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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Wild & Untamed (1 / ?)

Good morning F-List! Good morning LJ!

Today it's time again for a bit writing! Maybe some of you remember the teaser to a story "Summer Storm - Wild & Untamed" I've posted a few weeks ago as a birthday present for romeny. It should be a shorter one-part-story, but .. well ... things changed a bit. I've decided to make a longer story out of it - and I changed the titel a bit into "Wild & Untamed".

Also if you've read the teaser before you should read this part, because it's longer than the teaser. I hope, you will like it ... follow the boy into their next adventures ...

Title: Wild & Untamed (1/?)
Fandom: Casey / Zeke (no pairing)
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

This story is for romeny

Zeke groaned slightly when the door to the old shanty was opened carefully. Today really was a lousy day.

First this girl he had met in the mall has turned into a stupid, fucking bitch. She had tried to make him hot, then she had brushed him off; had started to squeal and grumble, until he finally had thrown her out off the car. It was a busy street, so she would already find someone else to took her back to Herrington.

He didn't care. Once again he asked himself, why the hell he actually dealt with girls. Okay, sometimes the sex was quite nice, but it was not what he really dreamed about. To get this he had to go to Columbus, where he knew some clubs and where he could be sure, never to meet someone from Herrington High. He knew, when someone at school would get to know that he, Zeke Tyler, was gay, he would be fucked up.

This would be the end of Zeke Tyler, King of the Highschool. The end of his dealings. No one would trust and respect a gay, would buy his drugs, booze or porn. Zeke didn't need the money. Indeed, his parents didn't really care about him, but his grandma had bequeathed him a small fortune. However, he loved the kick, he liked when they called him the "bad boy" of Herrington. At least they didn't dare to bother him with any shit - besides of the girls who were chasing after him all over the day. To protect his rep he had dates from time to time. But it was mostly just a show. Sometimes he was so fed up with this.

On days like today. On his way back to Herrington the engine of his GTO suddenly started to stutter and at last stopped. Something like this had never happened to him before - his baby never failed him. 'til today. All his attempts to restart the engine were in vain. Furiously he decided to call one of his friends in Columbus, Barry, who was the owner of a little repair shop. While he waited for him to tow the GTO, suddenly the sky darkened and it started to get windy.

It was one of those summer storms which come up suddenly and unexpected; after raging for one hour it would disappear again into nothing. Zeke hated storms. He would never have admitted it - they would laugh about him if they knew - Zeke Tyler was afraid of a fucking thunder storm. But at home in Herrington he always crept away in his garage, put on his headset and turned on the music as loud as possible. The rumbling in his head had to drown out the patter of the rain, the roaring of the wind ...

Today he was not at home. He had fled into an old shanty nearby. Zeke knew it from former days when he had used it for other purposes. Today he couldn't even think about clearly. The only thing he knew: the storm became stronger and stronger, it would be one of the most severe storms of this summer and he was caught here ... alone in this ramshackle shack ... without any possibility to distract himself. He could feel his heart pounding in his ears and he hated himself for feeling so weak.


Casey had sneaked out when the storm was building up. His father was working full time, his mother was at the mall for shopping for the weekend. He would be back before anyone would notice it.

He knew, he shouldn't go out during a thunderstorm, but the temptation had been too great. The wind caught up in the trees, they looked nearly vividly. The sky was awfully coloring: deep-blue and violet, at the horizon a bit of orange. Dark storm clouds were gathering. He would be able to took a few amazing shoots, maybe he could build up a new photoproject: Summerstorm, wild and untamed.

But then he realized, that he had gone farther from the house than he had planned. Well, normally this wouldn't be a problem, because on his bike he was fast like the wind, but the force of the storm gained quicker than expected. Casey had to dismount his bike, because it was too hard to keep balance and not to take a purler. When it started to rain, he knew it was too late. He wouldn't make it home in time. He had to take shelter somewhere and wait until the worst was over. When he finally would come home, his parents would be angry, he knew this, and he expected a dressing-down and probably a few days being grounded. But the thought of the pictures he had done up to now lifted his mood. They would be great, it had been worth it.


When he opened the door to the old, ramshackle hut, he was sure to find it empty. Who should already stray around outside during this weather? When he heard the noise from the other side of the hut he got frightened. It was rather dim in the shanty and he couldn't see more than dark shades, but it was evident that he was not alone. There was a silhouette of another guy, big, dark. He had bobbed his head and seemed to stare at Casey now ... but he didn't say even a single word.

Casey swallowed. It felt a bit scary. And he was alone with this guy. Nobody knew that he was here. Maybe it was better to take his heels, before it was too late. Casey already pictured himself being abused, murdered, buried in this hut. Probably he would be safer outside in the thunderstorm than with this eerie stranger.

But when he wanted to open the door to leave the hut again, a sharp voice held back him.
" Keep the door shut, Connor!"

Casey startled. This was worse than expected. Zeke Tyler! Casey sighed inwardly. Zeke was really the last one he wanted to be alone with. Not that he actually was afraid of him. Of course, Zeke was the "bad boy" at school, he could get rough and moody. But he was not like Gabe and the other jocks. He still had never hurt Casey, not even with words. Although he owned a sharp tongue - whoever got involved into a verbal dispute with Zeke, got to know this. Zeke always had the final say. Zeke always got what he wanted. Zeke was the everlasting winner.

But it was all to obviously, that he was not interested in Casey. He simply ignored him - besides of a murmured "Morning" at school when they met in the lockerroom before lessons (what happened extremely seldom, because Casey took school serious, he always was there in time. Zeke didn't give a hoot about school, he seemed to come and go as he pleased) or a short, sharp glance at the bleachers, when Casey settled down there for lunch and Zeke made his dubious dealings only a few steps beside him.

Casey was glad that Zeke didn't notice him. Otherwise he might have noticed the sneaking looks Casey sometimes dared to throw at him. Zeke looked good. Zeke always acted cool. Zeke was all he would never be. Zeke was the guy in Casey's secret dreams.

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