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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Wild & Untamed (8/??? )

Good morning F-List! I hope, all of you will have a wonderful start in a much more wonderful week.

And now: More about my wild boys ;) I hope, you like it!

Title: Wild & Untamed (8/?)
Fandom: Casey / Zeke (no pairing)
Rating: R 
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Previous parts: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven /

This story is for romeny

His embrace was soft, his fingers were stroking Casey's cheek. Casey held his breath and felt so helpless like never before. He didn’t know what to think about all this. He didn’t even know if he wanted to defend himself against this embrace. It was not right, but it felt so good.

Zeke's arms, holding him. Zeke's warm breath on his skin. Zeke's lips, softly touching his ear, his cheeks, his neck. Finally finding his lips.

Zeke... Zeke... Zeke... It was a dream. It was real!

“Do you like me, kissing you?”

It was like a rude awaking. Casey coughed and struggled himself free. Breathless he stared at Zeke. What did he actually knew?

For years he had secretly crushed for Deliah. Del was pretty, Del was smart, Del was the girl most guys at school were dreaming about. So did Casey ... up to this day two years ago when he noticed Zeke Tyler for the very first time. He got out of his GTO with his usual “fuck off, man” smile onto his lips and it blew Casey away out of the blue.

It confused him. It scared him. But he couldn't do anything against it. It was like it was: He was crushing for a guy! He was crushing for Zeke Tyler!

It hadn't changed a lot. He used to watch Delilah secretly. Now he watched her openly enough to hide the fact that he was watching Zeke secretly.

But Zeke was clever. More clever than Delilah. Probably he had noticed something.

“I ...” Casey stammered.
“I ... I like Delilah!”

Zeke pulled a face.
“Just forget her! She is not worth the try, believe me!”

Casey frowned.
“What do you already know?” he hissed, sounding a bit more annoyed as planned.
“You give a shit about her!”

“I've kissed her once!”

Casey looked up curious. This couldn't be. Zeke ... and Delilah? Well, Zeke was the heartbreaker at school, nearly every girl was crushing for him. But Delilah? She looked through Zeke as if he were nothing but thin air. Del always wanted to be in the center of everyone's interest - and Zeke was just interested in Zeke himself.
“Are you kidding me, Zeke?”

“Nope! It's a bit more than two years ago. I was new at Herrington High and she was the most popular girl at school. I wanted her ... and I got her!”

Casey was honestly impressed.
“Wow! You've dated her? For real?”

“Jesus, no! I've kissed her! Girls are good for a bit fun, but when it comes to more they’re turning into fucking bitches. Del is one of the best in this. This one kiss was more than enough ... Apart from that: It was lame! If you wanna learn anything about kissing, better try me!”

Casey rolled his eyes, but he couldn't resist giggling a bit.
“Oh Zeke! Stop it!”

Zeke grinned.
“I'm good in this, y'know! I'm good in a lot of shit!”

Casey snorted and made a grimace.
“Yeah! Half of the school is talking about how good you are. And the other half would love to find it out. So, what the hell do you expect from me?”

Zeke kept quiet for a moment and scanned him amused from head to toe. Casey swallowed hard. This look ... it gave him hot and cold chills.
"Tell me the truth! Guys make you hot, right? All your sneaking looks. All the pics you try to shoot in secret. Do you want me, Connor?"

Casey gasped. Zeke bent forward. He pressed his groin against Casey’s, Casey could feel him, hard, big, pushing. This was more than a bit teasing. This was ... fucking hot. Casey didn't dare to move, but he could feel his warm, soft breathing, he could hear his enticing voice.

“So, c'mon and take what you want! Touch me! You can even suck my dick! C'mon, baby blue, you want this, don't you?"

Casey felt his face turn hot and deep red. Desperately he struggled for a clear thought. He had to stop this. Now! Before it was to late. Zeke was just kidding him. Of course, he was! Zeke Tyler was not interested in geeky Casey Connor, right? He never was, he never would be. This had to stop. Before he was going to make a complete idiot out of himself.

“Jesus - fucking - Christ! I'm gonna go home!”

Zeke looked at him slightly grinning.
“Storm is coming,” he reminded him.
“It's about to hit!”

Casey shrugged.
“So what? Why should you give a shit how I get home?”

Zeke narrowed his eyes.
“Yeah! That’s nice! Go home, Connor. Go home to Mommy! And leave me the fuck alone! Don't care about me. No one does!”

Casey jerked around and stared at him annoyed. This was not fair! He had come here, because he knew how Zeke felt during a storm. Alone, full of scaring memories. He had wanted  to be with him, as a friend. He had wanted to give him at least a bit comfort and warmth, like he did last time. It had felt good ...

But Zeke had fucked all up. He had started to play his stupid games. He was just messing around with him.

“You are such a prick, Zeke!”

“Yepp, I know. People have already told me. I'm a selfish asshole. I don't wanna be alone. I need someone to distract me! I want you, baby blue.”

Zeke pulled him back into his arms. Closer then before. Casey closed his eyes and groaned slightly. It was unreal, it was stupid - but it was, what he was dreaming about all over the time. Being together with Zeke. Lying in his arms, kissing him, touching him, doing ... things with him ... Here he was, alone with Zeke and no matter why, Zeke Tyler wanted him. In this moment he wanted him. The bulge in his jeans could not be overlooked.

Casey struggled himself free and stared at him with narrowed eyes. Finally he made a decision. He took one last deep breath.

“Okay,” he hissed, trying to hide the trembling in his voice.
“Will you shut the fuck up, when I'm gonna do it?”

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