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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Christmas Star

It's still Christmas in Germany, so I'm not that late with my little Christmas story. I admit, I'm not really happy with it, but - y'know - the muse can be as stubborn as a mule.

Thank you to aliensouldream  for organizing this!  What would be our Fandom without you?

Title: Christmas Star
Prompt: Christmas Vacation
Fandom: Casey / Zeke (no pairing)
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Zeke threw a pensive look at Casey. The last school day before Christmas vacation was over, they were on their way home. Just in time for Christmas it had started to snow this morning.

Zeke had expected that Casey would be happy about it. In opposite to Zeke's parents who wouldn't even come home for Christmas (they had sent him a great cheque but he couldn't care less about it - he didn't need their money - he didn't want their money) Casey's parents really cared for him. Christmas at Connor's home meant a big fir in the living room, a tasty dinner, presents which meant something, a shared walk in the freshly fallen snow. Family shit ... nothing for Zeke...

... but he knew, Casey loved all this. Zeke couldn't understand, what had happened. Casey sat beside him with a sullen face, lost in thoughts. He hadn't even spoken a least three words since they had left school. Finally Zeke pulled over the GTO and shut the motor off.

Casey looked up.
“What's happened?”

I would love to know! What's wrong with you? Hey, it's Christmas time!”

Casey just shrugged.
“Fuck! I hate Christmas!”

Zeke frowned. This sounded definitely not like Casey.
“Oh c'mon Case, don't be such a drama queen,” he said.
“You love Christmas! You talked about Christmas vacation since weeks now!”

Casey sighed.
“This was before!”

“Before what?”

“Before last night! Before Uncle Clark has called. He is my dad's brother ... and ... well, he's a prick. They have had a water main break and... and my Dad ... he invited them to spend the holidays with us! Fuck!”

“So bad?”

“Much worse!

Uncle Clark, he thinks he's somewhat special. He went to college, y'know and now he works as a prof. He always let my Dad feel that he's just an insignificant clerk. Pah ... my Dad is miles better than him. My Dad doesn't act like a stupid idiot ...

The whole day he will tell us about his great work at the university and about his great house with the great swimmingpool and about his new, great car.

And then the shit will start again. He will talk with me about school and finally he will ask me about my girlfriend ... oh, he knows, I haven't one, but he loves asking me about it. He just needs a reason to talk about Eddie's fucking great fiancées.

Eddie is my cousin, he is three years older than me. He and his brother Russel are worse then the pricks at school. I mean, they don't hurt me, but ... they always find a reason to put me down ...

And then they will look at me full of pity and disdain ...

... I hate this! I hate Christmas!”

Zeke threw a side glance at Casey. Casey swallowed and tried to repress the tears which were filling his eyes.

“Y'know, you could move in with me during vacation,” Zeke suggested.

Casey looked up to him with a bit hope in his eyes. But after a short consideration he shook the head.

“Thanks! But I can't do this to my parents! I know they're not happy about having Uncle Clark and his family around, too, but ... he is Dad's brother, right? What else can we do?”

“Yeah, this sounds like the Connor family!”
Zeke smirked.
“Okay! Then you need at least a girlfriend!”

“I need ... what?”

“A girlfriend! Unfortunately she can't spend Christmas with you because she is with her grandparents in LA. But I'm sure, she will have some nice surprises for you. She loves you, y'know!”

Casey looked at him slightly amused.
“Zeke ... what are you talking about?”

Zeke grinned back.
“About your girlfriend! Your wonderful, amazing girlfriend. Trust me, before this vacation is over, Uncle Clark will go green with envy.”

“Zeke ...”

Zeke put his finger onto Casey’s lips.
“Ssshhh. Leave it at me. I'm good with shit like this!”


Zeke threw a look over his kitchen table. It was covered with crumpled, colorful wrapping paper and leftover tapes. It had been a hard work, but at the end he had made it.

Two lovingly packed gifts, in colored wrapping paper, with big ribbons. Stupid Christmas Shit! Kitsch! Zeke never had packed gifts before. For whom should he have bought any presents? Zeke never have had friends who would like such shit. If he was invited to a party, he brought a bottle of booze, chips, cigarettes, sometimes even a little bit Scat ...  things to have fun, which didn’t needed to be wrapped.

Today it was different. Casey was different. And it meant a lot for him.

The new photo objective, the shop assistant had assured him it was the best on the market right now. The illustrated book about Los Angeles which he had gushed over in the bookstore last week.

Presents, he knew Casey would like. Presents not from Zeke, but from Hailey, Casey's girlfriend. Casey would get the pack soon - delivered by a private express company - directly from LA. Zeke had made it sure, that the return address was to be read well. In the pack the two gifts, together with the card and the photo of Hailey. Uncle Clark would be impressed, Zeke was sure.

Because Hailey was pretty. Slim, blond, she wore glasses which gave her a personal touch. But what had made Zeke decide on exactly this photo, was her amazing smile. She seemed to smile just for Casey ...

Zeke  threw a last look at the card, before he put it into the envelope together with the photo - it was a bit kitschy card with a big, yellow star, wearing a santa hat. Stars and hearts around, not to mention the saying.

Girls shit! But Casey would love it!

Zeke chuckled about himself, while he turned the card to read the words once again, he had written just a few minutes ago.

Miss you!

Miss your amazing blue eyes!

Miss kissing your soft lips!

Merry Christmas, Baby! I love you!

Zeke’s smile deepened. Girls shit! But nevertheless:

“Merry Christmas, Baby! I love you,” he whispered.

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Aw, this is so sweet. Zeke would do anything for his boy!

Of course, he would. He just wants to see him happy.

Thanks, Addie!

I love how it took Casey's misery and Zeke's subsequent 'fuck you' attitude to bring out his romantic side. Just to spite someone, of course, but the gesture is the same. Casey would get a better Christmas and better gifts from Zeke because of it.

Not that he's romantic or anything. Not that he's into Christmas shit...

Just because he loves his boy and cares about him enough to go through all the effort. In my book, that's far better than doing it just to go through the motions. ;)

No, he would never do anything romantic, of course nor. Because he is THE Zeke ;)

Oh this is so sweet...but wouldn't it be better if he tells Casey his true feelings?

Yeah, maybe he will, one day, soon ...

Hugs you back!

Awwww, what a sweet story. It shows how much Casey means to Zeke :-))
Go for it, boy!

Love it, babes!
Thanks a lot!

*squishes you*

Julchen! Hugs you tight. So nice, to see you here! Thank you for reading and commenting. I'm glad you like it a bit, I'm not that happy with this little something ...

it's not what I wanted it to be!

Edited at 2009-12-28 06:58 pm (UTC)

I LOVE IT, sweetie! Don't be so hard on yourself!

Aww!!! That's Zeke really going to the edge for his baby boy. Total sympathy with Casey having to put up with awful relatives. At least Zeke can be with him in spirit - and probably sneak him out a lot of times for their own secret fun. Thank you, love! I hope you had a gorgeous Christmas!!!

I'm glad that you like it a bit - I think, it's not that good, but, well ... I like the idea of Zeke, trying to cheer Casey up a bit

They have had a water main break

Bwahahahaha...I loved that bit. Well Casey will know exactly who this gift is from and what the sentiment expressed is all about.

But of course, you must do a sequel and let us know how Casey thanks his Zekey-boy. Maybe he'll come give Casey a kiss in front of the family and tell them all to STFU!

Oh, this would be fun: kissing Casey in front of Uncle Clark :) I just wonder, what Mr. & Mrs. C. would think about this ;)

Thanks for reading.

(Deleted comment)
How could I miss this comment? Thanks for it!
Yes, I like it a bit romantic ;)

Awwwww, that was really cute!!!! I don't know why you aren't happy with the fic - the only thing wrong with it is that I'd like to read more! :DDDDD

Thank you - and apologies for finding this so late! *hugs*

Oh, no need to apologies, thanks for reading.

I'm not that happy with it, because it's not what I actually wanted it to be. Sometimes my muse just does what it wants to do ;)

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