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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Football Hero

Dear Gabi!
I hope, you will have a wonderful day. Enjoy it!
Here is a little something for you. I hope, you like it.

Title: Football Hero
Fandom: Casey / Zeke (no pairing)
Rating: PG13 / maybe a bit R
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Casey waited in front of the football stadion. He felt a bit nervous, as ever when it came to the jocks of Herrington High. But he would do what he had to do. He was a photographer, right? He has to deal with uncomfortable situations for a good shoot.

The great gate was pushed open and there they were. Great big, broad shoulders, sweaty and dirty from their game. Casey backed away a few steps. He felt like a mouse vis-a-vis a cat. But he lifted his camera ...

The first push in his left side seemed to be accidentally. But it was hard enough to made him stumble. He swallowed and searched for hold and tried to ignore the glaring look, the jock throw at him. He knew, Del would kill him if he came back without at least a few pictures.

Rafe was the next one, rushing out of the gate. Casey saw the amused sparkling in his eyes before he literally ran over him. He gasped for air and the murmured “Geez, Connor" sounded so distant, like through a big haze.

Gabe! Gabe was the worst, as ever. He rammed his elbow into Casey’s rips. All he could do, was protecting his camera. Then he was laying on the ground, feeling dazed. He didn’t even dare to move or to open his eyes again. It was over. No pics for Del today. He had failed again.

"Geez, Santora, stop it! He’s done for today!”

This voice! Casey squinted his eyes even more. He didn’t want to see him, not now, not in this embarrassing situation. After a while, when the voices and the laughter faded away, he dared to open his eyes again and tried to get onto his knees.

He startled. He was not alone. Zeke Tyler was standing in front of him, staring with dark, sparkling eyes. Without saying a word he stretched out his hand. Casey felt thunderstruck. Zeke Tyler, King of the Cool, Hero of the Football-Team ... When Casey made no attempt to finally stand up, he reached for his wrist and pulled him back on his legs.

Casey stared at him distrustfully. Zeke was different from the other jocks. He was respected from them, because he was one of the best football players of the team. He joined the victory celebrations. He laughed and joked with them. But in the end he always remained the loner, preferring to do his own thing.

He never had joined in making fun with Casey before. Nevertheless: he was one of them - and his experiences had taught Casey never to trust a jock.

Zeke let go him.
"What the hell are you doing here, Connor? Are you missing this shit so much, that you have to beg for more?”

Casey shrugged and held up his camera.
"Del!" he sighed.
"She wants a few good pictures of the teammates for the next issue of the school paper! She will be pissed!"

Zeke snorted.
"God, Connor, when will you finally learn to say ‘no‘? Del is a fucking bitch! She would send you to hell for a good shoot. But if she got what she wants, she will leave you out in the rain."

He turned round to follow his teammates back to the lockerroom. Suddenly Casey had the feeling that he should say something.
"Thanks, Zeke," he murmured.
"This was nice!"

Zeke turned back and frowned.

"That you ... you stand up for me!“

“I did ... what?“

“I’ve heard you. You’ve stopped Gabe!”

Zeke rolled his eyes.
“Geez! Gabe is a prick!”

Casey shrugged.
“Whatever ... If you ... well ... if I ever can do anything for you ... “

"You? For me?"
 A wide grin spread over Zeke’s face. This was great.
“Well ... maybe you can! There is something I always wanted to find out!”

Casey swallowed. He hadn’t expected, that Zeke would accept his offer. He had just  wanted to say something nice because Zeke had been nice to him. But now ... Zeke came back and was so near to him. His eyes sparkled  ... sort of challenging. Casey couldn’t say what this expression in his face meant.

"Kiss me!"

A nightmare! A fucking nightmare! Casey gasped for air and closed his eyes. When he would open them again, he would be at home, in his room and he would know, all this was just a crazy dream. But it wasn’t. When he opened his eyes, Zeke was there still, waiting, grinning, licking over his lower lip.

"You‘re just kidding me, right,“ Casey groaned and tried to hide the trembling in his voice.
"Every girl at school is waiting to kiss you!"

"Boring," grinned Zeke.
"Always the same, lame story. But kissing you ... could be interesting! Such a cute, innocent little boy! Have you ever kissed before, Casey?"

Before Casey knew what happened, Zeke lifted his chin softly.

"Don’t worry! It doesn’t hurt. It’s just a kiss!"

And he put his lips onto Casey's. First it was hardly more then a light touch. But it was enough for ... Panic!

Casey squirmed in his arms, but Zeke pulled him even closer and hold him. He could smell the sweat and the dust laying over Zeke's face from the game. He was so big, so strong, so guy ... how could he resist him? Finally Casey gave up and let it just happen. It would be over faster if he didn’t defend himself.

Zeke chuckled slightly and deepened the kiss.When Casey felt Zeke’s tongue touching his lips, he groaned. His mouth opened almost against his will. Zeke slipped into his mouth, his tongue was pushing, stroking, touching, his lips were soft, demanding and hot.

Oh God! Casey's heart started to race, he closed the eyes. So many years he had dreamt of how it would be, his first embrace - his first kiss. Del! He had always pictured it as romantic, fond, careful... It was not fond. It was not romantic. It was not careful. It was demanding and rough! It was not Del! It was Zeke! And it felt so fucking ...

Casey startled when Zeke suddenly let him go. He felt so lost and alone without Zeke’s arms around him. He wanted ... Then he saw Zeke’s amused eyes resting on him. He seemed able to read his feelings. Casey blushed. Zeke’s grin deepend.

"Cute," he said.
"See you tomorrow, Connor!"

Then he was gone. Casey stared after him and felt numb.

Zeke Tyler had kissed him! And - much worse - Casey had liked it!


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