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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Pictures (last part)

Well, I don't want to make a drama out of it, but it's a strange feeling. This is it ... the last part of Pictures.

Just want to say Thank you to everyone who was ready to follow me, to comment and to encourage me. It means a lot to me!

Title: Pictures (last part / 32 )
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: of course, not mine
A/N: This last part takes place a bit after the last chapter, two weeks before the end of their summer vacation

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Casey was shocked. Just a few minutes ago his world had been all right. Then his grandma had asked him, to call back her friend in Herrington because of the flat - his first own flat. He had almost forgotten about this.

"Thanks, Grandma!"
He had smiled.
"But you know, there is no need for it any longer. I will live with Zeke!"

His Grandma had changed a pensive look with Zeke. He understood immediately.
"Case! We can't! You need your own flat!"

"But ... you don't want me? You don't want to live together with me?"

Zeke put his hand onto Casey's arm and squeezed it slightly.
"You know, I would love it! But we can't Casey, not in Herrington! It will be the hell for both of us if someone at school figure it out, you know this!"

"But I've already lived with you! You always gave a shit about all the gossip at school."

"Things have changed, right? We aren't just friends any longer.Trust me, Casey! You can visit me after school. You can stay for the weekends. We can hang out, like friends used to hang out. But you need an own place, okay?"

Casey could understand. He knew it was right. But nevertheless, he felt so disillusioned. He didn't want to be separated from Zeke again. He wanted to fall asleep with him at night and he wanted to awake with him in the morning.

Zeke pulled him into his arms.
"Hey, it will be okay. Just a few months. After graduation everything is gonna be easier!"

Casey stiffened. Just a few months. He wanted to think about this less than about an own flat in Herrington. Just a few months until graduation. Then he would likely be in Frisco, but Zeke had to stay in Ohio for College ... they would talk via phone, they would chat via MMS, but they wouldn't be together for real. Hopefully they would be able to meet every now and then for a few days. Casey sighed hardly. Who could know whether their relationship would survive such a long time over such a great distance.

Zeke knew about his feelings. He stroked his chin softly.
"Believe me, I wanna stay with you too," he murmured.

"But you can't!"

"Maybe I could! There is nothing to keep me in Herrington any longer after graduation!"

Casey swallowed. Wonderful pictures rushed through his mind. Together with Zeke in Frisco. Far away from the narrow-mindedness of Herrington. No more hiding. Living together. Freedom. He would have everything he wanted. Zeke. His photography. All his dreams ... But ... He slowly shook the head.


"You don't want me to come with you to Frisco?"

"You can't! You have to go to College - in Herrington."

"College in Herrington is not exactly the fulfillment of my dreams, you know!"

"It's a beginning, Zeke! And I will never let it happen that you discard your future just because of me. What would you think if I would tell you, that I'm not gonna move to Frisco? If I would give up art school ... what would you feel?"

Casey felt how tears rose in his eyes. He had toyed with this idea. And it was hard to overcome the temptation. He could stay in Ohio together with Zeke. But this would be the end of all his great dreams. Maybe he could work as a free-lancing photographer for a tabloid paper, he could do wedding and birthday shoots ... but this was not what he wanted. This would never satisfy him. And he knew it ...

Zeke shook the head.
"I would push your ass into the next airplane and drag you to Frisco personally! You can't really think that I would ever let you do this!"

"Well, and why do you expect it by me?"

Zeke still hesitated for a last moment.
"UCSF, this is a College I'm dreaming about," he said.
"I could go for it!"

Casey gasped.
"You're joking, right?"

Zeke chuckled.
"What? Isn't it you, who always tell my that I'm a fucking genius? You don't believe in me any longer?"

"Yes, of course, I do! But ... Zeke ... UCSF! This is ... Jesus, Zeke, this is fucking unrealistic. You should know! Your grades, your rep at school ... I know, you can do much better, but they don't know! They won't accept you, Zeke, not now. Just face it!"

Zeke bent forward and kissed him slightly.
"Tell me the truth, Casey! Are you sure, that you wanna be together with me in Frisco? I mean, you're gonna go to art school. This is all you ever wanted. It's okay if you just want to concentrate on this. I don't wanna stay in your way!"

Casey looked at him with narrowed eyes. He felt hurt.
"Why do you say this, Zeke? Without you I would probably have given up my dreams long time ago. With you together in Frisco ... this would be so great ... but ... I just try to be realistic, Zeke. It cannot be, at least not in the moment!"

Zeke took a deep breath. He hadn't wanted to speak about it yet, not before everything was wrapped up. But Casey looked so indescribably sad.
"There is an answer to this problem, Casey! My Dad ... I've called him some time ago!"

Casey stared at him bewildered. Zeke never called his Dad. His Dad didn't care about him - Zeke was just a burden he had to pay for - a burden he wanted to get rid of as soon as possible. But Zeke was hell-bent to make it as hard as possible for him.
"You ... what? Why?"

"He has a lot good connections! He almost gets what he wants! I asked him for help ... the first time in my life that I asked him for something ..."

"Oh God!"
Casey swallowed.
"What did he say?"

Zeke shrugged.
"He laughed at me! He said, that I must be fucking stupid to hope that I could get in UCSF with my grades. That he's not ready to make himself look ridiculous and to speak for a son who did everything to bang up his rep since years. That I always wanted to make everything alone - and I now had to bear the consequences ... "

Casey groaned. He felt torn between unfulfilled hope and anger against Zeke's dad.
"What a prick!"
Spontaneously he put his arms around Zeke's neck and kissed him, deep and affectionate. When he let him go again, Zeke smiled.

"What was that for?"

"Thank you for trying," Casey whispered.
"I know, you've done it just for me! Your Dad ... he is such a damned asshole! ... He has never been interested in you! He doesn't know you at all! How can he dare it? How can he dare to condemn you?"

Zeke smirked.
"Hey, dream-boy, calm down! You've said nearly the same to me a few moments ago, do you remember? I've fucked it, Casey!"

"You don't," Casey snarled. He didn't want to hear this. Zeke was good! Zeke was a damned genius! Everything he needed was a chance.
"Don't give up, Zeke! You'll stay in Ohio ... so what? You will go to College. This is worth it, isn't it? We will cope with it! And you're gonna show him that you can make it. Even without him!"

Zeke pulled him back into his arms.
"Of course I will make it! In Frisco, Casey! He's gonna get me in City College ... "

Casey blinked confused.

"He said, this is the only thing he can do for me! A place at City College in Frisco!"

Zeke saw into Casey's incredulous face and grinned.

"I'm gonna show him, Casey! Most guys need two years to change from City College to UCSF. I'm gonna make it in one! Because I'm a fucking genius!"

Casey stared at him bewildered.
"Geez! If this a joke, Zeke, it's a bad one ..."

"It's not, Casey! When he says, he can bring me in, he will bring me in. Just believe in it."
Zeke put his hands around Casey's cheeks.
"Close your eyes!"


"Just close your eyes. And now ... picture it! Cali. Frisco. The Pazific. Sunshine all over the year. So fucking hot! We will find a lonesome beach and I'm gonna make love with you ... just you and me, Case ... forever ... "

Slowly he started to realize what Zeke had just told him. He couldn't help chuckling hilariously.
"God, Tyler, stop being so hopelessly romantic!"

Zeke bent forward to kiss him.
"But that's why you like me!"

And Casey melted into the kiss, until a sudden idea crossed his mind. He freed himself out of Zeke's arms and reached for his hand.
"C'mon. Let's take a walk down to the lake!"

Zeke felt disappointment climbing up in himself. Sure, Casey loved longer walks, all day and night. Always the camera ready to shoot. Always in search for new motifs. But that he thought of taking photos in this moment was somehow strange.

"I'm not gonna take it with me," Casey tore him out of his mind.


"The camera! No pictures tonight! Tonight there will be just you, Zeke ... The lake, the lonesome beach ... well, it's not the Pazific, but ..."
Casey shrugged.
" ... I'm gonna make you forget this, I promise!"

Zeke chuckled when Casey grabbed his neck, a deep, demanding kiss, fingers digging into his back, a little, soft body pressing against him, hot and passionate.

"Eager, little boy," he murmured between two kisses.
"You are impossible!"

Casey smiled slightly.
"That's why you love me!"

The End
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