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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Wild & Untamed (11 / ???)

Good morning LJ! Good Morning F-List! I hope everyone will enjoy a wonderful weekend.

I'm in the mood for a bit more "Wild & Untamed" today ... maybe you would like to follow me? ;)

Title: Wild & Untamed (11/?)
Fandom: Casey / Mrs. Connor / only mention of Zeke
Rating: PG 13 / maybe a touch of R
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Previous parts: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten /

This story is for romeny

Thank god it was Thursday.

Casey was glad that the waiting finally had come to an end. For days he had considered all the pros and cons. Again and again ...

He was not sure what to think about Zeke's "offer". Probably he was just kidding with him. Probably he would just laugh at him that he had taken this serious. It would be embarrassing and it would hurt. No, he wouldn't make a fool out of himself. He wouldn't go to the hut again. Never again!

But so much had already happened between them that he would never have thought possible.Yes, Zeke had teased him, but he had never become mean. When he was in the hut with him, he felt so safe, he had never felt with anyone else before. Maybe he should risk it. It was about time to risk something in his life. What could he already lose?

When he went to bed at night, he dared to dream. He thought back to the moments when he had sucked Zeke. Blurred, but exciting memories. He could remember  his warmth, his groaning, his smell. He tried to imagine how it would feel when Zeke would do the same for him.

His hand slid over his own cock, stroked and pressed it softly. Zeke's lips around it, warm, soft ... It was hard to fight back a telltale loud groaning while he jerked off fiercely. Later he was just laying there with closed eyes and tried to recover his breath. Fuck! It would be great, he knew it. He wanted it!


Casey was startled out of his thoughts by his mother's concerned voice.
“Casey? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing at all,“ he murmured and got up from the breakfast table to tuck his lunch into his schoolbag.

“You are so restless today!“
His mother looked at him thoughtfully.
“It's something at school, right? These boys again? You must tell us, Casey! We could ...”

Casey sighed. Oh no! Not this today! They had already discussed it all to often before. Casey knew, his parents would always stick by him - but he also knew, every effort by them to help him would make things even worse. His Dad had suggested once to change school but he didn't want this either. Other school - other Jocks! He was Casey Connor, the geek, the loser in every school. He had learned to accept this fact long time ago.

No, the jocks at school weren't his problem, at least not today.

“Naw, it's okay, Mom,” he interrupted her.
“They leave alone me! It's just ... I really have to go now, Mom! I'm running late!”

Casey heard that she was not totally convinced, but she tried to smile at him.
“Just a sec, Casey. I could give you a ride home from school this afternoon. I've a doctor's appointment, the school is right on my way!”

Casey groaned secretly. This was really the last he needed. His Mom seemed to understand and nodded.
“It's okay, I get it! Probably a silly idea. It’s not ... if your mom give you a ride home, huh?"

Casey felt becoming red.
“It's not this, Mom,” he murmured.
“It's just ... I'm gonna go to school by bike today. After school I wanna meet with one of the other boys ... from the photo club. There ... there is this new project we are working on, y'know. We have to try out a few things!”

Her face brightened and Casey could read all her feelings onto it. He had no real friends. He had his books, his PC, his camera. Mostly he was just by himself. It was okay, but he knew, his mom wanted him to go out now and then and just to have fun. She was glad to hear about this new friend.

“I knew it! This photo club is good for you!”

Casey swallowed. The club had been her idea. He had visited it only twice before he had given up. It was worse than he had suspected it would be. The so-called leader of  the club was an ignorant wannabe with no clue about photography, even if he was somehow cute, at least in the eyes of the other club-members, mostly giggling, stupid girls, more interested in ogle with him then in learning how to take good photos.

Casey was not unhappy about this. He was used to take his photos just by himself and he liked it this way. But he had never had the heart to tell her mother. So now the club could be used as a camouflage for his meeting with Zeke.

“You think, you will be back for dinner?”

Casey cringed inwardly. This was the part he hated most. Normally there was no need to lie to his Mom. He could tell her everything. But today ...

He felt even worse when he answered:
“Don't know! Would it ... would it be okay if I come back a bit later?”

“Sure it is, Honey! Just have fun ... and, please, call, if it will be too late!”

"Thanks, mom!"
Head over heels he left the house. He just hoped it would be worth it.

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