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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Wild & Untamed (7/ ??? )

I haven't posted more "Wild & Untamed" during Christmas vacation, because some of you are not around for a few days and because I knew there would be the Christmas Stocking by aliensouldream , enough to read for everyone.

But now I wanted to end the year with a last part of it (don't worry: the last part for this year, of course). Here we go, just read and have fun!

Title: Wild & Untamed (7/?)
Fandom: Casey / Zeke (no pairing)
Rating: PG13 / maybe a bit R
Disclaimer: of course, not mine
Previous parts: one / two / three / four / five / six /

This story is for romeny

Zeke grinned, when the door to the hut was opened slowly. Then silence. He could see him standing beside the door, not knowing what to do next.

“Hey, Connor!”

Casey nearly flinched. Zeke’s grin deepened. Fuck off the upcoming storm. This time he wouldn’t be that weak and helpless. This time he would pull the strings ...

“What are you doing here?”

Casey swallowed.
“I ... It looked like ... !”
Geez! He knew, he should say something cool now. It was evident that he was followed Zeke to this hut. It was evident that Zeke wanted him to follow. Right? Or did he got this wrong? Had it been just his wishful thinking?

Casey took a deep breath. If he didn't want to look like the complete idiot he felt in this moment, he had to say at least something. Maybe the truth would be best. 

“You wanted me to follow you, right?  I know, you hate it to be alone during a storm. I can stay here with you. Maybe ... we can ... just talk a bit?”

Zeke chuckled slightly.
“Your turn, Connor!“

Casey frowned.
“My turn?”

“Yeah! Tell me something about you! Something interesting. I've told enough shit last time, don't you think so?”

“Pfft! But I am ... boring, y'know! I like photography and science. That’s all! This is the most interesting to know about me.”

“Oh c'mon, Connor! No one can be that good! Nothing what you‘ve never told anyone before? Not even the tiniest secret?”

Casey swallowed and kept quiet. Zeke grinned.
“What have you done? Swiped a lolly in WalMart? Skipped sunday school?”

“Aw, shut up! I've smoked ...”


Casey huffed annoyed.
“No cigarettes!”

Zeke giggled loud.
“Wow! How comes?”

Casey sighed. He knew, Zeke wouldn't let him go now before he knew the whole story.

“It was stupid, okay?

Last year in the science camp. Some of the older guys sneaked out at night now and then ... One day they asked me if  I wanted to come with them. I should've known better, but ... 

It felt great! Like I would be a part of it. First it was a lot of fun. They had beer and ... y'know ... something to smoke ... weed, or shit like this. I didn’t want to try, but ... they said I would be such a downer. Finally I've done it ... I guess, I just wanted to be accepted. At least once!”

He kept quiet and tried to avoid Zeke's eyes. This sounded all to pathetic.

“And ... did they? Accept you!”

Casey snorted.
“Yeah, sure! I made their night. I went as sick as a dog and when I started to puck, they laughed and run back without me. I had to knock to get back into the camp. Next day the leader called my parents and my dad came to get me back home ... It was so embarrassing ... My dad is never upset with me, but this time he was. He didn't talk to me for at least for one week ... This is, what happens if I try to be part of anything ... “

“And the others? You didn't sell them out, right?”
Zeke rolled his eyes when Casey shook his head.
“Geez! You better never try to play with the bad boys, baby blue!"

Casey blinked confused.

“What, what?”

“Baby blue! Why do you say this?”

Zeke chuckled slightly.
“You are! Such a nice, little baby boy with so fucking innocent blue eyes!”

“Zeke, stop it! This is bullshit!”

“Do you think so? Maybe I'm just flirting with you!”

Casey snorted..
“No one flirts with me. Definitely not you!”

“Why not?”

Casey stared at him stunned. What was Zeke implying there? He remembered the kiss last time. It hadn’t last much longer then a few seconds. But what if it hadn't been just a stupid joke? If Zeke really liked to kiss him? Kiss! Him! Casey forced himself to stop. This was ridicolous. Zeke was not into guys!

“You like girls,” he murmured.

“And you, Casey,“ Zeke whispered and bent forward.
“What do you like?”

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