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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Wild & Untamed (6 / ??? )

Good evening LJ! Hello F_List! A wonderful, snowy, cold weekend to everyone.

And a big, big Thank you to romeny  and julchen11  for your wonderful christmas cards. Hugs you both!

And now - finally - the next part of "Wild & Untamed". I'm too late - my muse didn't want to do right - but I hope, this breakdown is over now.  I hope, you can still remember the last part - otherwise you can re-read it ;) Let's have fun with our boys!

Title: Wild & Untamed (6/?)
Fandom: Casey / Zeke (no pairing)
Rating: PG13 / maybe a bit R
Disclaimer: of course, not mine
Previous parts: one / two / three / four / five /

This story is for romeny

Zeke had made his usual dealings during lunch at the bleachers. Today had been a slow day. Only two "old customers" for some bottles of booze for their weekly party and a newbie who wanted to try "Scat" for the first time. Zeke had warned him to be careful with this stuff - and inwardly he had grinned. Scat, Zeke's "superdrug", homebrewed in his own lab. A mix of harmless substances everyone could buy in every drugstore. But it was effective and these stupid guys at school loved this shit. Zeke snorted while he pushed the tenner into his pocket - easily earned money ...

Zeke leaned back onto his seat and let his eyes wander. Lunch wasn't over yet. There was time for a last cigarette. And there he was again ...

Casey sat just a few rows away from him on the bleachers and had unpacked his lunch his mom every day gave him for school. A small box with orange juice and an apple seemed to grab all his attention completely. Zeke snorted.

Fucking geek!

Mommy's boy!

A wimp, who allow everyone to push him around and never made even the attempt to stay up for himself!

No one he wanted to deal with!

But why couldn't he just forget this afternoon in the hut? Why did he miss the feeling of safety and nearness Casey had given to him for a few moments? Why did he still feel his soft lips when he had kissed him?

It had been the storm! It always made him feel weak and helpless - and he hated it to be weak and helpless. No one should see him in this state. No one!

Nevertheless, there had been the moments in the hut together with him. It was crazy to feel safe in the arms of Casey Connor. It was crazy to tell him his deepest secrets. But it had felt good and right in this moment.

And then this kiss.The craziest of all. He didn't even know, why he had done it. He knew, he had surprised him. Casey hadn't answered the kiss. But he hadn't pushed him away, either. For one moment it had felt as if he snuggled up closer to him. And his secret, soft moaning ...

He had liked it, right? Zeke was not so sure about it. Casey was no one who defended himself. Casey always let everything happen to him. Everyone at school knew that Casey Connor was crushing for Deliah Profitt. The glances he dared at her couldn't be overlooked. And it was all to evident that Casey had no practical experiences. Probably this had been his first kiss ever.

Zeke risked to second glance. How he closed his lips around the straw and sucked the last rest of orange juice out of the box. How his eyes seemed to be focused into nowhere and to see things no one else could see. How he ignored Zeke's presence.

Zeke asked himself what would happen if he would go over to him now. If he would pull him into his arms again and kiss him. Kiss him deep and rough. Zeke knew how to kiss. Kissing was much more than this playing around in the hut. Would it shock Casey ... or would he beg for more? He tried to imagine how it would be, to fuck Casey Connor ...

The bell called off the lunch. Time for school again. Casey got up and packed his things together. Zeke banished the thoughts out of his mind. Jesus! This was stupid! It would never happen again. He was Zeke Tyler - and Zeke Tyler was not interested in Casey Connor ...

No way!


It was one week later. School was over and Casey still had the announcement of Miss Drake in the ears. She had told them, better to go home immediately after school because a storm was announced. Casey knew he should hurry up. Today he was not by bus than usual, because he had intended to go to the nearby sea to take a few pics after school. But now he had only one thought: Zeke!

When he hurried to the bicycle shelter beside the parking lot, he saw him. For most of the others he might act as cool as usual, but Casey's watchful eyes didn't escape his hidden nervousness. It was not fair. Today Zeke shouldn't have to stay at home alone. He would love to go with him and ...

Suddenly their eyes crossed. Zeke stopped only for a short moment, then he narrowed his eyes. And Casey knew, Zeke could read his thoughts and his look was nothing else than a warning. Don't you dare it, Connor ...

Casey sighed. It was not fair!

He unlocked his bike, while the GTO drove past him. Casey watched him racing down the street, as usual much to speedy. When the car slowed down abruptly and turned left into a small side road, Casey frowned. This made no sense. The storm gained force. Everyone wanted to go home as fast as possible. He knew, Zeke's house was on the other side of Herrington. Zeke had no reason to choose this "shortcut" which would lead him farther away from home... unless, he didn't want to go there. But ...

An idea crossed his mind. Without hesitating any longer, he got on his bike and followed the road, the GTO had driven down only a few moments before.


He had been right. In the moment he had seen Casey's look resting on him, he had known it. Casey Connor wanted to take care of him. Again!

Pictures crossed his mind. The last storm. The hut. Casey was putting his arm around his shoulder, listened to him, tried to be there for him. Stupid - but somehow cute! The kiss. Stupid - but somehow hot! Something, he would like to do again. Just to find out how Casey felt about this little kiss. To find out if he dreamed about anything else. Of course, just for fun, okay?

But he knew, it could never happen again. He had worked much too hard for his rep as the “bad boy” at school and he wouldn't risk this for a stupid, little geek. Everyone would laugh about him if they knew about this fucking crushing for Casey Connor. It was high time to get over it...

... and finally to drive back. A storm was coming. He should be home then, in his safety garage, turning on the music and stop thinking about anything else. But then - out of the blue - the idea came up to him. Maybe ...

He grinned, rushed out of the parking lot and down the road. He passed Casey. When he arrived at the branch, he slammed on the brakes - maybe a bit to hard, but he had to make sure that Casey saw to him turning into the small side road. One look into the mirror and he was pleased: Casey had gotten onto his bike and followed him.

Hit and sunk! Casey was clever. He got it. Maybe the storm today wouldn't be that bad ...

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