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Congratulations to everyone who was sucsessfull at the mome_awards . And especially to three of my favorite Casey & Zeke writers (there are a lot more and I hope some of them will be nominated next year too )

Glitter Graphics

mews1945 with Family
You deserve it sooo much - I really love your story :)

honeyandvinegar with first: Kindred souls and second: Tahitian Moon
What can I say? The first one is a wonderful little story and the second one ... well, I don't need to say that this is one of the best novels I've ever read, right? I'm soooo happy for you, hon! Twirls you around!

aliensouldream with Cinnemon Sugar
It's such a romantic, cute story, almost like a fairy tale. Since I've read this I can't eat a Donut anymore without thinking about your story :) You really deserve your Award - though I admit, this was the hardest vote for me.
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