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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Wild & Untamed (13 / ???)

Hello LJ! Is there everyone around here? I feel still ill a bit - outside it's raining for hours now, grrr - and it's so quiet here in the moment too. Well, I started to re-read mews1945  "Family" a few days ago and this makes me feel a lot better. And I manage to write a bit more ... I've a few ideas for "Wild & Untamed" ... we will see if they work out right.

Here is the next part - I know, you are waiting for more action between the boys ;)

Title: Wild & Untamed (13/?)
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: PG13 / maybe a touch of R
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Previous parts: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve /

This story is for romeny

Again Zeke sat on the floor with his back up against one of the boxes and smoked. But this time Casey was with him. He sat between his parted knees, his head snuggled against his chest. Zeke's arm lay around Casey's chest. They kept quiet. Casey had closed his eyes and let his mind wander back.

Whatever he had expected - not this! Not these incredible mix of emotions, not a Zeke being so caring and gentle, not this feeling of warmth and safeness afterward. But one thought haunted him.

"Can I ask you something, Zeke?" he finally broke the silence.

"Okay! Let it out!"

Probably it wasn't clever. Casey was not sure if he really wanted to hear the answer. Maybe it would be better to keep this magic moment as a wonderful, unique experience in his mind. But he needed to know.

"Why do you do all this? You're not really into guys, right?"

"Who says?"

"I'm not blind, Zeke! You turn every girl's head at school ... and you fucking enjoy it."

Zeke smirked.
"What! Jealous?"

"No! Of course not! You can do, whatever you want! Just curious!"

Zeke hesitated a moment.
"I do, baby blue, I always do!

This girls-shit. I like them. Can be fun. But mostly - like today at school - it's just for show. Nothing compared with being together with a guy!"

Casey needed a moment to let this sink in. So Zeke really liked guys??? Probably he should have known it. After he had sucked him last week. Zeke had enjoyed it! And today. He was so experienced and self-assured. He knew exactly what to do to satisfy Casey. He had already done this before!

Casey swallowed. The thought, Zeke, being together with a guy, another guy than him, was strange.

Zeke's giggling tore him out of his thoughts.
"Aw, c'mon baby blue, this shouldn't shock you that much!"

"I'm not," Casey said.
"It's just a bit surprising ... At school, there are always the girls around you. I've never seen you together with a guy. At least not like this!"

Zeke snorted and rolled his eyes.
"Geez, Casey, I'm bi, but not stupid! Making out with a guy in Herrington? Never! I'm going to a club in Columbus now and then. Nothing serious, just a little bit fun for one night."

Casey blinked.
"But... you... we... You are together with me!"

Together! This word set off all alarm bells in Zeke's mind. It sounded too much like nearness, responsibility, relationship. It sounded like complications.

Oh fuck!

He should have known it better! This was why he loved a quick, uncomplicated fuck in Columbus. When it was over, it was over. And he never needed to meet the guy again.

With Casey everything was different. He saw him at school every day. This little, fucking geek with these amazing blue eyes. He had to admit, that he was fascinated by him. But this was the problem. Casey was not as shallow as all the others. He looked behind the things and tried to understand. If Casey got involved with someone it meant something. At least in his eyes!

He had to put an end to this before things became worse. Now!

"Just forget it, Connor! We are not together, okay? We didn't even have proper sex!"

He felt Casey wincing in his arms and he knew that his cold words had hurt. Shit! His stomach felt tied up in knots. He hadn't wanted the afternoon to end like this. Being together with Casey. It was not new just for Casey, it was new him, too. He had never really cared for someone before. But he somehow did for him.

It had been no stupid fucking around. Just to hold him, to touch him. To see, to hear, to feel even his slightest reaction. His squirming around, his moaning, his soft cries, his eyes going big and bigger. It had felt good. It had meant something. He had enjoyed it. He knew, he liked it all too much ... and it had to stop.

But he didn't want it to end in this way. He tried to pull him back into his arms. Casey roughly pushed his hands away.

"You can stop now, Zeke! I get it! I just hope, you got what you wanted. Enjoy it ... but leave me the fuck alone!"

Zeke swallowed and loosened his arms. Yes, it was better to let him go, no matter how he felt about it. Better for both of them.

Casey struggled himself free out of the blanket. He felt Zeke's look resting on him and in spite of the warmth of this summer evening he started to tremble. Only a short time ago it had felt so good and right, laying in Zeke's arms, naked, feeling his kisses and more. Now he just felt embarrassed, angry and sad at the same time ...

As fast as possible he slipped back into his Jeans, put his sneakers on. He just wanted to leave all this behind him. And forget this afternoon, this hut and all the confusing feelings Zeke had awoken in him. But when he was ready to leave, Zeke stepped into his way.

"Case ..."

He wanted to ignore him. But there was this desperate undertone in his voice.

"Case, please ..."


"What the hell have you expected? Me, head over heels in love with you? Being together forever? This is romantic bullshit, Casey. It never works like this. It's always just about fun! Sex is fun.That's all!"

Casey swallowed. A part of him just wanted to pull him back into his arms and tell him that everything would be okay. But it wasn't okay. After all what they had done, his rough words had hurt too much.

"But it was no sex, remember," he snapped.
"It means less than nothing for you!"

Zeke pulled a face.
"Sorry," he murmured.
"It was fun, right? You wanted it and you liked it! Didn't you?"

"Oh fuck, Zeke! Don't worry about me. I will get over it!"
Casey hesitated one moment longer before he shrugged and added a bit calmer:
"I would do it again, okay. Any time! Because it was fucking great ... and you know this."

Zeke felt relief rushing through him. Of course, Casey felt angry and disappointed. But maybe it was not that bad. Maybe there was still a chance...

"Can we leave it at that," he asked.
"You and me ... we both could have a lot more fun together, you know. You just have to stay a bit more realistic.

No big friends, Casey! No hanging around at the weekends. No movies, no clubs, no whatever. No one will ever know about us. No ... one! One word and it will be out and over!

And don't expect so fucking much from me. I won't promise you anything. It will always be just a here and now. Not more! Get it?"

Casey took a deep breath. This was not what he always had dreamed about. But he knew, his dreams were much too romantic. Zeke was not like this. Zeke didn't want to be trapped in a serious relationship. But Zeke could give him a lot. He had felt it this afternoon. Even if he always tried to act like the tough guy - he could be caring and giving. He hadn't pushed him further he was ready to go. But if he wanted it, there would be more ... much more.

Casey knew he had to make a decision. He could take, what Zeke was ready to give. Or he could leave the hut now ... with nothing but a few memories.



"Okay! I get it! Just for fun. And it means nothing serious."

Zeke's grin deepened. He wouldn't lose him. Not today. He wouldn't think about it now why this felt so fucking good. He wouldn't lose him. This was all what counted for the moment. His arms looped around Casey's body, he pulled him close and kissed him slightly.

"That's my baby blue!" he murmured.
"I'm gonna show you heaven on earth, promised. And ... it means something. Whatsoever!"

Then he bent forward to deepen their kiss.

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