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Love you friend

Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Wild & Untamed (3 / ??? )

Hello F-List!

What is better to try out a new PC than to play around with it a bit. Now it's posting time again:

Wild & Untamed Part 3 ... what's going with the boys in the hut ???

Title: Wild & Untamed (3/?)
Fandom: Casey / Zeke (no pairing)
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: of course, not mine
Note: This part follows directly Part two

Previous parts: one / two

This story is for romeny

"Zeke," Casey said halting.
"Are you okay?"

"Geez, just shut up, Connor!"

Zeke sounded furious, but he also seemed to be nervous, nearly ... scared??? Casey's mind was racing. Something was wrong. Slowly he left his place beside the door and went over to the boxes in the corner, where Zeke had huddled up. Tentatively he dared to put a hand onto his arm.

Zeke looked up surprised. Casey now was near enough to see the wild sparkling in his eyes. He nearly backed away.

"What the heck do you want, huh? Go home to Mommy! And leave me the fuck alone!"

The words sounded menacing, but Zeke's voice didn't. He sounded somehow scared and lost. Casey was thinking hard.

"You know," he finally whispered.
"You can tell me if you want!"

Zeke snorted.
"What the hell should I have to tell to you?"

"Whatever you want! I'm a good listener. I also go through a lot of shit. I can understand!"

"A lot of shit, eh? God, Connor, you really have no clue! What shit, eh? No matter what happens, Mommy and Daddy are always ready to save your sweet, little ass, aren't they?

What would they do if they would find you, squatted in a corner? Drenched in sweat. Shaking. When they can see the panic in your eyes. What would they do, eh?"

Casey didn't understand what he was talking about, but at least he was talking. And he was obviously waiting for an answer.

"I don't know," he murmured.
"My mom would probably take me in her arms. She would ask me what is wrong and we would talk about it ... And my Dad ... well ... sometimes he calls me the worlds greatest king of drama ... I think, he would tease me a bit. But he didn't mean harm. This is just his way to make things easier for me, y‘know!"

Casey started to chuckle, but he stopped, when he heard Zeke's snidely voice.
"Like I said, fucking, perfect family. Good for you, Connor!"

Casey remembered all the stories he had heard about Zeke. That he lost his mom when he still was a child, that his dad had left him alone when he was just fourteen. That he managed his life alone since than. Most guys at school envied him for his freedom, but in this very moment Casey had not the feeling that Zeke was really happy with it.

"Yeah, it's great. My parents are nice - sometimes a bit overprotective, but nice. Who cares for you, Zeke, when you're scared?"

Zeke narrowed his eyes and pushed him violently away. Casey staggered back.

"Fuck off, Connor! You're much to nosy. I don't need anyone! I'm not scared about anything! I never was. I never will be. And now the fuck stop driving me up the walls!"

Casey observed him, lightening a cigarette, when a new loud thunder, a new flash lightning crossed the hut. He could see his hands starting to tremble.

"It doesn't look like this," he murmured.


"It doesn't look like this. The storm seems to freak the shit out of you! Why?"

Zeke took a deep breath and bent nearer to him, all too near. Casey swallowed and tried to step back. But the backside of the shag stopped him. Damn! Why the hell did he never know when it was better to keep his mouth shut?

But what happened next took him by surprise. Zeke didn't became angry. He just snorted slightly.

"Wow, brave, little boy! So, it doesn't look like this, eh? Hmpf ... You wanna hear a story? Okay, I'm gonna tell you one ... I hope you like fucking fairy tales ...

... because it begins like one.

Once upon a time there was a nice, little family. Mommy and Daddy were so happy when they got to know that they would having a baby. It was a little boy.

But he was not like other babies. It was a preterm birth and he was fragile and often ill. He needed a lot of care. And Mommy and Daddy had no more time for each other. Daddy became furious, he started to work more and more. And Mommy was alone with the baby. She couldn't deal with it.

One day she decided, that it was too much. She abandoned both, Daddy and her son. She just wanted out and experience something different.

For Daddy it was all his fault. He didn't want him. Maybe he has never really wanted him. The little boy ... he couldn't understand. His Mom was gone... and his Dad ... hm ...

"Just remember, Connor, not every fairy tale has a good ending!"

Go to part 4

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*cuddles your Zeke*

I'll drop the blackmail jokes now.

*squeezes him*

And oh, Casey. Just be Casey, he'll come around.

Never say never, just wait and see ;)

Aw, poor Zeke. But now that Casey is there, Zeke seems to sense that it's okay to talk to him about it, even if Casey has a 'perfect family'.

Yeah, poor Zeke, we will see if Casey can really help him ...

(Deleted comment)
Casey always tries to be good to everyone, though he sometimes forget thinking about himself.

Who cares for you, Zeke, when you're scared

Casey seems pretty perceptive and Zeke must sense that's it's OK to talk to him about this. Poor Zekey, (we all give him such a hard life) this storm might turn out to be a good thing for him.

Oh yes, we can be so mean to our boys ;) Poor boys, we will see what will happen next ...

At first I thought that Zeke was just afraid of storms, like a phobia. But now I think that he associates the storms with something else - bad times in his life with his parents. That's much sadder. He may be taunting Casey with his ironic story but he's still revealing himself, and a sort of self-loathing too. He's a prickly ball of defensiveness right now, but wait till Casey's wide blue eyes do their calming work. Your last lines are very teasery!

I love your comments - you read so much into this story (well, in every story you comment) ... yes, I love teasing a bit! And I just hope I can tease a bit more with this story ;)

Yeah, Zeke's speaking, Casey can do this to people!! ;)

Casey can do whatever he wants - especially to Zeke, can't he?

I've gotten so behind in a lot of things! Please forgive! Just been so darned busy, is all...

But this--oh, our sweet Zeke. Like Gabi, I withdraw the teasing! *cuddles him up tight* Poor thing. I'd be scared of damned-near everything, too, if I were him. Make him better, Casey!!

*off to the next bits*!

Aw Honey, read it whenever you want. I'm missing you when you are not around here, especially all of your writings ... but real life can be hard from time to time. So don't worry ...

Poor Zeke. I'm glad Casey is around and trying to help in just listening.
*hugs them both*
*hugs you*

That's our Casey, isn't he?

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