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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Wild & Untamed (5 / ??? )

Hello F-List. What a shitty day today - grey, rain, bäh ... I just want to crawl back into my bed and sleep for the whole day. But I've to go to work this afternoon. So ...

What about of posting the next part of "Wild & Untamed". Maybe this cheers me up a bit :)

Title: Wild & Untamed (5/?)
Fandom: Casey / Zeke (no pairing)
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: of course, not mine
Note: The beginning of part follows directly Part four, so you should read this first

Previous parts: one / two / three / four

This story is for romeny

They kept quiet - for minutes, hours or days - Casey couldn't say. He sat close enough to feel how the tension in Zeke slowly decreased. He closed the eyes to take in the nearness he was feeling. His heart was in his mouth. He hardly dared to breathe because he wanted to hold on to this moment. He knew, this nearness would run out all too soon. It was the storm, which made Zeke so vulnerable. Made him trust Casey and tell him things he usually kept hidden deep inside himself. Allowed him to look for nearness he usually knew to avoid.

"Time to go, Connor!"

Casey startled out of his thoughts.

"Storm is over!"

Casey listened. Zeke was right. The storm had calmed down, it was quiet outside, just a few guts of wind now and then and the rain which dripped slightly onto the old metal roof of the hut. There was no reason to stay here even longer.

"Yeah, I think, my 'rents will ....," he began.

When Zeke stretched out his hand and let his thumb gliding over his cheek softly, he stiffened and his eyes went wide.

"Zeke? What..."

When he bent nearer to him and took his face into both hands, a slight smile onto his lips, the world stopped turning around.

This was a dream - and he was not sure, if it was the highlight of all his dreams or a nightmare. Zeke's lips on his, first tentative and soft. So different as he had always imagined, so much better. He felt a hot, demanding tongue pushing against his lips. Without thinking he opened his mouth to let him in. Zeke's tongue, searching, touching, stroking. He didn't know what to do, how to answer this kiss. But he groaned slightly, when Zeke pulled him even nearer. He could feel his strong arms holding him, he could smell his shower gel.

Then it was over. Zeke loosened the embrace and let him go.
"Better to go home, Casey. Mommy is waiting for you!"
And his voice sounded quiet, nearly bored.

"Yeah, I think so!”
Casey mind was in a haze. Zeke Tyler had kissed him! He felt shocked. He felt high. He had to go now. Without delay! He rushed to the door and tore it open. But suddenly Zeke was there and obstructed his way.

"One word, Connor! Y'know, I've said a lot of shit today! But if there will be any rumor about it at school, and if it is even the tiniest bit ... you’re gonna wish you would be better never born. Everything Gabe does to you will look like a cinch, compared to what I would do to you. Do you get this?"

Casey swallowed. Yes, the intimacy of this afternoon was definitely over. Here he was again, Zeke Tyler, the coolest guy of Herrington High ... the coolest guy who had just kissed him ... Geez ...

"You don't need to threaten me," he murmured.
“I wouldn't betray you!”

Zeke snorted.
"It's always better to trust no one, Casey! Better never forget this! And keep your mouth shut!”


Casey was nervous. He always felt tense when he entered the school again after nearly three months of summer vacation. The first time was always the worst - it seemed as if Gabe and the other jocks had spent all the time thinking up new harassments and as if they couldn't hardly wait to finally put them into action.

Today, however, Casey had no thought for Gabe.

He had spent the last two weeks thinking about this one afternoon which he had spent together with Zeke in the old hut. Everything seemed so unreal. Had this afternoon actually been real? Or was it just one of his weird dreams where Zeke all too often played the leading role?

But if he closed his eyes, he could feel his arms around him again, his lips pressing on his own. He felt the same panic he had felt at this moment, mixed with the wish for more, with the wish of feeling it at least once again. And he knew, it was not a mere dream. Zeke Tyler had kissed him!

When he got off the schoolbus, his heart started racing. Soon he would see him again. Soon ... soon ... He risked a glance across the parking lot. Zeke's GTO was not on it’s usual place. He would be too late once again.

Casey didn't share classes with Zeke this morning. But he saw him before lunch in the hall. He was on the way to the locker room to put his books away when he suddenly felt a violent punch from behind. He cried out surprised, when his head bumped into the wall. The laughter from behind told him enough. He didn't need to turn round, he knew that he just had run right into Gabe or one of the other jocks. Without a word he picked up his books again, closed the locker. He knew if he reacted, everything would become worse.

When he turned round, he saw him. Zeke was there, just a little bit behind him. Obviously he had seen the whole incident. When he noticed Casey's look, he pulled a face and shrugged.

Casey swallowed. Nothing had changed. He was the Geek of the school and everyone was allowed to push him around. Zeke was the King, he would never have more than a contemptuous look for him. For a short moment he felt kinda disappointed. Of course it hadn't been very reasonable, but for two weeks he had hoped that this one afternoon, this one kiss had at least meant something for Zeke. But whatever had bound them together during the storm ... it seemed to be gone.

Finally he took a deep breath and went outwards to the bleachers with his lunch. Zeke was there too, talking with two guys from school. Casey forced himself to ignore them.

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