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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Wild & Untamed (4 / ??? )

Hallo F_List! Hallo LJ. I hope everyone of you will enjoy a wonderful, relaxing weekend. For me it's a great one with one more day off (tomorrow). This means a bit more time for reading and writing ...

So, here we go ...

Title: Wild & Untamed (4/?)
Fandom: Casey / Zeke (no pairing)
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: of course, not mine
Note: This part follows directly Part three

Previous parts: one / two / three /

This story is for romeny

Casey stopped breathing. He wasn't sure if he really wanted to hear even more.
"What has he done," he finally asked, whispering.

Zeke looked up.
"What do you think, huh? No, he didn't hit me, he didn't abused me! Pfft - maybe this would have been easier to endure. Then he would at least have had to notice me. But he didn't .... I mean, yeah, he gave me a home, I had enough to eat. But he never was a Dad for me. I was just a fucking burden for him.

And this evening ... Every Friday evening he was playing poker with a few friends. He always expected from me to be invisible. He sent me into my room and I had to stay there. Without exception!

But at this evening everything was different. It was one of the worst storms for years. The wind howled. The shutters clattered. In front of my window there was a big, old oak tree. I loved him, it was one of my favorite places at summer. But this evening ... the branches were knocking against my window again and again. Shadows were sneaking in my room.

I was just a scared, little boy. I had just lost my mother. So I got up and went downstairs to the dining room. I wanted to be with him, at least for a little while. I mean, he was my Dad, right? He should protect me! He should to be there for me!"

Zeke sighed. Casey saw him closing his eyes for a short moment.

"But he didn't, right," he asked.
"He was not there for you!"

Zeke's voice sounded faint and empty now, he was not even close to the Zeke Tyler he knew from school.
"It was late. They had drunk a bit too much beer. His friends ... they started to laugh about me. And he got angry. Not about them. About me!

Since my mom was gone, he has never really looked at me again, but at this evening he did. His eyes ... I will never forget them. He was so furious! He yelled at me what an embarrassing coward I would be and that I finally had to learn to behave like a real man. And the others laughed even more and more ...

He grabbed my arm and he pulled me back upstairs to my room. The last he said, was: Don't you dare it, Ezekiel! No crying! No bitching around! You will be as quiet as a mouse now, or they will come and get you. I'm gonna tell them right now, that they can get you! I don't need such a whining shit being my son. Then he locked me up and went back downstairs."

Zeke kept quiet, gasping for air. Casey knew, at this moment he felt like the little, scared boy he had been years ago.

He wished, he could just pull him into his arms. Hold him. Show him that there was no reason to be afraid. That he was not alone today. That he would be there for him. But then he remembered: it was not a little, lonesome boy who was sitting beside him. It was Zeke Tyler, one of the coolest guys at Herrington High, a dealer, a heart breaker, whatever you want - but most definitely no one who would want to find himself into Casey Connor's arms.

Zeke tore him out of his thoughts when he finally continued softly.

"I was alone. And they were there, outside and they waited for me. I knew that they were there. I could hear them. They whispered and knocked against my window. They wanted to come in and get me ... because I didn't listen to him. I didn't keep quiet. I couldn't! I was scared to death... I yelled after him, again and again ... but he didn't come back. He just turned on the music. I could hear them, he was laughing with his buddies … laughing about me. And I was alone. I was so fucking alone!"

Zeke kept quiet and shrugged. Casey swallowed. He couldn't understand, how a father could mistreat his own son like this.
"How old ... were you at that time," he whispered.

"Six years, two months and seventeen days. It was the 17th December - it was a damn nice day. It has been snowing and I was in the garden to built a snowman ... and then the hell is broken out ... this day I've learned everything about fear ... and every time, every damned time, when a storm is approaching ... it's always the same!

Fuck! I'm no child any more! I'm not that weak and helpless any more! I mean, I should know better, right? Today I should know it. It's just a damned thunderstorm. There is no one outside, waiting for me ...

... but it's always the same shit! ... I hate this! And I hate my Dad for doing this to me!"

Casey swallowed. Zeke sounded more and more desperate and angry. A furious Zeke was unpredictable. Casey knew, he should the matter rest by now, but he couldn't deal with it. For whatever reason, Zeke had trusted him. He had just told him things no one else knew about, Casey felt this for sure. He had to do something! Otherwise it would be, as if he would abandon him too.

Slowly he went over and huddled down beside him. Without thinking twice he put an arm around his shoulder. He couldn't say whether the trembling he felt came from himself or from Zeke. To his surprise Zeke didn't push him away. And Casey dared to move a bit closer, to give him even more warmth and nearness.

"It's okay," he whispered.
"I guess, I can understand! You're not afraid of the storm. You're just afraid of your memories. And this is okay ... after all!"

Zeke turned his head to look at him. Casey would nearly have backed away, he was so close to him in this moment, much too close.

"Oh shit," murmured Zeke, before he allowed his head to sink back onto Casey's shoulder.

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