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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Wild & Untamed (12 / ???)

Hello F-List! I hope everyone is feeling better than me. I'm feeling so sick today with an upset stomach. God, I hate this! :(

But whatever: I will survive! Back to a bit fun.

Did anyone remember my story "Wild and Untamed" ???  It's sooo long ago ... sigh ... don't know why, but I'm in a terrible writing mood. I so want to write - but the more I want it, the less the muse is willing. But finally I managed it to write the next part ... I hope, you will like it.

Title: Wild & Untamed (12/?)
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: NC 17
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Previous parts: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven /

This story is for romeny

In spite of all circumstances Casey liked school. At least normally! Today the hours went on and on like bubble gum. He was just glad that he hadn't to share classes with Zeke today. Though he usually loved to observe him.

The way he used to lean back on his chair, stretching out his arms. The way he always painted little caricatures onto the table in front of him, instead of writing formulas or  vocabs into his notebook. His "What price the world" smile he had for the teachers if they caught him red-handed by doing so.

Zeke was cool. Zeke was rightly the coolest boy of the whole school. Zeke would meet him after school ... Casey's heart beat faster at the very thought of it. No, he was glad that he hadn't to sit next to him in class this morning.

Things changed at lunch time.

As usual Casey was on the way to the bleachers when he saw him crossing the hall. Two girls, probably juniors, squeezed giggling against the wall to let him by. Geez! Casey made a grimace. He couldn't understand, why every girl turned into in a stupid, blushing mess if Zeke was nearby.

Hrm - maybe he understood it all too well. He understood when he saw Zeke stopping and turning around to them, with this irresistible smile onto his lips. When he bent even closer, until his nose nearly touched theirs. Casey couldn't understand what he whispered. But he could see one of the girls blushing, he could hear him chuckling.

Casey swallowed. This was the Zeke everyone knew. The Zeke, who enjoyed to stand in the center of all. The Zeke, every girl's secret dream. Casey's stupid, secret dream!

Suddenly Zeke looked up. Their eyes met, Casey could see the slightly amused glint in Zeke's. As if he could read his mind. He felt like a fucking geek. Head over heels he turned round and ran away, back to the boy's room. He locked himself up in a stall til the end of lunch.


Zeke smiled and pulled Casey down onto the blanket on the floor. He could feel him struggling slightly against his grip.

"Hey, baby blue," he said.
"Where is the curious, little boy from last week, ready for everything?"

Casey bit his lower lip.
"We don't have to do this, Zeke," he murmured.
"I mean ... you don't owe me anything. Let's forget it, okay?"

Once again he asked himself what the hell he was thinking. After the incident at school he had decided not to come here. It was a stupid idea. Zeke was obviously just kidding with him. But finally his curiosity had won. At least a quick ride past the hut, just to see if Zeke's GTO would be there ...

It had been there. And Zeke was there. He leaned casually against the hood of his beloved car and smoked. When he saw Casey coming down the way, a wide grin spread over his face. Almost as if he would be glad to see him.

"Hey," he had said.
"There you are!"

Then he had stubbed out the cigarette, had taken the blanket out of the GTO and without saying another word he had disappeared into the hut. Casey followed him ...

"Well, why have you come here then?"

Casey wasn't able to answer when he felt Zeke's thumb onto his face, caressing his cheeks, his lips. His eyes slightly narrowed, searching for eye-contact. He smiled. Such a wonderful, intense Zeke-smile. Casey swallowed. All his doubts melted within a few seconds. Zeke's finger slid deeper and deeper, over his jaw up to his chest. He kept his eyes locked on his, when he started to unbutton Casey's shirt.

One hand found it's way under the fabric. Warm, firm finger on his skin. Squeezing, circling, searching. Casey startled when a thumb crossed one of his nipples. The sensitive flesh was reacting immediately, ready for more. Zeke paused for a moment, slightly increasing the pressure. He smiled when Casey whimpered softly.

Slowly he bent forward to peck him onto the mouth.
"Not good, Casey," he whispered.

Casey's eyes flickered while Zeke's stroking became more and more firm and determined.
"What?" he finally managed to ask.

"Don't stop breathing. Just calm down, okay? We're not gonna do anything you don't want. Just tell me to stop!"

The answer came quick and without thinking. He didn't want this to stop. It felt gorgeous. And if Zeke was ready for it, he was it too. At least he was sure about it, as long as Zeke was just caressing him. And he was sure when he bent over him and started to kiss his chest, to tease with his tongue. He closed the eyes and let it happen. It felt so good ... so good ... so good ... Better than he it had ever pictured it. He wanted more ... more ... more ...

The insecurity returned when Zeke pulled him even closer, when their groins met. Through the thick fabric of their Jeans he could feel Zeke's hard shaft and he knew, his own shaft was swollen too.

He remembered Zeke's body all too well. Zeke was well built. He had muscles. His skin was sun-tanned. And his cock ... it was big and long and just wonderful. It had felt so good to take it into his mouth, to lick and to suck.

Zeke's fingers reached for the zipper of his Denim. Casey stiffened.

He knew his own body. He was not built well. He was too small and too skinny. He had no muscles because he hated sports. His skin was not tanned because he never went outside without a shirt, not even on the hottest summer days.

"Do we really have to do this?"

Zeke stopped and looked at him questioningly.

"I mean ... maybe ... I don't have to take it off ... You ... I think ..."

Casey broke off. He knew, he sounded like the most stupid dork ever. But Zeke just looked at him with an unexpectedly warm smile.

"Well, it makes things a bit more comfortable, you know. And, moreover ... you still have to go home later in your Jeans, right?"

Casey blushed. To be honest, he hadn't waste even a single thought on the fact that he finally had to go home again. He was here, in the hut. Alone with Zeke. With the guy he had always dreamed about. Doing things he had always thought he would never do ...

"Oh!... Yeah..."

Unable to do it by himself he let Zeke strip him off. Finally he felt the air on his naked skin. Casey breathed in deeply when Zeke lowered a hand over his cock and his balls.

Once again Zeke searched for eye-contact.
"Fucking cute," he said and chuckled slightly.

Casey licked his lips and relaxed a bit. Cute! This was really the last he had expected by Zeke. But it sounded nice. And - to be honest - he liked his cock too. Maybe it was not as big as Zeke's, but he knew, there was no need to hide it, especially not today.

Casey guessed that he never had such an erection before, as at that moment, when Zeke bent over him, when he closed his lips around it and started to tease with his amazing tongue. His mind stopped. Everything stopped. He groaned. He cried. He squirmed around and jerked forward for more contact. His whole body seemed to be ablaze. Whatever he usually felt - at home in his bed, jerking off to hot fantasies - it was nothing compared with the feelings Zeke aroused in him now ...

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