with a fucking nice family around. No one cares about me. So what! I don't need this shit. I like it to be alone. I'm better off this way!"


Zeke frowned.
"No what?"

For a split second Casey hesitated. Maybe it was not clever. Maybe it would be better just to let it go. But he couldn't leave it at that. He just couldn't!
"No, you're not alone", he whispered.
"Not today! Because I care about you!"

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I so hate Zeke's so called mother!!!
this is heartbreaking!
*hugs *

Yeah, Zeke and his parents. I wonder if there is at least ONE story around with Zeke having nice, unproblematic parents ... hmmmm ...

Poor Zeke. Bad enough to not have normal parents to make his birthday special, but to have that kind of memory associated with his last birthday 'celebration', and at such a young age is heartbreaking. *hugs him*

I'm glad Casey told him he cared.

I think, we all are glad that Casey is so caring ... I just hope, Zeke is, too.

As much as I want Casey's admission to wake something in Zeke, I'm afraid all it will do, while he's in such a mood, is scare him off.

I guess we'll see how cruel you are ;o)

I can be cruel? To my boys? No, I can't ... hmmmm ... maybe I can ... at least a bit ;)

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, poor hurt Zeke, he needs someone who cared for him. But is he ready to accept this? Or is he just too scared to give it a try?

Ha! Little by little Casey is getting under Zeke's skin. Today he had him confessing about a painful birthday, something Zeke probably never thought he'd tell anyone about. And I like how he thought of Tues and Thurs as Casey-days. That's so sweet. And that last line?


Yeah, "poor" Zeke, no matter what he is thinking about it, he seems to start to like Casey more and more.

This was a wonderful chapter! I love how Zeke is looking forward to being with Casey in their hut. Zeke is becoming more and more connected to Casey. The cake Casey brought in was adorably wonderful. The memory Zeke had as a child...heartbreaking. Now...lets get to Birthday sex!!!!! Casey just up it to a bit of love also in that last line. *sighs* How can Zeke not fall in love.
hugs you and more! xooxox v
Happy Birthday to YOU too!!!!! Have a great year ahead. hugs again v

Thank you!
I always think it's not really writing what I'm doing, more a bit playing around, but it's fun to do ... the boys are just irresistible ;)

(Deleted comment)
Thank you for reading!
I like writing this story, though it sometimes nearly breaks my muse ;)

Catching up from my lil' break...!!

But sometimes, like today, they surprised him, waiting in front of his door. He had already had to deal with all the roses, poems, giggles all over the day at school. It was enough. But when he opened the front door to leave the house, she practically jumped at him - with a red rose and a big plush heart in the hand.

That there reminded me SO much of Trip in Virgin Suicides. I can see it! :D But as for Zeke's sad birthday-angst, oh dear. This made me pout: Birthdays are for people like you. For people with a fucking nice family around. Oh, poor sweet boy. I hope he lets Casey make him feel better.

Virgin Suicides ??? Hm, maybe it's time to watch this movie.

Oh GOD yes! Our sweet Josh is teh HAWT! :D

I really loved this. Zeke's dreaming is so full of teenage boy lust. The description of thier secret liaisons together and how Zeke lavishes so much effort to get just that look from Casey. It's beautiful. Casey's innocence is like an aphrodisiac. What a gorgeous picture as they both explore unknown territory. You can tell Zeke has never been this excited about a lover.

But then the sentimentality over the birthday recalls the falseness and pain of others. I feel so sorry for Casey, stumbling into this trap, and for Zeke, tortured by negative associations. It's so much easier for him to lose himself in an intense physical relationship than admit the possibility that there is affection between them. Will Casey's risk pay off?

Yes, I think their relationship is new for Casey and for Zeke, too. Not easy for both of them to understand the other ...

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