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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Wild & Untamed 9 / ???

Hello, LJ!
Hello F-List!

I'm back again!

Well, I never was gone, just a little bit quiet. Over the weekend a good friend visited me and we went to Hannover to a Concert of The Tolkien Ensemble. I've seen them twice before (the first one with Christopher Lee as the speaker - wow - this was great) - but they are always good.

It's the setting of the poems in Tolkien's LotR. They did all the poems - but of course they don't play all in the Concert. It's mixed with the music of Howard Shore and with a few new songs (Caspar Reiff, the leader of the Tolkien Ensemble, wrote a "Hobbit-Musical" last year and two songs are in the concert, too. I love them and I'm really curios to see the whole musical one day). Yes, I know, this mix sounds a bit strange, but it's really great done.

One of my favorite songs is Sam's song in the orctower ... ... (you can find more videos of the Tolkien ensemble on YT if you're interested)

Well, it was a great weekend - but the start in the new week was a bit stressing. Private shit, better don't ask, just a few problems with my son :(

But now, back to the more important things.  Back to ... Wild & Untamed  :)  It's time for the next chapter. Sorry for being a bit late!

Title: Wild & Untamed (9/?)
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: R ??? - maybe NC 17 ???  
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Previous parts: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight /

This story is for romeny , as ever ( I hope, you like this part ;) )

It was over. Zeke leaned back against one of the boxes in the shed and he tried to breath again. To find a way back into reality. To understand what had just happened.

Casey had sucked him. No! It had been more than this. Much more. His words had taken him aback: “Will you shut the fuck up, when I'm gonna do it?”

Zeke could only stare at him. He held his breath, when Casey touched him first. It was just a light, unsure touch. Minutes passed until he started to open his belt first and then unzipped his denims with trembling hands. Warm, soft fingers stroking over his already hardened cock.

Casey kept quiet, but Zeke heard him sucking in the air. He finally looked up. With these amazing big blue eyes. Never before he had seen such a determined glance in them.

Zeke swallowed. This was definitely going too far. He knew he should end it now. Yes, he had played a bit. He had flirted, he had teased. He had done what he always did. He wanted to stay safe. He wanted to pull the strings. No feelings, no talking shit. Just being together with Casey. He had to admit, he enjoyed his presence. This little geek was so different from all others he knew. He was honest, he was amusing ... and he was somehow cute.

Zeke met with guys from time to time and he prefered the more experienced ones. One beer or two in the club, a bit chatting and then up to the little motel room he always booked whenever he was in Columbus over the weekend for a bit fun. It was just sex. No stupid feelings, no romantic shit. Everyone knew what to expect from this. Mostly it was just a one night stand, only seldom he met one of the guys twice.

He always had liked it this way. Up to now. Up to Casey! Casey was one of the most inexperienced, most insecure boys he had ever met. He was nearly eighteen and he hadn't even kissed before. But he had balls. Zeke had liked it to tease him, he had liked make him blushing and squirming around. But he had not freaked out.

“Will you shut the fuck up, when I'm gonna do it?”

Casey's hand, slowly sneaking under the wrist of his boxers. Zeke groaned slightly. Fuck! He never intended it to go so far. It was only a joke ...

“Case ... “ he tried to stop him.

Casey locked on to his gaze. He kept quiet for a moment, then his eyes started to sparkle deviously.

“Shut up, Zeke,” he hissed.
“Just shut up!”

He had closed his eyes and let it happen.


Casey's head was reeling. The last hour felt like a dream. Wonderful, but  unbelievable. He had done what he always had wanted to do, without thinking about it. It had felt better than he had fancied it in his dreams. He had sucked Zeke Tyler. Oh God ...

He asked himself what the hell was gotten into him. Of course, Zeke had teased him, but he should have remembered. It was the storm, which made him saying things he didn't mean. Zeke was not gay. Of course not! And he had taken advantage of his situation.

He had sucked him. He had dreamed about it, but he had never done something like this before. But he had enjoyed every minute of it. Even if he didn't know exactly what to do, it felt right.

First, when he started to realize what he was going to do, it nearly freaked him out. But Zeke had made it easy for him. He had given him all time he needed. It didn't last long and he learned how to use his lips, his tongue, his hands. It was hot! It was perfect! Zeke was perfect! The way he throw his head back. His deep moaning, his muffled cries. As if he had been waiting for Casey all along. Just perfect! Casey had wished that it would never stop again.

But of course it did. Zeke's orgasm came so unexpected and violent. It nearly shocked Casey and brought him back into reality. He had sucked a guy! He had sucked Zeke Tyler! Zeke hadn't spoken any word since then. And Casey felt torn between exaltation and remorse ...

His voice trembled when he finally dared to break the silence.
“Are you okay?”

Zeke blinked.

Casey bit his lower lip.
“I'm sorry!”

“Sorry for what?”

"For doing this! It was not fair!"

Zeke shrugged. Stay cool, Tyler, just cool. This is the only thing you can do. Everything is okay! You have forced him into nothing. He has done everything willingly ... and he has enjoyed it ... he did, right???

“Oh, stop it, Connor! Don't get dramatic, okay? You are gay, baby blue. And you wanted to do it. So what! Have you ever done it before?“

Casey felt his face getting red and made a grimace. This was stupid, after all he just had done. And he shook his head, avoiding Zeke’s eyes.

“And? How was is?”

"I don't know," Casey murmured.
 He didn't wanted to talk about this any longer. But it felt as if he owed Zeke at least an honest answer.
“It was ...  it was ... good, I guess. Hot! You ... were hot! But ... you didn't actually wanted it, right? You're not into this.”

Zeke felt relief rushing through him. He had liked it! He had liked it! This was all he needed to know for the moment. A slight grin spread over his face.

“Don't worry about me,” he said.
“I never do what I don't wanna do. It was quite nice!”

Casey stiffened. Nice? He called this: nice? Quite nice???  He had expected him being angry, maybe laughing about him, but calling this nice??? Nice sounded somehow lame, pathetic ... It hadn't been nice!

“It was nice?” he repeated.

“It was damn nice!”
When Casey didn't stop frowning, Zeke chuckled.
“Geez, Connor! You were here, right? I nearly exploded. Was this not a sufficient answer? It felt great, okay? You gave me a fucking good time! Happy now? Do you wanted to hear this?”

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